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By creating a better relationship with your posterior body, you can build a better relationship with your posture. In this tutorial, Karen Sanzo teaches you ways that you can enhance your posture on a daily basis. She shows you how to recognize your body shape, and helps you find the cues and exercises specific to your body's needs.The two tennis balls and sock aren't necessary for this tutorial, but are useful if you have them.
What You'll Need: Mat, Moon Box, Small Tennis Ball (2)

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Dec 05, 2014
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Posture is really more than just standing up. Straight. Posture is about a relationship that you make between your pelvis and your spine and your arms and your neck. So this is a very ...


Hi Karen

Wow I just got tremendous feedback from this video! I have issues with my right shoulder and just following these few cues of elevating the scapular before creating movement was a instant relief with my pain.
Wow thank you so much your videos are amazing. Also wanted to mention you look amazing you have lost great deal of weight. Keep up the great job and please more videos:) vthank you again. Happy holidays to all at PA!!!!

MaryJo I acknowledge
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Thanks Karen. I often talk to my clients about these very issues. I have had seen most of these but not used holding the shoulder shrug. Thanks for the great ideas and clarity!
Yes Karen you did it again. Using great and simple cues. I quite often cue at my classes ..." to drop the shoulder away front the ear". Now I will adopted yours. If you don't mind..... love your style . thanks. Can't wait for the next one.;)
Holding the shoulder in a shrugged position while arcing the arm makes a lot of sense, thanks for simplifying
Thanks Karen! Lots of simple tips and ideas to promote good posture to clients.

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