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Prehensile Feet

10 min - Tutorial


Diane Severino reminds us how we need to treat our feet well in her Prehensile tutorial. She demonstrates how the foot should look, and she describes how it should feel in this position. She also shows the difference between the correct and incorrect way that many people do this exercise. Your feet will thank you after you show them some love!
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box)

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Mar 01, 2015
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Hi, I'm Diane [inaudible] Marino and I'm going to give you a tutorial tutorial on an exercise that's in the classic [inaudible] repertoire on the reformer and it's called prehensile and I've sort of b...

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I absolutely love your videos- you are the most beautiful mover. And your personality and delivery are so appealing. Cracking up while learning something new is the best.
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Love these tutorials Diane. You are so correct to pay attention to the feet with detail and give them love. Looking forward to more about ALL the footwork positions.
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Ain't she awesome!? So 'luuurved' this!
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Fantastic, I love your energy
Diane, you make learning fun! Thank you, and cant wait for your next tutorial.
Diane, where have you been all my life! I think I'm in love!
Thank you for the tutorial! I look forward to more from you.
Great energy in instructing the finer details of the foot. Keep the tutorials coming.
Awesome. Thank you Diane
Looking forward to the hensile tutorial !! Wonderful teacher and teaching. Thank you.
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