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Sacroiliac Dysfunction

30 min - Tutorial


Have you ever felt discomfort or pulling in your lower back or hip during exercises like the Roll Up? Sherri Betz addresses this common problem in this Sacroiliac Dysfunction tutorial. She does a quick assessment on PA instructor, Amy Havens, and then shows how you can use your own muscles to fix your alignment. Sherri also teaches exercises to strengthen and stabilize the correct alignment so you can feel good in your body.
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Strap, Yoga Block, Pilates Pole

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Feb 01, 2015
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Have you ever been in Pilates class and felt like one of your hips or your low back on one side was really achy or you couldn't really access your hip on one side, your roll up or roll...


As Sherri's client for this tutorial, I want to express how wonderful her hands on assistance were for me that day. I was experiencing some fairly high level discomfort in my left SI joint (part of a mixture of things I work on...thank goodness for Pilates) and these exercises were extremely helpful. For those watching this, especially you at home, really listen to what she's saying. We were both in dark clothes so you may not be able to see all the intricate shifts taking place, but her words are incredible to tune into! Sherri is highly skilled. If you are in question at all about any of what she did with me, reach out to her or myself and I we'll be happy to help. SI joint pain/pelvic instability are common and Pilates teachers can very often help. When in doubt, seek a PT or similar professional to clarify then head back to your Pilates practice! Thank you Sherri! I do the stick exercise, yoga strap and block exercises often.......feeling good! Thank you!!
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Brilliant! Rich with information/expertise, clear detailed description and development. We need more Sherri Betz (also loved your workout with Helen-thank you). Thanks so much for sharing this-great feedback Amy!
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Lots of very valuable information for a common condition, thank you for sharing! I love the "Dog wagging the tail" image - can I steal it?
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Very helpful and informative. Thank you.
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So informative
Thank you Sherri!
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Thank you Sherri - very interesting and I cant wait to watch all your other videos, and hope for more to come! You talk about her having a "posterior left, anterior right". Are you referring to sacral nutation here, or more global pelvic rotation? What anatomical reference points do you look at to see this "anterior / posterior" difference? Thank you!
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Thank you for sharing this incredible technique for helping to bring my pelvis back into alignment. You are going to help me save hundreds of dollars in physio treatment!
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Can I clarify (forgive me if this is a silly question) which side do you do the isometric stretch with the stick? Trying to work out if the 'bad' side leg goes over or under!
Thank you everyone for your feedback and questions! And of course Tina, you can "steal" the dog wagging tail image!
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