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On April 24, 2012, we had the pleasure of hosting a Pilates Style Magazine photo shoot at our studio in Carpinteria, California. What fun it was to have Jillian Hessel, Kathy Corey, Amy Havens, Meredith Rogers, Kristi Cooper, Joseph Quinn, and Georgia Burns all together in one room sharing their favorite workout routines. The always amazing photographer, Rod Foster, was behind the camera making us all feel comfortable as we showed off our Pilates moves and played "model" for a day. Thank you Pilates Style! We had a blast and here is the behind the scenes video to prove it!
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Jun 17, 2012
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Hi, I'm Kristy Cooper here at Falaise anytime, which is actually a studio at Pajaro beach. Heard from Maria, California. Today we have floody style magazine in the house doing a shoot seven fantastic instructors. We have Jillian hustle in their subject, Kathy Corian and needy, the first male cover just Quinn in their kitchen photos, Georgia burns, Meredith Rogers, Amy haven. And I'm so excited that they're doing it here at our studio. [inaudible] to me is a lifestyle. It's a dedication to the purity of the form of the execution of the movement in conjunction with grieving. And it's a quest.

My feature is about the theraband and how amazing this little piece of equipment is where you can put it in your pocket and you can do a thousand different exercises and putting our department, former Cottey chair exercises just with one little piece. It's interesting taking pictures of Poitiers because um, you learn so much about not just how things look, but the form and what bodies is really doing. So I learned something new on every shoot for me as a photographer. It's not always how it looks to the camera or to me, but it's also what the instructor wants to show and so it can be challenging, but also fun to have that kind of interaction between the teacher and myself. Oh, go back one. I'm no model. I'm a polite teacher, but I work with athletes, particularly football players.

I'm here showing some of the ways that I adopt their mentality and approach to physical activity and mold that with the plots philosophy, everyone has different goals. Whether that's you want to be able to go skiing with your daughter or whether that's you want to fight osteoporosis or whether that's you want to go to the NFL. All of those things are beautiful goals and they're all attainable through polities in some way, shape or form. That's how we do it. Just come to see what here, hold up boxes and split your torches around people who are new to me. [inaudible] I think that the message needs to be, do you really find the brutes of the word light is so much more than a bunch of exercises. It really is a lifestyle. It's a lot about the choices that we made, the way we carry your bodies, the way you perform our daily activities. Joseph [inaudible], he's never Memphis to be just exercised. You spoke so often about the fact that a lot is to create functional screen and she'll be a part of every, Ritchie, all our daily activities.


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