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Kathy Corey on Ron

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In this thoughtful discussion, Kathy Corey tells us how she started Pilates and how it changed her body and her entire attitude about life. Kathy had a very close relationship with Ron Fletcher that spanned almost 20 years. Listen in on stories that include the ups and downs of working together and the profound friendship that existed between them. Kathy also offers insight as to how Ron taught movement, not exercise, and how he believed, "life is movement, movement is life."
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Aug 11, 2014
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Cheryl Z
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love the Fletcher Breathwork instantly abdom inal muscles.  Jillian Hessel uses...took me awhile to master put gives the class a fun flow that makes every exercise meditative. As a swimmer yogi the breath is life. Contemporary does mention or emphasis the breath. The classes I prefer help me breath easier. Make beautiful presentations as JH says RF Hands rather mechanically exercise I see with vintage footage. I appreciate he kept the method alive.

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