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Hip and Back Pain

1 hr 10 min - Workshop


In this workshop, Dr. Brent Anderson addresses two common issues that many of our clients suffer from - Anterior Hip Pain and Low Back Pain.

In chapter one, he works on a problem that is common among dancers - anterior hip pain. He demonstrates techniques that can be used to achieve better congruency of the hip by getting the femoral head to sink into the joint. This will help the grinding and gripping that many dancers feel in their hips during certain movements.

In chapter two, Brent works on waking up local stabilizers to help eliminate restrictions and pain in the lower thoracic, upper lumbar spine. He teaches exercises to facilitate segmental movement including bridging, lateral translation, and more. He also uses indirect cueing so that the global muscles can relax instead of trying to take over.

Brent offers different techniques to work with these issues. He uses physical therapy manipulation as well as movement exercises. Make sure you follow your scope of practice when deciding where to start with your clients.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Mat, Cadillac, Yoga Block, Reformer Box

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Apr 25, 2014
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My name is Dr Brent Anderson, founder and president of Pollstar piles. And I'm here with Jia today. And A, we're going to take a look at a hip problem that is not uncommon in th...


Thank you Brent. As always a wonderful learning experience, but then taking it right through to the end. Great applications both for instructor and client.
purchasing the workshop is definitely worth doing because there is so much to learn for our clients who come in with hip or back issues! I loved it, thank you Brent, - you are so clear and understandable and make it useful for everybody. I like the idea of letting go of the big muscles that tend to over- stabilize and go for the deeper layer of muscles. More ease is such a good motto!
I would love more of this! Thank you PA!
glad you could take advantage of the content and that it has value to you. I always appreciate your feedback. B
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Great workshop! Thank you for the addition of home exercises.
hi brent! immediately effective, love!
where is the chapter on posterior hip pain???
class of '13 (haha!)
great workshop as always.... i am wondering if there might be some more suggestions to do these movements without the studio equipment... love the quadriped exercises and use them in my classes all the time as well as the bridge translation.. but any suggestions on how to create the other movements using perhaps a chair, theraband etc so can be performed just on the mat ... cheers...PS when are you coming to Australia ?
Great information and techniques for patients/clients with anterior hip impingement. I really enjoyed the class! Warmly, Lori
Always look forward to your workshops. I always use your techniques and cues for clients. Please keep workshops coming
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Thank you Brent! Such great information! I came away with several new tools to try on my patients/clients. I have been seeing lots of anterior femoral displacement in non-dancers (mostly in my forward head patients, chronic high-heel wearers and butt grippers). Always looking for fun ways to open up the posterior hip capsule.
I really like how informative your workshops and classes are Brent and I always find my knowledge broadening. My class members regularly sing now! Just curious how the adductors working (in the heel beats) relaxes/releases the psoas?
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