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Muscle Focus: Abdominals and back extensors.

Objective: Abdominal strength, trunk stabilization, and back extensor strength.

Start Position: Lie on your back, drawing the knees into the chest and curling your head and shoulders off the Mat. Reach your legs straight to a 45 degree angle, and inhale to reach both arms in the opposite direction.

Movement: Exhale roll up through your spine to bring your arms parallel to your legs. Inhale. Exhale roll away from your legs back down to the Mat until your shoulders touch the Mat and arms are by your ears. Legs stay at 45 degrees. Repeat three times. Bend the knees into the chest and head and shoulders rest on the Mat.

Precautions: Avoid strain in the lower back by reaching your tailbone to your heels and your pubic bone to your nose. Not recommended for those with lower back injuries.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Here we have the Teaser. And it is an intermediate exercise, but kind of sums up all of Pilates. So it is about the end all Pilates exercise. It's going to be using your power house, for sure. But with soft, long, limbs, which is the most challenging thing.

So go ahead and lie down onto your back. Go ahead and bring your knees into your chest. And there's all kinds of different levels of teaser, but today we're just going to do Teaser One. We're going to take your legs to a 45 degree angle with the floor. A little bit lower.

There you go. Draw your powerhouse in and up. And reach your arms long in the opposite direction. Wonderful. Go ahead and start letting your arms and head.

And roll up to reach for your feet. Beautiful. Good. And take a breath. And I want you to exhale.

Roll away from your legs. wonderful. Reaching back. Good. Take a breath as you start.

Exhale all the way up to your feet. So the legs are long and loose, not gripping. And your power house is scooped in and up. Relaxing the shoulders. Beautiful.

And take a quick breath as you start rolling back. And exhale all the way down. Good. And I want you to do two more. Thinking about the Roll Up.

Rolling on up. Up. And reaching. Good. Taking a breath to start as if you're pulling a heavy weight back with your powerhouse.

And exhale all the way down. Reaching the arms. And let's do one more. Inhale to initiate. Exhale scooping in and up all the way forward.

Good. Inhale to start and exhale rolling away from the long, loose, legs. And go ahead and bend your knees in. And hug your knees in. And that was the Teaser.

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Really appreciate the change of camera angle. This way not only could I look AT Meredith...I could also see how this exercise looks if I was as strong and centered as Meredith while doing the exercise. Her legs didn't move at all! That`s something to aspire to for sure.
thats impressive! i can see the relaxation in her lower limbs while the abdominals bring her up right. Beautiful!
Fabulous breakdown! I love the roll up, inhale to initiate and exhale when the powerhouse engages. A great cue for a mat instructor in training ! Ty.

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