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To celebrate how global Pilates has become, we asked our members to submit a clip of them doing Pilates in scenic locations around the world. We were overwhelmed by the number of submissions we received, and we are so excited to share our video with you! We hope you enjoy seeing the Hundred, Teaser, and Side Bend performed in so many different places. It is very inspiring to see that we really can do Pilates anytime and anywhere.

Photo courtesy of Gordon Barry, Killiney Hill in Dalkey Dublin
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Nov 26, 2014
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I'm in the redwoods of fumble County in Northern California here at the beautiful Rancho LA Puerta into Kati Mexico. We are in Philly, Thai, South Africa, Monaco in front of the prince...


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me encanta !!
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great to see!
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Love it!
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love it, especially the one from Lubbock ))))))))
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I took footage in the Hebrides and then my camera fell into a river. Next time! And yes, oh yes, the mama in Lubbock. You stole my heart!
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Love it so much.... and yeayyyy im there ??... thanks Pilates Anytime
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Thats just Fabulous . WELL Done Pilates Anytime. Particularly proud of My gorgeous Hubby, Gordon who features On the Cover !!! ( his Monday night class has paid off !!! ) Yes thats him 4 point kneeling on top of the "wishing Pyramid" beside our home here in Dalkey , Dublin , Ireland at 7am on a June Morning . PS Note Im kitted out in Ski jacket in the same place doing the 100 on a freezing cold AUGUST day this year later on in the video ..thats Ireland For you xx Love to all you Pilates people everywhere .
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So fun and inspiring. Thanks PA!
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Great ;))) love from Istanbul, Turkey
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