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Celia Hulton on Eve

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In this discussion, Celia Hulton shares her stories about working with Eve Gentry. She describes how different the small movements in the Gentry Work were compared to the vigorous Pilates workouts she was used to in England, and she tells how she came to learn the value of these small movements later on with her own clients. Celia also talks about how Eve had a big presence even though she was a tiny woman.
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Feb 24, 2014
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I am so fascinated by this wonderful Legacy Project, and Eve Gentry is one of my personal favorites! Thanks, Celia, for sharing such lovely, bittersweet memories with us!
Playforever... thank you. Do check out Cora Harms discussion just released today. Cora was a young student of Eve's and has some wonderful stories of Eve. Stay tuned for the entire Romana Kryzanowska Legacy that is almost ready to be released. Honestly, I am more fascinated by the Legacy of Pilates now than I was when I was compelled to start this project 4 years ago.
Thanks Kristi! Every story has been an inspiring blend of tears, laughter, hardships and triumphs! I feel privileged to glimpse into the lives of these amazing people, including the wonderful people sharing their personal stories of themselves!
I feel precisely the same way and could not say it any better than you have Playforever.
PS: BTW, I may start saying it as you have if you don't mind!
I am a new member. Do you offer videos in Spanish?
Spanish is my natural language.
Connie Cordova
Connie ~ Thank you for your forum post. We have a couple videos taught in Spanish and we offer Spanish subtitles for other videos. You can find all of these videos here.
Core Dynamics didn't start until 1998 or even later. #28 as she calls this was the Institute for the Pilates Method. Eve was 81 when she did the Teasers and her mind was sharp until she died at 84.

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