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Knee Tutorial

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This informative knee tutorial by Alan Herdman teaches you how to strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee in order to address knee pain, weakness, and other issues. This tutorial is meant for those recovering from knee surgery or trauma, or for those who are unable to use their knees correctly when taking a Reformer class because they use the joint, and not the muscles, to support the knee. In addition to the props listed, you will also need a pillow for this tutorial.
What You'll Need: Mat, Pilates Arc, Towel

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Oct 31, 2014
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I'm going to go through a few exercises that I find very useful for strengthening the muscles around the knee. People have, ah, who are recovering from a knee surgery or or need trauma...


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Great advice for a current client. Thanks!
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Fascinating attention to detail! Very informative as to how the knee works, and hopefully how to assist in preventing knee injuries, as well as rehab.
Great Alan!!!
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Alan, could you please specify the range of movement for the exercise done from the sitting position? Does the pelvis stay still? Are feet a bit wider than hip width apart before we bend one knee for the starting position? Many thanks in advance
Clearly presented. I'm looking forward to watching this again while I work to absorb this useful information. Thank you!
Thank you ! this is just what I needed to do !
Super helpful.
Love your work Alan, thank you!
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I am doing rehab for a subluxation of my knee cap during a ballet class and this information was very helpful. Thank you for a clear progression of muscles to strengthen and your detailed and thorough presentation. Lovely, Alan!
Thank you Alan! Very informative and useful for several clients.
Love this. I injured my knee two years ago and everything you describe as getting weak, got weak. I wish I had seen this back then! Thanks!
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