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Propping for Lying on Floor

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Learn how you can balance your body weight above your pelvis in this tutorial by Amy Havens. She shows what you can do do help you lie on your back more comfortably so you can breathe and move better. This tip is especially beneficial for those with tight shoulders and a forward head position.
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Aug 04, 2017
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As a beginner in taking mat classes, you'll be hearing us say things like, sit up tall, sit up straight. And in the last modification video I talked about having a prop underneath your pelvis to help you sit up straight. Another area in your body that we want to talk about in, I'm gaining more efficiency and ease in sitting up straight as your head and your neck. So if you're a person that's new to as in, you're taking class in, you're not only struggling with how to sit, get that prop for your seat to sit, but it might be that your head is in front of your shoulders making that a little bit problematic and how to balance your body weight above your pelvis. Okay? So if you're that person and your head is a little bit forward, when you lie down on the mat, you're not comfortable. That's the number one thing we have to get you comfortable.

We want you to be comfortable. You also have to have to breathe well. And with the head that's in this position, you won't really be able to breathe as efficiently. So here's your modification. Here's your work around, you're gonna go and get a pillow. This is a different kind of pillow that we have in the plotty studio, but you can just take your pillow from home, or maybe a cushion from Your Sofa and put that down. And that'll be a wonderful support for you to put your head on and see so much better. I can, I can, I can hear by the sound of my voice.

I can breathe inhaling and exhaling smoothly. I can feel like, Hey, can I engage my abdominals? But most important, my neck does not feel strained. So if you're at home or you're at your [inaudible] studio and you're taking classes in your head and neck has been falling back behind you, please do yourself a favor. Learn this modification and go get yourself a pillow for head support.

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Yes yes yes....you know what else works? A grout sponge from Home Depot!...or the like
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Pillows are a definite must in my mat classes! Thank you for reassuring me I'm doing it like I'm supposed to!
Absolutely Connie !!
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Thank you to Amy. your video is the best. Your content gave me the most basic help. so i thought about safe mode. good :) thank you.
Glad this was helpful Jinsol !
Really useful thanks Amy.
Rinnie W
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Thank you! its so insightful.

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