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Spine Corrector Methods

30 min - Tutorial


Kyria Sabin Waugaman shares some of the movement that Ron Fletcher developed on the Spine Corrector. She shows the differences between the Clara Step Barrel, and other similar pieces of equipment like the Pilates Arc. Kyria also explains how Ron worked on the Spine Corrector with Clara Pilates for a year as part of his recovery for alcoholism.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Braided Towel

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So there's several pieces of equipment that Ron, um, developed perhaps more than other teachers. One of those is the spine corrector, um, also known as the barrel or the arc. Um, he al...


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Kyria, your clear verbal and physical cues are as an artist. Thank you PA for providing such an informative piece with fundamental knowledge for the Pilates practitioner. Fletcher work seems to provide elements we could all practice for a lifetime. Seamless posture corrections, flowing with breath.
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Beautiful! Now I want to do spine corrector course!
Would love for you to join us for a Spine Corrector Course!

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It's great to find all fletcher equipment classes on Pilates anytime now , Love the way you teach Kyria, thank you , looking forward for more Fletcher classes !! Corinne
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I really enjoyed this Kyria. Through your precise instruction you could feel David's every contraction and experience him achieve full extension. Wonderful teaching! I'm going to go that right now!
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This was super interesting! Thank you Kyria for sharing part of Fletcher's work with us.
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Always a sweet reminder the way you teach, breath, move and flow ! thank you
great video!

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