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Romana Flow and Dynamics

5 min - Tutorial


Sari Mejia Santo teaches two series to demonstrate the flow that her mother, Romana Kryzanowska taught her. Sari's daughter, Daria Pace demonstrates the Long Stretch Series, while Monica Wilson demonstrates the Rowing Series. In addition to the flow, you can see the hands on spotting that is used for these full body exercises.

In chapter 2, Daria Pace shares the Flow and Dynamics she learned from her grandmother, Romana Kryzanowska. She teaches her mother, Sari Mejia Santo, the Swan on the Reformer so you can see her energetic cueing and rhythm.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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I loved the cues and flow
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Thank you for sharing .... love to see the purity.
Niedra Gabriel
So good to see Sari teaching and sharing with everyone on PA her mother's inspiration and legacy. It took me back to my roots seeing this. Thank you Sari.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Daria, it was like hearing your grandmother teaching. Thank you for sharing your presence and roots with all of us. For me it was like a de ja vu experience taking me back to Drago's gym, in the days that I took classes there. I loved that time and seeing these tutorials is a real gift.
Junghee Won
Daria, love your energy!!! Yes, it's from your grandmother, Romana!!! I miss the back time at Drago's...
Junghee Won
How simple cuing Sari uses... This is the way. I still remember what Romana used to mention ... You don't need to talk a lot when you teach... And yes, no sound for breathing in advanced people... Sari never has been changed of her teaching because the method never has been changed.
JUAN ESTRADA/myJFITtraining.com
So "right on" about the breathing
There is no sound in this video, can you check it? On another video's I have sound...

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