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Fran Lehen on Carola

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Fran Lehen was a student and teacher at Carola Trier's studio. In this discussion, Fran talks about how her relationship with Carola evolved over the years from student and teacher to colleagues and friends. She also shares stories about what it was like to work for Carola, how she transitioned to opening her own studio and how much Carola loved to laugh.
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Dec 09, 2013
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Thanks sharing your insight, Fran. I really enjoyed hearing your story.
I love how much insight Fran gives into teaching in this short interview. I enjoyed meeting you so much Fran! Thank you!
Thank you, Fran, for sharing a piece of your story and Carola's. You have a joyous spirit - I can't wait to read the full memoirs!! Thank you, PA, for providing our community with the opportunity to meet and learn from amazing teachers!
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Thank you for that wonderful interview. Everyone of the videos / interviews teaches me a little more. I've had some aahhhaaa moments. So pleased about that.
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My love for Pilates began at Groundfloor. Fran, you were my first instructor over 17 years ago. I practiced there for almost 10 years before moving on to study with Brett Howard. I am currently completing my certification with him. Thank you Fran, for teaching me Pilates the way it should be taught, and for sharing your story. It is especially inspirational to me at this time.
Gosh I love this video. I love Fran's ability to tell her story in such intricate detail that I feel somehow like I was in Carola's studio and even Ballet class with her! Perhaps it was the statement she made to her now former husband "I don't care how much it costs, I'm going to die on one of those pieces of equipment" or that she also wasn't a dancer going into Pilates that I relate to most. There are so few of us that weren't dancers yet MUST still do Pilates.

I remember when Deborah Lessen interviewed Fran. I was sitting next to her in order to draw out more explanation from Fran if necessary. I was mostly silent (unusual for me in this project) because, as I listened, I was realizing the magnitude of what we all really stood to learn from our heritage. I was blown away. I was in awe of where I was and where we all came from. Thank you Fran.
Really enjoyed it! I believe I missed what "hot water" was as I did not understand what she was referring to. I also did not know there was a lawsuit before Sean. The lawsuit part of the interview was not clear to me. I'd love to understand better. Will keep on watching the rest. Thanks Kristi for your hard work and passion and everyone else involved in this project!
Carla, Romana had a trademark before Sean/Pilates Inc... The best videos on this subject are with Ken Endelman, Sean Gallagher and Gordon Troy

Ken Endelman
Gordon Troy
Sean Gallagher

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