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Show your body some love with this lovely Mat workout with Diane Severino! She works on using contractions and releases to get you moving and to work your entire body - including your feet. You will be sitting up taller than ever after taking this class!
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Hi everybody. Thanks for taking my class. We're going to start with the diamond shape now. The diamond shape in my class, the heals of far enough forward from your hips that your entire forearm can be placed in there comfortably works a little more on the outside of the hips, which I like to get working in here like this with the doing in a lot of classes. Nothing wrong with that, but for my class we're going to work here. All right now, just like when we were standing, let's see. First of all, rock on your side to side though. We do. Do we do? Let's see we you can stop and be right on those.

Sit bones straight up and down. All right. Without leaning back, leaning forward, pulling up. Now on the floor, you really have to pull away from it. It's a hard surface so it forces you to even lift even taller ear over the shoulder, shoulder over the hip and nice diamond shape. The elbows are lifted. We're gonna round or contract the body. You're going to scoop the stomach. That big ice cream scoop.

I want to give you a side shot here. Look, big ice cream scoop. Wow. It just hallowed out my stomach all the way up. Hollowed out my [inaudible]. Yes, I am now going to round over holding onto my ankles. I'm going to pulse now what? We're doing a lot of pulses, so I'm going to take the time now to describe what a pulse is. It's not a tugging, it's not violent.

It is a lane funning out. Oh, over the shape of where your legs are. In this case, the diamond, so it starts in the tailbone. It works all the way up through the crown of the head. Now let's take a little inhale wide while I talk to Ya. Two INS to out all the way up from the tailbone to the crown of the head underneath the hips again, so we have this circular thing going right now. Aside from that circular energy, we have it across the shoulders.

Hollow the chest, so it's like a gyroscope. Yeah, those little spinny things. Seven and eight. Now let's get back to the upright position. You're going to pull back till we come on. Those two. Sit bones again, holding that stomach rounded onto the sit bones are, pretend you're against the wall. You're gonna straighten your low back first. There you go. The waistline, shoulder place. We're working in progression, the neck and the head last.

Now that's going to be important and I'm going to be mentioning that progression one vertical after the other till you want to cry from repetitiveness. No, no, no, but I have to remind you, I just do cause I'll show you what happens if you don't do it in progression of Vertebra by Vertebra. The body is not as smart as you think it is. Here I am. I'll just walk back. Now I'm going to string, uh, from like my, my shoulder blades and my head. My body doesn't have a clue how to really straighten up. Alright, let's show you what I wanted. Pull back, scoop the scoop on puts over the hips. Now, pelvis, waist, shoulder blades, neck and head. Last, you have something to work against. Okay. All right, let's take this bounce and then we're going to go into the a release.

So I'm going to the guys stay sideways for you. I could see you. I got peripheral vision. You're going to contract big ice cream scoops, scooped hollow round and eight counts down, lengthening out to five, six, seven. Haul a, pull the energy back. Starting at the tailbone for lifts, waist, shoulder, neck and head and scoop to round and over to you. The stretch coming from underneath the hips rather than tugging on the arms. Seven, eight pole, back to straight and tall.

Two three, four round over four bounces, two, three, four pole back on two. Same for two, three, four and contract two. Then that feel good. Two, three, four, four. Back to n, straighten two, three and four. That look good. Why am I acting surprised? No, I didn't mean to sound like that. I'm not surprised. You're divine. All right, we're going to round.

The thing is going to do a little upper body stretch here. We got that. I'm going to have your head straight forward, but eventually we're going to work the eyes. You're going to lift the arms like you're holding a nice round ball in around the arms, up over the crown of the head, right? You're going to change the palms so that the risk touch. Now you're going to bring the palms way back behind.

You bring the backs of the wrist so they touch. Yeah. Now the thing is so they touch and lengthen it down. I'm going to do that again so we open up the upper back and how this is very good for your posture too. Sure. Way Back behind you see how that chest stays nice and lifted.

Keep it lifted as the risk touch and the fingers and down. One more like that lift. Oh sure, sure. Let's do that with the right arm. You're going to lift the right arm. You're going to change the palm, which is way back and try to touch it in line. The same line as the spine. Backing up the wrist faces me.

Now the palm says, use your head and lower. Nice long arm lift out of the waist and or that feel good. Stretch the back and back. Wrist to the head. Now. Fingers and two more. Now fold the head with the hand and change.

Follow the head all the way behind you. Yeah, get the eyes working. Follow the back of the wrist. Follow the your tips and down lift. Yeah, that head wants to move, doesn't it? Yes, it does. Excellent. Back Up. Inhale and Dan. All right. We're going to do some lower abdominal exercises from this diamond. Love this diamond. You're going to set up as tall as you can.

We're going to bounce over four counts, two, three, four contract back to now. As we start pulling the energy behind us, the heels are going to lift. We're going to roll just to the back of the waistline. We're going to come up and over to, let's try that again. You pull back to lift the heels roll back just till you hit right above the waistline about where your shoulder blades scoop. The stomach come up and bounced down to.

Here's where the stomach comes in with me so far around heels come up to let the arms lift. Chest Height, nice round ball. You're going to lift that whole shape without moving the thighs closest to the face, up and down. Let's just do that a few times. Tows the lower than the heels. Your nice and lifting. I want to change around. I got to see him lift. That's it. One more. This really works. The low belly hold scoop to roll up.

Yeah, and to over roll back to three. We're going to do this in progression. Lift one and lower. Come up to and bounce to pull back. We're going to do this two times three, four and lift. Make that low. Belly lift, not too high and lift two, two over two roll two, three, three lists.

Nice round arms scoop and pull and one, two row back. Do you want in your stomach, right? I know, I know. Doing it with you for war and hold scoop up two and over two. We're going to change the five count now to three and whole diamond lifts open to a v Flex point together and are now know how I go through the whole foot is a point. Flex, ballpoints and and down three keep reaching up with the upper body. Flex through the foot. Four and open.

Flex and point together in down on five open flex hole. The point you're going to reach the arms a little bit longer. You're going to criss cross the legs. Criss cross down. Brisk open to Chris. Cross up into, yeah, get a little snap there. Nice. Steady up a body check. Chris Cross. Yup. Chris.

Cross stem again. Now the lower your legs without sacrifice. The back coming up a work. You lower our abs a little more, but always the back of the waistlines down and one more. Check diamond together. Lower. Here we go. And Scoop. Yes. Nice. And over two, three, four. Now remember we slid up the imaginary wall.

This is more challenging when we do it over the diamond. You stick your back out, your butt out. Then you travel up the waist, then you travel on the upper back. Finally the neck and head less. Or you can only go as low as you're not buckling in your waistline area.

All right, I'm going to try that again. You should have no change in your back from your flat back to upright position. How do you know how far you should go over? Well, an easy way. Easy. Oh, like any of this is easy. You're going to, if you put your hands on your shins, lift up as tall as you can and without buckling at the ways to rounding any part of your back unit till forward. Now some people I've seen go parallel to the floor. Hey, great, I can't. So that means I have to come up on this angle. And you want to memorize that.

So you really start strengthening the back muscles does no good to keep the bow back buckled on this. So let's start up [inaudible] around over four bounces, two, three, four. Now release the low back the waistline. They go right shoulder blades, neck and head last, and then you are absolutely up right? You don't have to make another judgment round and bounce. One, two, three, four, counselees out two, three, four and grow onto, that's good. Now it's the simplest with the legs in this diamond position. Well, we're going to do that flat back release in various positions. Okay? I'm going to give you one for the backs of the legs in the backs of your arms.

You're going to still stay in this diamond shape. You're going around the arms, you're going to lift them up, and you're going to put the risks together. You're going to dive the arms back and you're gonna put the hands a little behind your shoulders. Now in one piece, you going to keep the weight into the outside of your feet and your palms, and in one piece you lift the hips to the ceiling. I'm keeping my neck in line with my spine. Don't throw that back. Keep it long. Now I'm going to drop the hips. I'm going to aim my butt, so comes right underneath my head. How do I know I'm in the right position when I lift my arms?

I don't have to make an adjustment. Let's try it and lift the hips up to the ceiling. All right? Now pretend you have like a glass of water on your stomach. You spill the water. What? Yeah, it works. And put your butt right underneath your head. Check it. Okay, good. Let's do that twice again.

This is good for your ris weight bearing is good for years and lift and lower. Do that again too. And lower release and again and for lift and low or end to like being on a swing. 30 and four and whole. Lift and danced your edge all the way up.

Round over and reach. GIM. Pulsing past your feet to three full shoulders. Nice and relaxed. Flex the feet. Reach past the toes. Three, four, point the toes and stretch two, three, four and hold. We are willing to do that flop back. Release. Stick the butt out behind you. Reach out as tall as you can so your back is as flat as you can get it. And when the flat back out stretch, you get more. Stretch with a flat back.

Isn't that amazing? It just does fine. Six. What's the backs of your arm too? Yeah. Hey, oomph and open the arms to the side. Good. Okay. Putting the weight on the hands. Fingers are facing away from your back. You're gonna lift up just a little bit. Not all the way up into the plank. You're gonna gonna twist and twist and twist.

Yeah, let that top like sort of drape and try to keep your shoulders to me. So it's stretching the waistline and working the waist muscles stretch. Yeah, on hold. Put the knee down, let the toppling slide up. Slide down, up of the side. Fluor and down.

Lift of the side slow. I feel that in the waist, leg and down and slide of course works for the arms to sly. A little higher and Ah, eh, would open the legs. Don't want to just, just stay there. Thank you. Thank you. People lift up as tall as you can. You're going to scoop the stomach in. Press the thighs down and a bounces. Two, three, four. Hang the arms.

So I was like water dripping from your shoulders all the way down to the thing is simple. Hands seven, flex the feet, stretch two. These are your classic warm ups, aren't they? Try not to let the thighs roll forward and keep them pressed back. Eight point the toes to nice, gentle bands. Seven. Same thing here. You're going to slip the butt out, flatten the back, way out, way out. Hover, hover. However, however, however, press those sides down, lights in the back of the neck. Yes, sit tall.

We're going to twist to the right school. Now you feel it. Drip, nice and down. Keep that left hip down to stretch. Three nice curve of the Thi. Point those toes bullies seven. Now flex the feet. Think of the opposite leg that left, like pulling away from you.

Oppositional point the toes. Stomach high, three, four, stretch five, six, seven, hold eight. Now here we go. Hover over that right leg. Way Out. Way Out. Way Out. Ooh. Stretch that Hamstring Yaz. Nice. Pull that lift leg away. Out. Out, out, upright and center. Yeah, twist scoop. I'm saying scoop. This is really a, it can traction and down to write sheet down. Four, five, six, seven.

Flicks the feet and lengthen out so you're not just collapsing on these pulses. They're conscientious. Think about it. And pulse. Two, three, four, stretch five, six, seven, eight. Here we go. The release. Stick the butt out the waist. Only we just twisted. Same thing that we did with the diamond out. However, have a hover hub. Hubba come up facing the left and of Fetty. Nice. Round your hips. Give him a little shake.

Go ahead. That one for the so idea. Hips you're going to bring, okay. Your right knee forward. Top leg is going to cross over. This is going to get this whole side here. Yeah, you're not. Use your hand to hike. Your left leg is high up on your, as you can.

The knee that's up is going to be held with your opposite hand. Your right hand hugs the knee to the chest or the hands by here, by the floor, by your hip, and you're gonna keep that knee to the ceiling as you stretch up. Oh yeah. Feel that. Yep. Hug it and the hip can come up. Really hug it though, right? You're getting a little pretzel here. I'm going to give you a side view. Really tug that life so it's actually touching your chest. All right, the hip. That's up. You're going to press to the ground. Yeah.

Give him deepening the stretch lift, press and lengthen that left side as the hip. Here's that other opposition. As the hip goes down, that pulls up. Let me get my backpack at in there. Lift and lower. Really hug it. Try not to let that leg go. Lift and pull away.

Lift and pull away. Lift, pull away, change. Hands left. Arm's going to keep the knee facing the ceiling, other arm, Bay, hip. Now your right ear is going to look and try to, to listen to your calf. Bring your right ear all the way down. See if you can get low to that ankle bone with the radio. Keep that knee tugged up to the ceiling and a little pulse down, down, and here we go with the little stick at the Bret. Stick your butt way out and bring your chest are away from your budget like you're being pulled in two different directions. Really stick that butt out.

Yah, Yah. [inaudible] from Sweden. Come all the way up and use your back arm to give you a little twist around. I heard they do this in yoga. I've never had the yoga, but this seems like a good exercise and you can even bring that arm in front of the calf, your elbow pulling in and use that to open up the knee slightly. I think that feels marvelous. And you're going to gently come forward to face me again. Yeah.

Now that leg that's in front, you can let the leg just relax. Down Unit. Bring your hands to the front with a flat back. You're going to gently, gently stretch out over that leg. Yes. Stretching. Pull up out of it. Pull a stretched long back. Six.

Yeah, for [inaudible]. See what I mean? You know right where that muscle is. It's introducing you to that muscle underneath the seat of the button, the hip. It's good to isolate like this. Damn. We're going to bring the, uh, the foot, even a lay back on your hands and the objects. This bottom leg is bent this leg. Just tuck the hips under slightly and I'm going to Tuck the hip under and this leg just bounces down. This is very good to get deep, the hip socket. So I'm gonna work on some turnout, muscles exercises, and this is, uh, this exercise is going to be helpful for that. Next, we're warming up that area or check out the legs. We're gonna do the other leg. Oh, we just did that.

Your left knee is swollen. I'm so balanced. It all feels the same. The knees up, you're hiking the leg up high. The knee that's up is held with your left hand and you're really using your strength to keep it up to the ceiling or the hand by the floor, by your hip. Lift up as tall as you can. Lift the hip. I'm going to give you a little side. You lift the hip precedent stretch away. Lift, stretch away.

Yeah. That extra little pull up. Pull up. Yeah. Or stretch that hip. Ah, and then change hands. Same arm, same leg. You're gonna face the leg, left ear, slides down the calf on. You're bouncing on top of your right ankle stretch. Try to hug that knee up to the ceiling and you're going to stick the butt out now. And the upper body pulls away.

You pulling in oppositions stretches bar as you can, all the way up. You twisting away. Now the arm comes in front and you're twisting the spine in that yoga stretch, and I'm all the way forward, and the [inaudible] comes out lanch slightly back at Oh and hang the hip with it. Feels good after that, right? And the comment, you're going to bring the knees in tight to you. You're gonna bring the heat on the heels. You're going to put your knuckles, your thumb in the knuckles on the tops of your feet, and you're working your toes back. Give the feet some love. Work those little tight feet. Way Out. Yep. Wait, pressing back, round, back, stomach in. Press. Ooh, it feels good. Get a good grip on the toes. The heads on the knees.

You're going to lift the right leg up in the air, trying to keep the leg close to your head, right, ideally on, on the forehead. And you're gonna bend it in the leg, right shoulder down and lower. Stretch the right and lower left and hold. Stretch the right leg. You're going to lower it down, but you're going to pull back gently on the toes, not letting the hip or the shoulder come forward. You're pulling back on it so you sit, bones remain the same.

Back up to the head and then you change. Lift and lower. Lift and change. Yeah, very nice. Lower and get a little accident on that. Lift. Lower accent up and N. Lift and lower and lift. Hip stay. Even add hold.

Hold the right leg in the air. Keep it up. Stomach in stomach controls movement. Let go and hold it. Hold it. Hold the children down. It stays. It's nothing. It's stays. Now we're going to lower to the floor and kick the hand. Remember I'm not moving my hand. I'm using the foot and the leg to lift.

That's it. Sure. Now grab hold of that toe. Grab it. [inaudible] oh a leg lift. Let go. Holding, holding, holding, holding five, six, seven and eight. Low. Kick the hand. Don't load the hand.

Three and four and five and six. Weigh up seven and hold the toe. Ah, and stretch one leg up and lower. [inaudible]. I like lower full stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, point, flat back, release out. Stay up tall. We're going to walk on our tushes so beat the leg and walk.

Walk, walk. Now back and back. Pull the hip, which which reach and forward and forward. Two, three, four. Walk back to three and four and stir add. You're going to bring in the arms back, classic plank and hold stomach in left. Nice lanes of the neck lane. And because we can leg up and lower leg up and lower.

Don't let your hips drop. Lift lower. Lift lower, lift. Lower. Nice, nice, high back released. Stretch, stretch. Release the hands. Good. Shake out the light. Nice guys and girls.

Alright, let's sweep the legs to the side. He owes it to the right. I sit up as tall as you can. Hands lace gently behind the neck, lift up by the waist and bounce over to the heels. Get as low as you can. Try to touch your elbow to your heel. Don't let the top arm hide your beautiful faces. Keep it up to the ceiling. Six, seven, eight.

Sit up tall as you can. Here's a little different one. Palm Up. This palm is going to reach behind your head. Stretch your lat way back. See if you can get a pass. You year four, five, six, seven, eight. Now you're going to reach out up to the other side. How fancy other side lays your hands and dive over to the feet.

Elbow to the foot. Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Yeah. [inaudible] lift palm out and why? And try to stretch that leg stretched. Let that's your back. Four, five, six, seven, eight reach, lift. And you thought I was going to do a jazz slide? No, you didn't know what I was going to do. I wasn't sure of myself. Okay. Want to take a seat at forth one foot in front. One legs back. I'm giving you a side view. You're going to try.

Sometimes I work my foot. I'm not going to uh, not going to teach you that. If you see my foot moving, you can try to mimic it, but we're going to concentrate on the hip. I'm going to sit up as tall as you can. Your legs are as wide as you can. Your back foot is quite tucked under here. All right. Okay.

Give you a sideshow. Ideally, both buttocks are down on the mat. Your hand is on the leg that's bent behind. This is the start of the movement. The pelvis starts it, the pelvis presses over, the pelvis presses back. When it does, I do not collapse my looking clarity here. All right, so it's the pelvis that drives the movement forward and it's the pelvis that brings you back. Yeah, and this is great. It stretches you. So as muscle your thigh forward and sit, try to sit as much as you can. As you do that you're pulling up away from yeah, and press around to add back to press the hip.

When I press that hip down the face is straightforward. Yeah. So you're inverting it almost. And Alice, just the other side, stretch your feet out to me and roll over to the other hip. Pull up and slice. Split and you can use your hand to adjust your foot. Okay. Hand on the hip. We started the hip, right. Press the hip forward and press it back.

Pull up. Yeah, that looks good. On this side, then suddenly all have a better side. Why? And we should've built equal. That's what my goal is before I leave this earth to have a perfectly symmetrical body. Yeah, right. And, but it's good. You know, sometimes you know, you say, Oh my God, this site, this site is so tight or my hip is so if you could even feel that, you know what, that's body awareness. That's really good. You can even do that. There's a lot of people that are body dead. They can't feel nothing. So don't get discouraged. That's actually, you get it.

You're getting more advanced. Oh, this little spot on my back. I collapsed. You know that. That's good. And we're going to stretch out to the side. I'm going to work. Move on from here. Uh, starting from the same position. I'm going to lift the hip and this is challenging. Just try it and see if you can do it. Alright, we're gonna lift the hip and lift the knee. You're going to slide the leg way out behind you. Hand is on the ankle.

Pull up as much as you can. Try not to lean forward. You're going to lift up. So there's a nice curb. This really works that hard to get to muscle in the back and it's very good for your buttocks. You're going to drop the knee gently to the floor. You're going to bring that heel in to your buttocks and then you're going to start back to starting position. Lift the heel, hand to the ankle, lift the thighs, slide the foot out. Pull up, pull up, pull up straight in the knee. No knees on the floor, heels on the floor. Don't lift your heel up into a circle. Knee and foot.

Sit Tall. You're getting it and hip, knee, sly. You're trying to get it behind your head. Not out to this to me and knee and hip. Feel that isn't that good. And hip and knee and wide. Hold, stretch. Reach your arm towards me. Oh and forward. Forward, forward foot.

Now let's lift that arm over the head cause it just wants to around. Let's bring the, keep that knee in the air. Bring the palm forward to start again. I like it and lift, open and swoop and open. Palm down. One more. Lift out, add hold, pull a pull up, pull up out of the waistline and drop the knee and the foot and said, let's do that. When we did, the chances isn't over your ankles. Reach over the ankles and split a gesture south and twist hip, knee up and stretch knee down foot and keep the breath. Knee up. Slide. You're always arking up.

Knees down and foot and sit. Don't collapse. Hip, knee, slide the heel. Keep the knee in the air. Neat. Damn. That's it. And and hip, knee slide. Pull up up and knee and foot last time.

Knee up and lift. Hold, extend, pull up, pull up, pull up and the arm lifts and the palm down and Lou and palm down. I think this is what I did on the other side anyway. I like it and I dunno if I followed the head with it sometimes intending to make things up as they go along and Oh, that looked at vine and bring the legs in and shake 'em out. Here's one for turnout. Turnout is what makes the leg go from parallel to an open knee or turned out position. I'm going to turn a couple of ways. [inaudible] you're contracted, you're tucked under. Your feet are in the diamond, but they come in quite slow.

I am trying to make a race with my heels. I'm trying to let my heels beat my toes as they scoop out. Then I point squeeze the button, flex, squeeze the button. Here's the new race. My toes trying to beat the heels. My thighs are open so I'm pressing.

There's no wrinkles in my heels here working the churn out muscles. Then I point squeeze wet brushy picky toes on the ground. Fless heals in the air. Toes down. He'll say toes or bead and try to get the wheels in the air. Get the heels in the air in the air, right that that works to turnout heals in the air. Don't let him drop.

You're exaggerating this turnout. That's it. Right and point squeezed the butt flex, squeezed the butt toes down hills high, no wrinkles in the heels. Ah, this will get you a great turn at works. The sides, the hips. Unbelievable. It's not just the dances, but everybody points. Squeeze the button. Flex quiz, bread in and out. Good toes your feet together. Flex your feet. Here's the, here's the wrinkles you're leaning in. See how the wrinkles are at now. Ball of the foot to the point.

There's wrinkles in my here. There's point toe and press. Now this would not, we're not going to do rollbacks yet. The classic plotty Mat rollbacks, they're fabulous. I really highly recommend rolling like a ball, like a B, like a seal, but you see Cho, that's the ball of the foot. That's your articulation foot. There's the full flex, no wrinkles in the heel.

Now I'm drawing the heel up through the ball of foot to the point. See the articulation. When the foot leaves the floor, it should go through all those stages and then I lift the heels for a little Cox at balance. This looks so dramatic. One more. And Russ, what? K Let's do something sort of as tall as you can. You're going to round on the round, the arms and the legs come together and then you roll back. Just my jet pack.

You're gonna start rolling up arms and head together. Then to open to a big V, the chest is going to go to the floor, the arms and go behind you. You sit up tall, you can track the draw everything together on back and forward. Big split arms, back and forehead to the floor. Lift, tall, run. Love the sexist size and run Fletcher and following up.

And if you can get your chest to the floor even better and up and control and full with big open chest to the floor. Cause I got to let it chest so I'm not going as far as you are. Oh, maybe some of you. Sorry. Shake out your legs. Here's a fun one. Like are the other ones weren't. Yes they were. It's all fun. It's all fun. Okay. This year we're not going to over think this too much. We're just going to let this fly. Honey, I'm gonna do a little little diagonal here. Here it's a, the basis is contraction or release with some hamstring stretch. You can track, right? Going gonna come up. We're going to bring it back. Eight times. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight throw release contract eight times two, elbows up, three, four channel seven, eight throw.

Release contract on six, two, three, four stomach in six lower release contract on six isn't that fun? Three, four, five, six Lois tall, round, back and four two. There is two, four and whatever. You can use a couple more for free. Back to three. Here's the fun. Two counts. And back to [inaudible] and back. Here's even more fun. Are One and back.

Press and lift. Ang and tract fool, eh, Yay. Reach and lift. One more and Ho. Yeah, totally. No, it's good. I'm gonna roll back and do some for your book. You know your heels are going to be a, they don't do completely side. I want to show you the movement. You all might know this, but I do it so well. I want to do it.

I tuned to this. Well, I worked on this a lot. You gotta do this work, you know? Yeah. You gotta, you gotta do stuff. All right. Pelvic press. You start at the tailbone, a curves on. I'm going to have you with your hands down, but I want you to see my side, the tailbone, the waistline, the shoulder blades, the neck and head less so a nice straight line from your shoulders to the hip flexors to the knees. You start your dissent on the right. You want to think of the back of your waist touching before your hips, all right, but you all gonna do it with you. With your arms at your side down.

Low. Heels are in line with each sit bone center of your butt and pubic bone cross to your face than the waistline shoulder blades and up and start tucking under. Immediately. Get that Tuck. Try to get the waistline the touch before your hips. Even if you're coming down in big blocks. Think of these two things.

The first thing you think about the hips come up before the waist and then you roll. Second thing, the waistline touches before the hips. All right, get up and hold two, three, hold four. Lift the heels. Don't let the [inaudible] lift and lower. When we lift the heels, the weights on the second toe to get the butts, height and lift, lift and lift. Keep the hips high. We're gonna work through the ball of the foot to the point to the ball and change other foot. Point Ball and change. You gotta use your stomach and your butt, your center, so you don't rock it out. Don't rock it out, man. Tow and change. That's it.

So you have to use your hamstring and your buttocks of your supporting leg, not to rock it out. Wobble, I mean, and hold. Now roll down. What do we say? Waistline before the butt. Good. Arms out the side. Let the news roll and you can look in the opposite direction. Keep the opposite shoulder down. Bring the hip down. The bring the news up.

Oh, this side, the hip, that's up. They kept pulling that back. All right, so it's still pelvis. The origin of the movement, it's not always extremities. It comes from somewhere. Oh rocky. Then back to that pelvic press position. Heels, lightly separated. We're going to do a classic plot is exercise and the bridge and the effects. So, but we're going to go through the foot ball point. Lift, flex, kick point ball, heel ball point lift, flex, lift point toe, heel. See, so we go through the foot.

Flex lift toe heel ball point lift nef why not add another piece of your body, which is your body and lift, little bump, then a bomb and a bump. Squeeze the Butt Butt, Butt, Butt. Tighten the Tush up. Still one of your classic bullet train is still works. Five, six, seven. Hold, hold, hold, hold, hold.

I'm gonna do this facing back. We don't want you to rest. Anyone who had jumped there for a while. This is the basics of the corkscrew in the plot is Matt. You don't lift your right hip and bone in the air. You roll up along the left side of your vertebra.

Keep your knees as steady as you can. You send to the pelvis, you twist to right side of your waistline, roll down along the right side of your waistline until the right hip bone touches. And then you sent it. It's love. This lift. We reverse it left, but all the way up the right side get it and this is what you do when your legs are over your head. Those who know the plot is met. That's how conscientious you want to be. All right. Right.

I got to show you what the corkscrew is. You rolling down just like we did doing it slow. Say I'm rolling down one hip hop. Should I not do it? The show is live. Scoop and roll down. Yeah. Always the stomach in his legs lower. I like it. I like it. One knee into the chest. We're almost done.

Let's do elbows high. Just regular two poles. Sure, sure. Hold on behind the thigh. Stretch Ben and stretch and Ben. Stretch and bed stretch and Ben hold. Hold the calf. Pull it back to [inaudible]. Sure.

[inaudible] flex through the footsie. That ball pressing to the ceiling. Yeah. Yeah. That's what you want to do. Stretch this to or you want to get those arches and whole Ben and change bringing in and pulse too. Sure. Relax the neck and hold behind.

Lift and then use your hands to pull that leg back. You guys are really good. You know, Friday and seven and eight. Walk up to the calf. Press back to [inaudible]. Sure. Here we go. The flex through the foot. Flexible point. Flex ball point. Fetal like hands. Why not? And Flex.

Yeah, we're always shod. They should be able to move and you know what? I'm going to tell you one more thing. You all do the machines. There's a thing called, there's a thing. There's a fabulous first movement called arches sometimes or prehensile depending on who your teacher was, your toes should curl so much that you should be making your, your knuckles of your feet. You look like the knuckles of your hands. All right.

There's so many flat, so many people that I can't even, I can't even do it cause I've been doing it right so long. They look like hammertoes. You should be able to really curl curl everybody. Just do it. Just bring your feet to the ceiling with the legs together. This is for the machine play the hand style. If you do the machine, you flex your fee because in the machine, when we're working with the legs together, toe joints, ankles, and Suzie advertiser together, keep that flex.

That means your heel is the highest part from your, from your foot. Keep that flex. Curl your toes. Ah, there's two arches there. That's the way it's done. All right. You were curling. You got the long arch and your short arch, right? Do it again. Flex your feet. Keep that flex curl.

Imagine your stomach in and you're putting your feet on the foot bar. I don't care if the bar in arches is in the middle of your arch or in Fletcher. It's underneath the ball, the foot. That's how much curve you need. All right? That's how much you want your knuckles. Anyway, that's my foot thing for today, kids. All right. Uh, here we go. It need people don't do this unless it cures you.

You're in a curl up. You're going to put your fingers so they face behind you. Theater flat. You'll lift your hips, you'll like a coffee table. You flat in a walk forward, you heels lift. You want to lift your hips and press your knees lower than your hips. You come back to the coffee table, you flex your feet and sit, lift to the toes, knees, hands down low.

The stretches the quad. Really, really like I had to tell you that, right? Go easy. Need people school back. And Dan, one push over, push over, pushover, push over for Shogun and oh, one last thing. Pelvis in a little tilt and uh, and to try to keep a straight line. Speaking of quiet too and [inaudible] one more tilt and class is dismissed. He did fabulous. Thank you for coming.

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Unique instruction! Engaging and personal style coupled with some great exercises. Thank you.
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Great class. I could tell that this incorporated the Martha Graham dance technique. So wish someone would put her floorwork on dvd. Thanks for breaking down the movement with great explanations. More of Diane please!!!
Diane, you are wonderful ! Love your style :)
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Excellent instruction! I also enjoyed the way you teach with lightness and humour and inspiration! Thank you!!!
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I just did this class. OMG wonderful, wonderful. Please, please more classes like this. Makes me wish there was a Martha Graham dance class in my area. Exactly what my middle aged body needed.
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What a joy to be in her company. Even if it's only over cyber-waves. :) In today's world that's no small matter. Thank you for sharing your verve and joie d'vie, Diane. And yes! Makes me wanna take a Graham class!
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Thank you Diane, for providing a Fletcher style Pilates class with us. You are a role model for all to admire. This class reached the deeper hip muscles, strengthened the obliques and rejuvenated our feet.
Thank you Diane, I feel so much inspire and the joy of movement. Love de floorwork! You go girl!
Fabulous class - remind me not to attempt it again when my body is broken from Circuit Training..... Huge thank you.
I absolutely love this class! I wouldn't know a Martha Graham class if I was in one, but after this class I'd bet she'd notice me! This class moved me in ways my body is not used to and yet it was somehow effortless too. Your way with me while I was at home was fantastic. Can you actually see us? Thank you Diane!
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