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Self Hands-On Tutorial

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One of the wonderful things about taking class in person with a Pilates Instructor is the hands-on cues that you get. Kyria Sabin Waugaman teaches this tutorial to show you how you can use the same hands-on cuing on yourself to bring awareness to different parts of your body and more independence to practice outside of the studio. It is also a great way for teaches to cue their students, in having their students touch cue their own bodies to create more connection within their practice.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Nov 16, 2014
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Hello, I'm curious, Sabin and I'm teaching a short segment on self hands on. I'm one of the, one of the wonderful things about going to a [inaudible] studio and working with a teacher in person or the...


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Great tips ! Going to use with my students ??!
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Excellent explanation of the attention to detail. Thank you Kyria! Self cueing!
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Thanks Kyria , great tips ,
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I appreciate the visual for a mind body connection for self awareness. Thank you.
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Wonderful tips and cues!
I love to share creative ways "in" to awareness of our own bodies. Placing a finger on the crown of your head reminded me of a fun technique I picked up from Marianne Ryan's "BABY BOD" book:

"Gently pull ONE HAIR from the crown of your head. Don’t tug or pull it out! All you have to do is to gently pull upwards and imagine that it is pulling up your spine. You should feel as if your spine is being gently lifted through the middle of your pelvis."

It always makes people laugh - it's fun and playful.

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