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Beach Warm Up

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Amy Havens reminds us that "movement is medicine" with her quick warm up at the beach. These movements are great to get the blood flowing and to open up your body after you have been sitting all day. Take a break with Amy and enjoy the beautiful beach in the background.
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Dec 11, 2013
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Hi, this is Amy havens and I'm in the Amazingly Beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I'm at the pilates method alliance conference 2013 I've been inside most of the week. I've been in classrooms. I've been listening to lectures and workshops, which have all been outstanding, but I need to move a little bit. I'm just going to start with my feet apart and if you've been up in your at work and on your desk all day, this might feel good for you too. So I'm just going to start with my legs apart and I'm going to just set my hands right down on my legs.

I'm just going to bring your shoulder forward and so by sitting as much as I have this past couple of days, my back has begun to feel a little tight, a little bit of stiff. So I'm just going to try to take some movement into my spine. I'm not worried about perfection in any way right now or true pilates movement. I just want to feel my body moving. I'm going to take a little side stretch to one side and then take a side stretch to the other side.

So by sitting I felt closed in and shortened and kind of compressed in some spaces. So my goal right now in this next couple of minutes is just to feel like I'm opening myself back up. I'm going to swing because I enjoy swinging when I get a little oxygen into my body. [inaudible] a little blood flow and a little heat and do a couple more getting my legs rejuvenating because I've been sitting in not using those either. I'm going to stand with my feet apart in swing my arms, gives me a nice chance to actually see the ocean behind me. We'll kind of be reminded of that movement is my medicine and movement is my water. Whoops, my hydration in a way [inaudible] just bring in some energy into my body and some breath and some flow.

I'm going to take it a little bit slower and go for a little bit of a stretch now. So I'm going to turn and just reach down and try to stretch through that back leg. And why I'm doing this is from my hips, because as I've been sitting, my hips have gotten a little tightened and that stretched around gets my hips loosened up a little. You can't do that. Don't worry about it. I'm going to stay on facing front and just stretch through. Let's take some easy movements from side to side. [inaudible] so I feel a little more awake now.

Then do just a little easy stretch for my arm. [inaudible] so if you've been stuck at work or inside, maybe you're not stuck at work. Maybe you're a mom and you're raising kids and you just want to get outside. Don't worry about what you choose to do. Just get out and get some movement going.

And thanks for joining me today and I'm going to go hop in the beach. See Ya.


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Nice...indeed...movement is good for what ails you!
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Makes me wish I was back in Ft. Lauderdale. That place was really nice!
Ditto Ted! PA retreat?
Wow Amy! This is a great way to break up the gym routine. Good full-body workout. Thx
I'm with Kristi.....PA retreat?!! :)

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