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Lateral and Posterior Breath

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Kyria Sabin teaches this tutorial to help you better understand lateral and posterior breath through the use of the Magic Circle. She teaches exercises that focus not on the strength of the Magic Circle, but rather on increasing the breath volume and capacity of the body through the oppositional energy of the Magic Circle.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Nov 09, 2014
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Welcome. I'm curious, Saban and I'm students in our, in our Fletcher program often asks me, what are some ways that we can teach the breath, especially the, the lateral breath and the posterior breath. Um, and, and I think that the magic circle is one of the best ways of doing that. So I'll go through a very short segment today, um, with, with, um, a few exercises focusing not on the strength of the magic circle, but on, on really increasing the breadth of volume and capacity in the body through the oppositional energy of the magic circle. So drawing the legs together, lifting up out of the hips, let's play eye and lengthen up. And think of the inhalation is the inspiration for the movement lifting up to go down, pressing down to come up two more times, reaching forward and pressing up. Last one, reaching forward and then lift the arms up alongside the body. Draw the shoulders down full breadth into an upper contraction. Continue to mid back contraction flection and roll all the way down to the circle. Placing the hands right inside the circle and again, play and extend the legs two more times. Pressing to the ceiling. Last one.

And then please get ahold of the sides of the circle. Placing the heels of the hands on the circle. Roll up on to breath, straightening your legs as you lengthen all the way up. [inaudible] [inaudible] lifting the circle up in front of the chest and from here, bend the elbows wide, pulling the circle in towards you. Exhale, telescope it out. Think of the breath pulling the circle and from the back. And again, pull with your breath, Kress with your exhalation. Last one. [inaudible] and then take a full breath to pull the circle into the back.

And as we inhale on, press the circle in. Think of using that to expand the back. Inhale, press and exhale, release and again, press widening the ribs in the back. As you press in [inaudible] two more. [inaudible] they give the bilateral symmetry through the rib cage with the breath. One more time and held press and tribulation and take a hold of the circle and think of expanding the chest with your inhalation. In health pool. Exhale verbiage. Use the breath to pull circle and again, pull elbows wide. Think of widening the Collar Bounds and hell.

Press and exhale, pull and help press acts helpful two more times. Using the breath in both directions and Ho and press and release the circle. Let's inhale the circle owl lifted up and behind the head and to the chest. And again live. Last two, last one. Holding the circle behind the head. It's perpendicular to the floor. And again, as you press the circle and think of widening the back with your breath, feel that opposition.

Okay, three more. Last one. Bring the circle up and bring it into the left side of the ways and the place the form over the circle so it's slightly angled into the body. Bring the right arm out to the side. And as we press in with the left arm, I want you to think of expanding out through the right lungs and the right rib. Four more.

Okay, last one shoe and bring a circle around and place it on the other side. So we're all practicing the Fletcher breath, which is an audible breath to activate the muscles of respiration. Shh. Or more. Should I bring this circled down and behind the hips, cupping the fingertips around the base of the circle to a few shoulder rolls up and place back. Last one. Shh. Reaching the elbows wide and again, think of expanding the ribs to the side as you press the circle. End Four more. Bring the arms forward and bring the circle up and overhead.

Okay. Draw the shoulders up and pull down. Shoulders up, shoulders down. Whole the circle down. Two more. I mean the elbows wide. Pressing in.

Okay. Again, focusing on the opposition of the breath in the movie. Two more. Last one. Schlepping a circle up over her head. Shoulders down. Curl forward to the floor.

Rounding all the way forward on your second breath. Placing the fingertips right in the center of the circle. Paul's to the floor. Two, three, four. And then coming down into your ball. Draw the circle off to the side. Coming on. Shift off to the hips. And let's come to a diamond position facing in.

Good. So from here, just placed the circle off to the side. Let's all go to the right and opposite hand is on the floor. This time as you press down, try to feel that lift with a breath up and out of the hips. Actually lift up out of the floor. That's it. Shimmer. Wow. Last one for you to circle around to the side.

Sure. Same thing. War on a slight diagonal to the back. So bring the circle so the chest is really expanded. Roll the shoulder open and again, press again. Feel the lift of the sternum. Three [inaudible].

Wow. Last one, same thing on the other side. Slight diagonal to the back. Roll the shoulder open and press to lift. Think of taking your weight up and out of your hips more.

Wow. Last one. And then bring the circle in front. Let's extend the legs out to a v position. Placing the circle on the floor. And I love Diane Seberino calls this panning for gold. So let's take a full breath to contract forward.

Take a deep breath into the back. Exhale, roll up. Little further. Full breath. Use your breath to move your spine into the back and roll up. Last one. Up and over. Anchor those sits bones and the low back. Use the breath to roll up and then place the circles Swartz perpendicular to the floor. Right hand on top.

Left hand on top again using the circle oppositionally to breathe into the back and Browne the spine. Contracting forward. Inhale. Exhale. Lengthen up. Find verticals your little pitched forward. Nice. Okay. Feel how the circle opens the back, which helps with that posterior breath.

Last one. Contraction forward. Yeah, and just for symmetry, place the left hand underneath. Right hand on top four here. And flex the feet as you can. Track. Point to lengthen up crest flax. Opening up the back, the shoulders down.

Sure. Last two. Sure. Last one. Up and over. Bent the legs in. Extend the legs forward, reaching the circle forward and let's all come in to the center. Just a bet.

Reaching the circle forward. Contract bag rolling all the way back. Reaching the circle over the chest, just over the chest and say draw the legs in. Bending the, placing the feet down on the floor. And again, pull the elbows wide to the floor. Exhale, press up and pull wide to the floor, anchoring the Scapula and moving from the spine from the breath and press ah, two more. Last one. And then pull wide. So the floor gives us a lot of feedback that we don't feel in standing inhaled press and expand into the sides of the ribs. Exhale, release and again, press and expand keeping the shoulder girdle on the floor. Last two, last one.

Separate the feet, placing a circle between the knees, lift the arms up and open the arms out to achieve position. So let's first think of stabilizing the pelvis with the breath and then mobilizing the pelvis. With the breath. Inhale, press the circle in. Exhale, release, keeping the pelvis anchored to the floor. Open the throat and again, press and release and press and release. Take a full breath to press the circle in. Curl the pelvis up, feeling into that posterior tilt, a full breath to release the circle, lengthening the pelvis down, using the breath to place the pelvis.

And again, press the circle as you curl the pelvis up. Release the circle as you lengthen the pelvis down. Bring your arms down just a little bit further and again, press and curl. Release in. Lengthen last time. Press and curl. Feeling the breath into the back. Release and lengthen again.

Take the circle between the hands. Draw the legs together. Extend the legs out on the floor and let's lift the circle up. Reach the circle overhead. Just one roll up. Lift the circle, flex the fee. Exhale, lift the head into that frame of the circle. Take a full breath to curl the body forward.

Two sets of pulses rolling up with a circle overhead and the place to circle down to your right. Circle the legs around to the left. That's it. Coming into your Fletcher Ball. And again, two sets of pulses here. Reaching the heels to the floor.

Stretch the back of the legs and roll up on four breaths. [inaudible] two, three, four. Pain the arms down by your sides. Take a deep lateral breath in and out. Allow the arms to move with the breath. O open. I feel that with in the back.

Okay. Last deep breath and press it all out. I can't relax. Thank you. Home.

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Lovely class Kyria!
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great class Kyria , thanks
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I love this. I am so pleased to see more classes in the Fletcher lineage!
Mabel C
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Fantástico trabajo!!
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ah!! breathtaking...loved this class.
Sutthinee S
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Thank you again as this class is calling back my awareness of breathing and movement. And as a student of fletcher school that far from usa. I really need to correct my breath as when am teaching and talking at the same time, many of my breath had gone wrongly. Your cool and calm class brought me back and safe me.

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