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Workshop #1994

Hip Replacement Exercises

65 min - Workshop


In this workshop, Alan Herdman offers programs for pre and post-operative hip replacements. He shows the slight changes that need to be made depending on the stage of surgery your client is in. By learning these exercises, we can teach people how to get their coordination back and how to use their body.


- Learn new ways to use props to support the body

- Learn how to observe the body to see how everything the client does will affect their recovery

- Learn how muscle imbalances will affect the rest of the body

What You'll Need: Mat, Baby Arc, Towel, Overball

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Dec 19, 2014
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We're going to look at programs for post operative and preoperative hip replacements that van similar. In fact, we in fact are almost the same, but we just have to uh, deviate just a l...


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Very interesting and useful workshop. I liked the clearly explained exercises and the detailed background information. Purchasing this workshop is definitely worth doing, thank you Alan.
Thanks Alan, always is an honor to listen your valuable experience.

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