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Take your practice to the next level in this challenging Reformer/Tower workout on the Peak Pilates® Total Workout System® with Connie Borho! She pushes her student to advance with her detailed cueing and hands-on guidance. She also works on finding the "golden triangle" to prepare for advanced exercises like Snake, Twist, and many more!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Tower, Knee Pad, Pilates Pole

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May 14, 2015
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Hi, my name is Connie burrow and I'm here with my students, Sabrina. And she is a level three students. So we're going to be doing a level three personal training session with her. Um, starting with the reformer work. Are you ready to rock? Okay, good. Okay. So standing in plotty stance, uh, come in to a diagonal of your carriage right there. Come a little bit forward. Start your plot. S Pele's wrap right away, pulling your sits bones together with the golden triangle, your inner thighs.

Now imagine you have a skirt on and you're tucking your skirt underneath you to sit down onto the carriage. So curl you're not sitting on a Texaco toilet seat skirt. Okay, you're at high tea with the Queen. Pull this under and sit and lie all the way down. Good job. Just Center yourself right in the center and we're just going to take a second to release. So bring your arms down by your side, wrap your shoulders onto your back and take a nice deep breath in.

Exhale and sink your ribs down and into the mat. Bring Your Chin down towards you to lengthen out the back of your neck. Look forward towards your knees. Take another deep breath in and exhale, sink. Keep looking down towards your niece where your eyes go, your neck goes. We don't want your neck and an extension. One more time. They could.

Deep breath in and exhale. Pull your ribs in together. Plenty stance. Let's start your footwork. Press the carriage out. Pull right back in again and stretch out long and strong and in helpful and stretch out. Pull back in and find your goal in triangle from your sitz bones through your heels. Press out, stretch and pull in. And then two more. I'm going to take these off cause that's going to be done.

And one more. Come all the way in and change to your arches. Press the carriage out. Wrap the seat and pull back in again. Look out over your knees. Inhale, stretch out. Long exhale. Belly pulls you in. Stretch from your seat through your feet. Glue your sitz bones together. Start to wrap your shoulders onto your back, funneling your ribs down.

And two more. Inhale on the way out. Exhale, pull in. Last one, change to your heels, toes, draw back towards you, and press out and exhale in Nice from your seat through your feet. So activate that golden triangle first and then pull in Nice sits bones through your heels, keeping the toes still in space. And don't take them away from me. Keep them there. Good. Stretching out long and strong. Three more. And exhale, coming in, funneling your ribs exhaling. And last one, change to your toes for the tendon stretch.

Press the carriage out and hold it out. Sink your heels underneath and just hang out there for a second. So this is where you can really find your golden triangle s pull your sits bones together, pull your inner thighs together, draw it all the way up, and that's what brings your heels back up. And then you resist it coming back down to push your heels away. Golden Triangle pulls your heels up. So that's the attachment for your legs.

Good job and lower back down, lifting up, keeping the ankles together and lower back down. Find your center line and really lengthen it. Oh, lower back down. Wrap your shoulders. Yes. One more time. Lift and sinking all the way down. Let me give you a little stretch. So take that leg and stretch it longer.

There you go. Nice. Lift your heels up and your knees come all the way in. Take your foot bar down with your feet and I will hand you your straps for the a hundred. Bring your knees into table. Curl your head up, elbows to the map. Pull your head up. Reach your arms and legs long and begin pumping. Inhale for five and exhale for five. So sitz bones, inner thighs, up and into the low belly.

You're opposing the length of your legs with your Golden Triangle. Got a little over your lower ribs. Try to keep this a little bit quieter back. Good. And reach long fingers together. Turn your shoulders underneath you and he's up a little bit.

Now push down into my hands. Good. How to keep it, everything else. Still one more deep breath. Um, all the way in. Bending your knees, arms come up. Sit Up. Take off two springs for overhead. So we've a blue and yellow on. Lie Back Down. Take your head rest down and legs go across the foot bar overhead. So glue your thighs together. Golden Triangle. Lay them out through the back of your neck. Arms come down as the legs come up, and hips come over. Reach long into your arms, flatten your hands and roll down one vertebra at a time. Hips hit your arms. Come up towards the ceiling. The legs go out just to here.

Arms come down, legs go up and over. God wrap that seat. Pull your sitz bones together and roll down. Keep reaching into your hands, right to here. Reach. Add two more. Up and over. Flex your feet this time. Good. Lengthen through here. I'm gonna pull your shirt now. I'll come down one bone at a time. Lengthen through your arms, arms come up.

Reach your toes away and come up and over. Funnel those ribs. Flex your feet again. Come all the way down. Reach into your arms. Bend your knees, Curl your head up. Coordination, arms bend, arms and legs. Reach up. Open-Close bend it and bend it in. Inhale out. Inhale out. Open-Close. Exhale, bend and Ben, so hold it right here. You're ready.

We're going to inhale out. Open, close. Hold your breath. Exhale, knees, and exhale arms and inhale out. Open. Close. Exhale, knees. Exhale, arms. There you go. Open. Close. Exhale, knees. Exhale, deepen. One more. Deepen those abs down and away from your legs. Exhaling. Exhaling. Good job. Put both of the handles into your right hand. Sit up for rowing. Take off your yellow spring. Their turnaround sees this way, so put your legs through the the head rest. Sit about a hand's distance away from there.

Cross your right ankle over your left arms. Go straight out. Now Golden Triangle. You're going to sit tall on your sitz bones. Pull your inner thighs and hold the long loops. Arms reach out. Now Curl and eero back at the back of your hands. Face your chest, so turn them like that there. Hold that pressure. Arms out to the side and don't move. Keep the carriage still.

Bring your head to your knees. Hands come to your lower back. Reach them up behind you. Stretch your arms way around and touch your ankles and stretch. Stay down there. Good. Curl up one bone at a time. Arms go straight up and again, Curlin and row back. Dock of hands to your chest.

Hold it. Send your sits bones to your heels. Press your arms out and fold your head down. Hands come to your lower back. Reach your arms up and around. Taking those shoulders down your back and touch your ankles. Good. Curl up one vertebra at a time. Last one, arms go forward, curl and end. Roback send your tail under. Press the arms out.

Don't move the carriage. Don't move. The carriage head comes over. Good job hands. Come to your lower back. Lift them up behind you. Stretch around and touch your ankles. Now grab onto the silver kegs and give yourself a nice stretch there. Flex your feet, but sit up.

Cross the other ankle over the other one. Source switching 90 degrees so elbows high, shoulders back against it. High on the Golden Triangle. Hinge back at your hips, back as flat length in your arms behind you. Look straight ahead, bring your chest and your arms forward and through chest through your shoulders. Bring your hands down to the rails, sweep them back behind you and around and touch your ankles. Got sit up tall. All right, so hold it here. You're going to hinge back.

We're going to take it in steps. Look straight ahead. Shoot your arms behind you. Now bring your chest and your hands forward so your harms have to come with your ears. Stay right there. Just keep looking forward. Keep coming in. Tap that carriage all the way in. Now bring your hands down along the rails. Sweep back up and around and touch your ankles.

Draw your belly in and sit up tall. Last one. Got It. Good. Hinge back. Shoot your arms back, wrap your seat, bringing your arms on your chest. Forward. Arms. Come with your ears. Nice. Cool. All the way home. Reach hands come down along the rouse sweep back and up and around and give yourself a stretch on this side. Grab a silver pegs. Flex your feet nice. Sit up tall. Hang up those loops, and you're in to turn around and face the other way. For rowing. Three, sit your hips right up against the shoulder blocks.

Grip the long loop with just your thumbs right up over top. Perfect. Now here's what we get to practice your golden triangle against hope sitting tall on your sits bones. Inner thighs pull together. Lengthen your legs away. Look straight ahead and reach up and hold. Now lengthen your spine up off the basement of your golden triangle. Keep that lower your hands down, but keep your chest lifted.

Lift your arms all the way up and sweep them around. Lift taller and come in gut. Inhale, stretch. Lift Taller to lower your arms. Lift Taller to lift them. Stay tall as you circle around by one more time. Inhale out, shoulders down your back. Good. Sit up tall on your sits bones.

Circle out and around. Fold your wings. Rowing four from your hips, so flex your feet. Bring your hands down next to your hips. Head goes down and through this. Just like spine. Stretch forward, stretch arms all the way out. Shoulders down your back. Now we want these even with the ears right here, shoulders and keep reaching into the straps. As you roll up your spine, reaching, reaching, reaching, reaching. Now lift, press down into your arms and lift your spine. With that leverage. Good. Stretch all the way down in, through head down and through arm. Stay next to your ears. This time to roll up, up and up and up.

Reach into the straps. Out and around. Sit Tall on your golden triangle. One more. Inhale out, stretch. Pull your shoulders down, your back arms come down and lift your spine longer. Oh, that's over. Good. Fold your knees, Indian fashion. Take the whole loop in your hand. Pendry elbows. Shade the head. Bring your arms forward around behind you.

Now sitting tall on your golden triangle. Pull your ribs into your back and hinge forward right there. Now stretch straight out on an inhale and elbows wide to the side. On the exhale, slide your shoulders down your back. Good. Inhale, pull your ebbs in and up to slide your hands down your back. One more. Hold those abs up with your arms. Hold it there. Exhale, reverse the breath. Inhale, elbows wide to the side.

Good job. Stretch up out of that. Keep those ribs in your back. Elbows wide to the side. On the inhale. Exhale and stretch out. Pulling your abs up with your arms. One more time. Bend and stretch into it. Hold that on. Crossing Rick. Cross your legs the other way. Hug a tree, sitting up as tall as you can. Find the Golden Triangle. Sit tall in your sits bones. Bring it forward.

Get some wind under your wings. Elbows loft up and open. Inhale. Inhale forward. Exhale, lift their spine taller. Inhale, lift up out of the basement of that Golden Triangle. God. One more time. Hold it there. Exhale. Now stretch your elbows on the inhale. Lift up tall or taller, taller, taller, taller. Exhale. Stay Tall.

God. Inhale, lift up tall or taller, taller, taller. Exhale, stay tall. Wind under your wings. Nice. And how last one. Exhale. Stay Tall. Beautiful. Take those arms down. Hang them up. Step off to the side and go get your shorts, your lawn bucks. Okay.

Pulling straps. So belly on the box facing the end. Reach up for the hardware at the end of your ropes. One hands down along the rails. No move back on your box. Just a tiny bit. Glue your thighs together and pulling straps one head even with the spine. So lift your head up gut and pull straight back. Lift your eyes, nose, chin, and chest and reach. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale.

Lengthen your fingers more than exhale. Arms go down and lengthen your spine. Keep that head up here in Hellen, sweet back. Clear abs up to your back here, and slowly lower the arms down. But keep the lift to the very last minute. Yeah, and inhale, curl your towel towards your heels. Reach your legs long and howling out. Wrap the shoulders. Hold it there. Even reach longer, longer lager, like a little tiny power circle in your armpits.

Squeeze it unreleased and go down. Pulling straps to slide your hands down where the fat part of the stress, where they meet right here. Arms out to a big t. Now remember that there's a little tiny power circle right at your armpits. Squeeze that first and then pull your arms to your hips. Inhaling, turn your palms here. Squeeze your power circle. Now it's here. Squeeze it here. Yes, arms come out to the side. Find your power circles.

Squeeze this first and then pull back. Lifting your chest. Inhaling. Inhale. Turn your palms good and forward. One more time. Pull your abs in and up. Pull straight back. Get that power circles. Squeeze it here nice and go forward. Hang them up. Step off to the side backstroke. Add a yellow spring, getting up a sweat. Reach for your straps.

We're going to do the Kate Winslet stretch like you're at the end of the titanic. So step forward, big stretch. Step forward. Lift your chest up. Yes. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. Step your right foot forward. Big Stretch. Lift it, lift it, lift it, lift it gon, and then put your sits on the box for backstroke. When your hips towards me a little bit, now lie all the way down into the mat. Find Your Golden Triangle head stays looking into your belly button. Hands, tier, forehead, ready. Arms and legs to the ceiling. Hold open just a little bit. Sweep your arms out, down and around.

Legs come down and together. Hands right up over your thighs. Find Your Golden Triangle and lengthen your legs away from it and fold everything in. Good job. Arms and legs to the ceiling. Open a little sweep out, down and around, and hold two, three and hold everything in. One more time. We are abs away from your legs in opposition right there. Hold two, three. Pull everything in. Reverse it. Sweet. Straight out. Hold two, three, up and around and fold everything in. Straight out hold. Inhale right there. Exhale. Up and around.

Fold everything in. One more time. Inhale out whole. Exhale all the way around. Sit Up. Take off that yellow spring. There's no graceful way. Teaser teaser. Now you get on teaser, we get on teas. You're ready to teas.

Go all the way down into the thing. You're going to come down onto here. Go ahead. Head goes down, arms out to the side, and I'll put a little bit of resistance into the strap. Let your head go all the way down. Yeah, can you go down? Let your head go. Yes. Big Stretch. Now inhale for nothing. Exhale, curl your head. Look up, sweep up. As you inhale, look forward, look at your toes, and exhale.

Curl your tail under. Reach into your straps to roll back down. Arms come out to the side, legs come all the way down. Head goes all the way down. Good. So listen in how for nothing. Exhale. Curl your head in. How? Sweep up sweets stretch you. Gotta lift, lift, lift. Now lowering. Lift your arms. I got your legs. Look forward. Look at your toes.

Remember you look up. You're an extension. God. One more stretch. Hold and roll down, down, down. Reach into those straps. Let your head calm down. Last one. Inhale for nothing. Exhale, curl and lift. Inhale up. Circle your arms.

Look forward. Look at me. I really pretty earrings on today and the other way out and around. Wrap your seat. Find Your Golden Triangle and lengthen your legs away from it. You'll, it'll be easy. One more time. Yes. Much easier and roll all the way down and read blacks.

Thank God that's over. Throw them into the well. Step off to the side. Add another spring, had another outside spring. We're going to do short box. Turn your box headrest down. You gonna put that right over the top of the shoulder blocks and go get the the um, bar back there. Put it in front. Have a seat short box around.

So notice your neck was a little stiff. So we're not going all the way back and short box round. You're going to stay about halfway. Okay, we'll work on that in individual needs. So wrap your arms around your lower ribs. Sit up tall on your sits bones, golden triangle. Curl under, enroll back. Look down at your belly button. Push out through those heels.

Strongly scoop up and over your arms and come forward. Good. One more time. Stretch that out. Now Bend your knees a little good. Curl under and roll. Push out through your heels. So find your sits bones and push your heels away from them. Scoop up and over, but grab your bar. Let me do that one more time. So spine stretch forward, stretch all the way down to your calves.

We're here now. Press in here. Shoulders down, curl under, enroll back. Slide this along your legs. Keep pushing into here. Connect underneath your armpits. Push, push, push. Now push harder. Come up and over that stick. Push harder up in over the stick. Yes. And sit up tall for flat. Back arms. Go straight up and we're going to come right here next to your eos shoulders.

Slide down your back, ribs into your back. Flat back. Push out through your heels. Bend your knees a little good. Hinge back at your hips. Inhaling, long exhale. Come back up. Now imagine your shoulders and your heels are in opposition. Shoulders go this way. Heels go that way. In hell out. Exhale, right back up. Good. One more time.

Reach your shoulders in opposition to your heels in how? Back. Exhale. Right back up, side to side. Perch. Lift on your sits bones come up and over to your right. Now we're going to come here and you're going to take your head into your head, into your arms, and no translations, so come back up. All right, lean forward. So imagine you're coming up and over this room. That's the only want you to do up and over the rib there. That's better.

You feel the difference? Come right back up. Now. Up and over this rib that fit shoulders down your back. Good, right back up, up and over your right rib. Yes. You know you're not translating and come right back up, up and over and right back up. Twisting. Bend your knees a little bit. Flex through your heels. Lift up to stepping around here, right? And come back to center.

Now twisting as unilateral. So pull your sitz bones together. Okay, so lift up tall. Pull your sitz bones together. Your waist turns, not your hips. There you go. That's better. And come back in. Do you feel the difference? So if you pull that all together, it's going to be a good basement. So lift, twist, pull it all together.

Now lean out to your right in opposition through your left heel and come right back up. Get come back to center. Pull it altogether. Lean into it a little bit. Twist now, push out through your right heel and lean out and opposition there. Pull your sitz bones together and come right back up. Beautiful job. Give me that. Don't hit me. Tree front, right knee comes in. Go ahead. And we're going to hold right underneath here like this.

Now grab your wrist. Good. Sitting up as tall as you can so your shoulders are should be right over your hips. Kick it up and hold. Keep the spine lifted along your spine. All along your thigh. Walk your hands to your ankle. Look down at your belly. Now unilateral. So what are you going to do? Pull your sitz bones together. Pull your inner thighs together, Curl your head in and roll back.

Push out through here. Keep zipping your inner thighs together and come right back up. Good. Keeping this there. So in our thighs, it's bones pulled together. Curl under. Roll back. Push out through here. Get that opposition through this leg. Good. And come right back up.

Keep it over this way. Nice. One more time. Push out through here. Curl. I help keep your abs in. Lock down your thigh. One, two, three. Hold. You're not going back into the well, but you are going to do something hard. So head looks into the belly.

Reach your arms along and begin pumping for the a hundred. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, pull your sitz bones together. Fold over this rib a little bit. Come up, up, up. Good. Now bring your hands back. Walk Up. I told you it was hard and come all the way forward. Now hold this.

Pull your sitz bones together to square your hips and bring your head towards your knee. Sit up tall. Shoulders down. Now Cross this ankle over the opposite knee. We'll skip side tree. It's like my least favorite exercise spot. Besides semicircle all the way you. We're not gonna do that one either. Oh, going down now. Wrap up through here. Good. Round your back more. Sit up tall. Switch your legs. [inaudible] comes in. Boom.

Right underneath. Sit up tall. So forward of your, of your hips right there. Look straight ahead. Kick it up and hold. Keep your chest lifted along your thigh. Walk your hands. Golden Triangle sits bones pulled together in her thighs. Pull together. Press out through your right lear right heel curl under. Enroll back.

Keep pushing through your right heel. Scoop and come back up. It's gotta stay in the center. God curl under, rolled back off position through here. Push through there. Pull your body away from your right heel. There you go. Exhale, come back up. One more time. Curl under. Push through this heel. Nice. Hold it. Walked down your thigh. Hundred on this side. Inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale. This is much better on this side. Two, three, four, five.

And exhale. Walk Up. Tip forward. So we got to work on that right. And come forward and stretch. Pull your ribs up there. Cross the Sanccob over the top and stretch. Pull your ribs up. There we go. Nice side sit-ups. So let's face that way first.

You can keep your right foot underneath there. Um, so that's your, the hip that's hurt or, or is this the hip? That's hurt. Okay, so we're going to keep this light can hook underneath right here. Yep. Hands behind your head. Tip your up onto your left hip a little more. Squeeze your inner thighs together. So this is really where it's important to find that golden triangle. Stretch out through your right heel. Dip Down into the weld. Go Long.

Hold right there. Stretch your shoulders away from your right heel and come back up. Good. There's this long, it means here. Better. That's it. Now push up through here. Push out through here and curl and reach longer and opposition to your right leg and come back up. Good. Nice. Reach out. Long. Lengthen really long. Hold it. Five, four, three, two.

Face the floor. Bring your hands to the floor for stretch. Yes. Good. Now bring your hands onto the rails. Make it really long. So stretch your arms. Way Out. Keep pressing up into this leg. Take your right hand to the left rail. [inaudible] underneath your wrist.

So you're gonna go under your wrist right here. Yep. And pull yourself around. Head down. Now get this in there. Come up, let's go the other way. Alright. Alright. Left foot underneath there. Now since this is the hip that's bothering you, I'm going to let you leave this leg out today. You're going to be okay.

Alright, so length and this up and hands behind your head. Reach out long and strong. Stretch and opposition to the heel. Lengthen and come back up. Keep pushing into this leg. So reach out long in opposition. Stretch out and up through here and reach out. Up, up, up. Good.

Two more. Longer, longer this time. Reaching longer. Good. Scoop and come up. Inner thighs pulled together. Last one down. Hold, hold, hold. Curl your tail towards your heels. Good. Now turn and face the floor. Hold hands. Come to the floor. Nice. Bring your arms along the rail. Stretch them out and bring your left hand to the right rail underneath the wrist.

Give yourself a little twist and give me some round here. That's it. That should feel like a good stretch. All right, come on boy. Up. Step off to the side for the long stretch series. Foot bar comes up, grabbed the black mat underneath there. We don't have to be up to the top. Grab this black mat. Put your box away.

Okay. Hands to the foot bar and feet into the hinge of the headrest. Good. Lift your heels high. Look straight ahead. Glue your thighs together. So fine that golden triangle again. Yup. Press straight out.

As you inhale long and strong and exhale, slide back in like there's a sword right here and you don't want to bring your skin onto the sword. Inhale, stretch out and over the sword and exhale. Let your belly touch my sword. Good. One more time. Had to, he like steel in how? Inhaling, exhale, pull in, but lower your knees to the mat for the down. Stretch. Feet up against the shoulder blocks. Lift your chest up and through. Pelvis forward. Press out through your knees. Try to get your heels up against those shoulder blocks. Yes, and pull back in.

Lifting your chest up through your shoulders. Now right from here, press your sits bones away through your heels. Push your heels away. Get your heels up on most vs. Scoop and come in. So we're going to the beach. Ready? Stretch out, going to the beach. This is like a two year old that wants to stay at the beach. Your knees want to stay at the beach, but this is the mother. Bring it in. No, the two year old says no. Stay in here. Feel that stretch right there.

Up. Stretch. Bring it in, girl. Yup. Round back. I'd press out through your heels just a little bit. Hold the carriage still in space and lower your hips down. Keep your heart eyes now bring it forward. Ride those springs in. Good. Lift your hips up. This is a scary one. Keep this rounded here.

Now press out and we're going to come out here. Right to there. Now you can't go out any further. Lower your hips and ride it in. Head stays in head end. Good. Look back at your toes one more time. Lift this up. Press out. Keep going a little bit more. Hold it there. You're not letting it move now keep your head in and pull in.

Pull in, keep your hand in. Round your back. Good elephant. Lift your toes. Bring your hips, heels right up against the shoulder blocks. Lift your toes round back and pushed out and pull in out and scoop. Keep resisting. Push into the foot bar. Pull your toes towards your wrists and in and out and in an outlet in good.

One more and hold it arabesque. One left foot comes three quarters of the way up the the shoulder block on high toe. You're gonna bring your foot to the floor, right to here. Yep. And this one comes all the way up in our best one. Open your hip. Look towards me. Yeah, there you go. So everything else stays still unilateral. So what do you have to do? Pull your sits bones together. Come in, pull the carriage in. Lift this leg up high. You're good. Press out.

Pull the carriage in. Lift it up higher. One more time. Get this lift and switch feet. That's the hard part. Keep it in and all right, open long in the waist and press out. Scoop. Now highs inner thighs pulled together to keep your hips square. Nice.

One more time. Arabesque to lower the foot down. Heel right into the mat. And you're gonna Bring your heel right in front of here and right leg all the way down. Right, like comes out and bring this all the way down. Right? Like comes out. Good. Now you're gonna be eating. Okay. Press Glue your heel into my hand. Press out in scoop in round your back more.

That's it. Fill this up, scooping two more shoulders down your back. One more switch feet I should say. Shoulders up your back there. Right upside down. Stretch this leg out. Flex it. Fill this up. Keep it filled. Sits bones together to square your hips. Push into my hand. Push one more time. Now hold it in.

Step this foot all the way to the floor right there. Turn around and face me long. Backstretch hands here. Feet up against the shoulder blocks. Good. Really Heel. Now let your tailbone go back towards the end there. Wrap your shoulders, tricep dip down.

Now Curl your tail under to push the carriage out. Lift your hips up and come back and look straight ahead. Good down. Curl your tail under. Scoop your obs deep. Come back in. Let your hips go back towards there. One more time down. Wrap your shoulders, curl and come all the way in and hold it here. Let your tailbone go back. Now reverse it high. Curl your tail under.

Push the carriage away. Now come down and come in and come up. Yes. Push your shoulders into my hands. Press out and go down. Come in now. Push your shoulders into my hands. Push. Broaden your shoulders. Yes, there you go. One more time and down.

Down. Push your hands, your shoulders into my hands. Push, push, push, push and now you can step off to the side. Thank God that's over. Stomach massage. Drag the black Mac down. I'm going to let you come down a little bit for springs. Sit their feet up on the foot bar. Bring your hips back a tiny bit. I want this to flex. There's a little open. Good stomach massage rounds.

Look down at your toes. Pull your waist away, press out, lower your heels, lift your heels, exhale and come back in. Now I want your shoulders in front of your hips right there. They stay there the whole time. Press out. Inhale, hold your breath lower and lift your heels. Exhale, pull your abs in and up. Now reach your head into my hand. It's up here. Good. And press out lower and lift x help holes you in.

One more time around here. More. Inhale, lower and lift. Exhale, pull in, reach through your knees. Take off this spring for hands back. Doesn't matter which one. Hands back onto the shoulder blocks. Sit up tall. So find your sits bones. You're sitting on your sits bones, but you're really there. Your feet. And I want you to lift up out of them. Okay. Stretch out lower and lift your heels. Lift up tall or stand taller on your sitz bones to come in. Nice. Press out, lower end lift. Stand tall, or to come in left. Nice. The more collarbone up and through. Now hold it here.

Take off another spring for reaching arms. Reach straight forward. Stand on your sitz bones. Press out, find your Golden Triangle and lift up off your basement. I'm all the way in. Press straight out. Lift up off your basement. Come all the way in. Good twisting. Press out, twist to your right. Glue your sits bones together. Come on all the way around. Pull, pull pulls. Now this is your bad side.

So pull those knees together. Heels together, knees together. Good. Come back in and bend those knees. Alright. Sitz bones, inner thighs roll up and off of your basement. Come around. That's better on this side. Feel the difference. I want the same thing on the other side. I'm back in. So you have to really think of right Sitz bone connected to your left inner thigh. Ready. Go up, up, up.

Better get that arm all the way back. Now take a little bit of a right side then there, cause you're arching over. Good. And then come back and into the center. Nice. And up and around to your left. Last one. We met our match. Told your sits bones together. Nice. I'm all the way in. Hands here.

And monkey stretch. This is your one little break. Pull your ribs up off your thighs. Step off to the side. Advanced Tendon stretch to come off. We're bringing this up. Same rings. This is gonna turn, so don't sit. Just going to stand. Alrighty. Sync your heels a time. CBET head down, round up through the back and you're ready and go out and scoop up.

Lift your hips towards the ceiling. Lift, lift, lift, lift. Good job. That time. Pull your sitz bones together as he lift. Push the foot bar away. Lift, lift. Keep pushing the foot bar away. One more time. That's the trick is to push the foot bar away and try to get your nose to your knees. Ready? Push that foot far away. Nose to the knees.

Keep pulling in. Good job and step off. Ooh. Okay. That's all right. Good. Let's do hang up your loops and stomach short spine massage. So head rest comes down my down. We're going to skip semicircle. You're welcome. Put your feet into those short loops.

[inaudible] yeah, put your kitchen cut back over here in level three students. Yes. Alright, now lift your hips up and put them in there. No cheating. Yeah, arms down by your side. Get your button down. That's it. These are going to come right inside the knees. Press your arms down. Now keep looking at your knees. If your head's going backwards, so's your lower back. Okay, so press straight out. Lift your hips up by reaching into your legs.

Wrap the seat through the Golden Triangle. We turn the carriage all the way in. Keep your hips still. As you lower your knees down. Get the nice stretch. Good. Keep your heels still. Point your toes and roll your hips down. One bone at a time. Melting into the mat. Heels.

Come in and stretch straight out. Lift your hips up and over. Reach. Very good. Wrap that seat stronger. Knees come in and roll down one vertebra at a time. Those knees in a little closer. That's it. And pull your heels to your seat. Only one more. That's all you got. And lift up and overreach. Reach, reach, press through your arms. Good lowering down. Keep your knees right there as you roll away.

Nice. Pull your heels to your seat. Take them off. Step off to the side. Hang them up. You can step off to the side and we'll do chest expansion. So kneeling on your carriage with your feet, Dorsey flexed over the end. Yep. Just like that. And grab your, um, the hardware at the end of the strap. Good. Yup. Right there. Now separate your feet, hip distance and really hold on. So back up a little bit more. Good job.

So you're really holding on with your feet there. Wrap your shoulders to your back and pull straight back and hold. Stretch your arms down. Turn your head to the right to the left, back to center, and exhale, grow taller to come back in and get your ribs to your bed. Inhale down and back. Inhale, turn your head left, right center forward. Pull your ribs to your back. Two more. Inhale down, go taller and sent her whole back and back to center.

And we never want to say we're holding our breath, but you're letting the breath grow. So make the breath lift you. Okay? Expand you and press straight down and back hole. Make that breath grow. Turn left, right center. Exhale, grow taller to go home. Good. All right, I'm going to add another spring. Bring your knees forward onto the shoulder blocks just for safety. Go through here. Stickler for that. Yeah, if you've ever lost a client into the springs, you will do that too.

All right, so keep your ribs into your back. The first one is no arch. Okay? Curl your chin towards your chest, the feet apart, and just hinge back at your knees. Lean back. Lean your shoulders for the back wall. Keep leaning, keep leaning. Keep lean and get those quads to stretch. Now arms go up and come all the way up.

We are going to do an art cause you need to work on that a little bit. Okay, so keep your ribs in your back. Curl your chin to your chest and hinge back. Feel where my hands are right between your bra strap. Okay, lift this up. Now let your shoulders roll back over my hands. Let your neck roll back over my hands. Let your head roll back over my hands. Hold.

Curl your head back in Kroger neck earlier shoulders and come right back up. That was beautiful. We'll try it again. Whoa. Okay, you ready? So curl your chin to chest, hinge back. Keep those arms just a little higher. Fine. Where my hand is. It's your bra strap. Let your chest go. Let your ribs come up. Let your shoulders come up. Let your head come up, back, back, back.

Now head comes back up. Shoulders, come back up, funnel your ribs and lift up tall. Nice job. Hang them up. Step off to the side for forward knees. So why bring kneel facing this way? Grab the long loops. Okay, so again, this is if you're going to lose, you're going to lose a client. It'll be in this one. I have lost a client in this one, so all right, so shoulders down and stretch your arms straight ahead. Look here, hold. Grow Taller and taller and taller and then return. Grow Taller.

So find those ribs in there in hell. Grow up, up, up, up, up. Now send energy down through your knees and up through the crown of your head and opposition. Keep your eyes open and in how up. Exhale, knees down. Head Up. Good circles, arms come forward. On the inhale. Exhale, circle. Lift your spine with your arms. So use them as leverage. Arms up now press into your arms to lift your spine up. Good.

One more. Press into your arms to lift your spine. Okay, here we go. Other way, ready up now. Arms come down. Press in to lift your spine. Good. Up and down. One more time.

Reach in and look for right ahead. Yes. Hang them up. Okay. This is so unfair. That sneaking twists comes now, but it does still come up. And we're going to take the red spring and put the red spring on. K. I want to take the blue strength off. Now we're going to set up snake and twist the way I like to set it up, which is picky. So standing here, left hand, comes onto the shoulder block, right hand comes on the carriage.

Hold it right there. Push down into your arms and get the lift from here. Good. So using that as opposition. Yeah. All right, so outside foot comes up onto the, to the foot bar. Straight on the foot bar. Good. Now get that lift again. Push down into your hands and lift the bottom leg up. Forward and through, and lift your hips up. Get those hips up.

Now you there abs. Pull in. Ready. Keep pushing through your arms. I'm going to let this go. You're gonna hold it. Good. Straighten your leg now. I gotcha. Alrighty. Go out halfway. Hold it still. Lower your hips down. Snake your head through as you inhouse head comes up and through and back, and then pull the carriage. And you can do that one more time. Yes.

Pull your abs in. Stretch. Squeeze your sits bones lift. Lengthen your spine. Push down into your hands to lift your hips up. Now can you do twist right away? Lower down and turn and look over your back side are lifted straight back up. Squeeze your inner thighs. Use the Golden Triangle and then step down.

You don't bowl. Nice job while the other side. Those are not easy. They always come at the end too. Never changes. All right though. Right hand on the shoulder block left-hand there. So that side was your challenging side. This side is easier. All right, so let me change this. Bringing your left foot there.

Yeah, push down. Get the roundedness. Get that round. Come back down. Come back down. So you're having a hard time cause you're not getting that round first. So did you get your, get your weight right over your wrists there. Now push down into your arms. Use this as leverage to lift you up and up. Boom.

Yes. Get those hips up there. Better around your back. You Ready? Hold it in. I'm going to let go and Alrighty and go down. Hold it still snake through. Pull your abs up and through, and then pull the kerogen rounding through here. That's it. And press out snake through. Try to square your hips off. Pull your sitz bones together. Come up. And Brandon, last one. You're gonna twist. Ready down and twist.

Look over here and lift your hips right back up and bring that in and step off. Oh, Yay. Um, lie on down and let's t put two outside springs on there and we'll do corkscrew. Okay. All right. Okay, let's go down, out over their hands onto the silver pigs. Lengthen your legs to the ceiling. All right, now lengthen the back of your neck. Look forward here. Good.

Glue your thighs together. Find Your Golden Triangle. Really important inner thighs. Sitz bones pulled together. Now first we're gonna go down and up through the center, up and over. Hold. Lift your legs up a little. Now roll down through the center of your spine.

Pull into this side a little more. Circle your legs right to left. Roll up the left side of your spine. Bring your feet right into the middle and roll down the left side of your spine like the Keel of a boat. Circle your legs all the way to the right. Roll up the right side of your spine. Keep it in there. Pull your sitz bones together. Roll down the right side.

Come back and into the center. Roll up through the center. Lift your legs up and roll down through the center. Elbows pinch the rails. Good. Bend your knees. You only have to do one of those. Bend your knees. Put your long loops on your feet for a long spine. Massage. What arms down next to your sides.

Knees open just a bit and press out. Lift up and into the straps to come up. Lift. Lift your hips up right there. Stay there. Separate your feet. Reach your feet to me, but pull your hips away from me. Wrap your seat. Pull your inner thighs together. Come down and around and up again. Wrap your shoulders to your back. Good. Separate your feet. Push your feet away.

Feed away. Feed away. Feed away. Good. Together and up. Last one and separate. Bring them back together. Open and come up right up. Good. Weed your thighs together. Press straight down. Nice job. Separate and come up. Inhale. Exhale. Push your heels away.

Go ahead. One more until around and up. Inhale and exhale. Push those heels away. Lift your head. Rest, frog and legs. Circles. Yay. We made it. Then your knees, knees outside the ropes and just frog out from your seat through your feet and resist and come in. So imagine I'm pulling on you. Pull in, pull your heels to your seat and press out. Now pull. Pull with your seat. Yes. You want to find that an inhale out. So Golden Triangle sucks your legs back in.

[inaudible] yeah, one more. And pull in job stretch street out circles. Up and out and down and around and through. So reach from the backs of your thighs out, down and around. Good. Reach from the backs of your thighs and length and into my hands.

Reverse that down. Stretch out and around. Keep laying thing in the back of your neck end. So look down at your toes. Yeah, and around. Wrap your shoulders. Get your arms flat. Last one and around. Take off those loops. Step off to the side for knee stretch series. All the way up. Foot bars going to come up. Kneel on your carriage round first. Rounding and press out and scoop it out and scoop out and all the way in and scoop and scoop. Yeah, right to their no farther.

Lift this up into my hands there. Bring your knees to your shoulder, to your wrists. Get them in their knees to your wrist. Oh, that's the hard part. Two more. Yes. And one more flat back. Keep it here and go out. Same thing needs to your wrists sword right here. This doesn't move. So extend a little bit more. Good. Flat out and scoop. Touch in big cheater there and goop.

One more. Here comes the hard part. Come all the way in. Knees off round. Come forward a little bit and go out. Scoop around here. More up, up, around. Round off me, around, off me. Yes. Round off me, Lamar, and sit down. Step off to the side and four springs for running all the way down. Feet in parallel. Okay. And press out and hold it.

Sink your right heel. Lift your left. Now this leg disconnects, right? So we're going to try to really roll that in. Find your sits bones on your right side and lift up and switch and lift and switch and switch and flip. Good. So knowing how long. Good. Three. Wrap your seat together. Look down at your nose.

Yes, two and one come all the way in for pelvic lift heels into the corners. Now I want you to think of lifting your sitz bones straight to your heels. They're not curling up towards the ceiling. They're going into your heels. Yes, yes. Now hold that there. Pull your sits bones together. Stretch straight out. They don't move. Go all the way out and pull back in. Sits bones to your heels. [inaudible] oh, it's stretch straight out on the inhale.

Connect your inner thighs and pull your sitz bones in. Then out through there and out. Pull back in one more time. Really lengthen out through both sides of your waist. Send your sits bones to your heels to come in. Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, and roll down.

Step off to the side for balance control for months. All right, so we're going to move this out. One for balance. Control the hands on the shoulder blocks seat right here. Okay. And our plank position. Glue your thighs together. Lower your hips, down to a plank. Shoulders right over your wrists. Nice. All right, so the first part, I just want you to press the carriage out with your hands. Press out, um, scoop back in you. Okay? You're scared. No, no. Yeah, sure. I'll, I'll be right here. You're ready but down. Good. Now just push your arms out. Just a tiny bit. Had to, he like steel arms stepped down.

Well, we're going to take like a little bit off of there so you can push it out a little bit and we might bring him down a little bit. We'll see. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Drop your butt. That's it. Press out. Keep this down and scoop back in. Max it now lift your right leg, press out. No, this doesn't come up to lift and come back in.

So hold the carriage still. You Ready? Lower the right foot down. Lift the left foot up. Curl to sender and lower down. Curl the sender. Lower down. [inaudible] lower town. Left foot up. Lower town, right foot up. There you go. Now just push the carriage out. And don't lift your legs. Curl your calendar.

Push it out and come back down. Woo. That was good. So just something for you to work on, right. Alright, so let's do this doc. And you ready? [inaudible] balance. Control.

Ready? Okay. Press the camera out. Hold it. Now let your butt come underneath you. Pull the carriage and underneath you. Yes. Push it out. Pull it in underneath you. This time as you push it out, lift your right leg up and lower back down. Let your butt come back. Yes. Push the carriage out. Curl your tail under.

Lift your left leg and come back down. Push the carriage out, right leg and back down. Wrap your shoulders. Very good. Left leg last one and come back down and step off. Oh, those are not easy. [inaudible] okay, so side splits. Yup. Four. It's still sure. Okay, so, um, we're just gonna use the be brave and stand on the carriage right in the middle. Take your right foot up onto the black map and bend this right knee and he'll tell it all the way out. Good.

[inaudible] all right. Lengthen up and arms come out to a big t. Now hold that. Imagine you're pressing down and into your arms. There's a shelf right there you're holding on. To right here, press out and hold. Hold two, three, pull up and in and hold two, three. Great. Press out and hold. Two, three, pull up and in and hold two, three. One more time. Press out and hold two, three. Pull up an n and hold two, three. Now let's just do one little silly thing, twist and turn towards me. Keep your pelvis facing front.

Good. Just to challenge that again and come back and into the center. Good. Bend your right knee. Shimmy this foot back and into the center and turn. Bring that both feet onto the carriage turn. Face this way, left foot up there, right foot here. Same thing. Arms Come Out, lift your arches a little bit more. That's it. And press out and hold.

Push down and into that imaginary shelf and come up and in and hold. Press down and out. Now draw your inner thighs together. Use the golden triangle to pull up. One more time. Imagine you're pulling your heels to your seat. Now heels to the seat. Up, up, up, up, up. Stay there and twist that good. Keep your pelvis squared off. That's it. Come back and into the center.

Step onto the carriage and step off. Okay, let's do front splits. So foot bar comes all the way up. Puts your black man into the headrest and keep those same springs. Good. Stand in the carriage. Hands up on here. Okay. Right foot comes up onto the uh, foot bar and Shimmy your left foot back.

Cheater, cheater. Take your ankle right up against the shoulder block. It'll help no walk at this foot forward a little bit. No hopping either. Okay, you ready? Everything's squares off there. Everything is rounded. Head in and press out through the back leg length in through here. No. Lengthen through the front. Try to square your hips off here. Keep your head in there and look down and pull back in when your right knee left leg wants to stay at the beach. Square off. Good. This time, lift your heel. You're gonna do hands off. Lift your gaze.

ABS in and up. Arms come out to the side, but one look straight ahead. Press out through the back leg with ty on here. Out now out through the front leg. Now think of bringing your heel to your seat to come in heel to the seat to come in. Good arms come up. Nice. Bring your hands down. Kneel down onto carriage for lunges. Feet up against the shoulder blocks.

Good. Get that heel right there around lunch. So rounded Procell through the back leg. Wants to stay at the beach. Stay back there, stretch this out. Good and come back in, pulling through here. Square your hips, pull your sits bones together and again, press out with the back leg.

Really get that stretch and that with the front and pull in, resisting with the back. Come all the way in. Look up. Lift your chest. Hands here. Now keep your hands here. Sorry my hand is there. Lift your chest up now. Teeny tiny ticks out in, in, out, in, in, out, in, out, in one more. Hold it. Push your knee into my hand. Lift your left arm up. Turn. Look over your right shoulder and bring your left hip forward.

Big Stretch. But take that hand down. Step off and go the other side. So stand on your carriage. Left foot comes up onto the foot bar, heel toe this back ankle. Press up against the shoulder. Black first one is low. Get the ball of your foot there around back and press out and press out through the front leg stretch. So this is the one we have to really work to square.

Keep coming forward again and bend this knee. Come in [inaudible] now lift your heel, lift your gaze, draw your abs up and in. Look up the wall as you bring your arms up. I'm saying an up and press out through the back leg out through the front. I don't think of pulling your heel to your seat to come back in heel to the seat. Heel to the seat. Heel to the seat. One more time out. Press south or that back leg. Yes. Heel to the seat to come back in.

Lift up taller. Heel up. Up, up, up. Arms. Come up. Dive down and through me comes down. Yeah. Foot up against the shoulder block. Round lunch. Try to screw this up. Yep. Push out through the back leg. Keep going. We shot with the front and pull in with the front. Resist the stays at the beach. Resist. Resist, resist. Push through your heel. Good. One more. Press out through the back.

Good out with the front end. Lift your heel to your seat to come in. Try to square this hip hop. Yep. All the way in. All the way and all the way in. All the way in. Lift up tall. Push your knee into my hand. A little tiny to keep your hands there. Lift your chest up. Little tiny ticks. Right leg goes out one. And to push this into my hand in opposition. Yes, it's a killer. Hold it right there. Right arm comes up. Bring your right hip.

Forward. Turn. Look over your left shoulder. Nice. All right, we're in the hand down. Step off to the side. You up for one more split. We're gonna do Russians. Okay, so standing in the center, hands on the shoulder blocks. All right. Right foot comes up. Caddy corner here. Turning out. Really get that there and step your left foot into the hinge of the head.

Rest right there. Bring it over to the left a little bit. There you go. Now push the carriage out. Left knee Benz to a lunch. Keeps stretching into this leg. Square your hip up as much as you can. Inner thighs pull together, sits bones, pulled together, had down. Kick the carriage out with your left foot. Pull it right back in.

Underneath you. Kick it out with your left foot. Keep resisting with this and back underneath you. Hold it there. Pushed through your right leg, stamped down into your left foot. Lift your gaze. Come all the way up. Good arms. Go out to the side, kick the carriage out with your left foot. Bring it back in.

Kick it out. Square this hip up a little more. They hair. One more time. Hold it stamped down and into that foot. Arms come up all the way back down to the head. Wrath to the shoulder blocks. Good. Now step your left heel up into the hinge. So all the way up holding it. Still straighten the leg. Lift your hips.

Head down. Pull the carriage in. It goes down and press out inner thighs. Scissor together. Pull your sits bones together. Yes. So think of the golden last one. Good. And had end turn and listened to your ear. Listen to this knee. God looked forward.

Step your forward foot back onto carriage. This foot comes down. Switch your feet good and follow the foot into the hinge of the headrest. Get it to the right a little bit more. That's it. And want it right underneath your sitz bone. Bend the knee and push the carriage out. Keep your head in.

Stretch through your left leg. Keep pressing through here. Kick the carriage out with your right foot and pull it back in out with your right foot. Scoop and pulling. You're nice and square and it looks great. Hold it. Push through this leg, stamp into your right foot. Lift your gaze slowly come up, arms out to the side. Kick the carriage out with your right foot. Square this hip up more there.

One more time. Good. Nice. When your arms up, dive down, grab your shoulder blocks. Heel goes up into the hinge. Straighten the leg and lift your hips towards the ceiling. And Lift and press out. Keep your head in there and lift your hips to the ceiling to come in and square this off a little more. That's it. One more time out. Nice job. Come all the way in.

Listen to your knee with the opposite ear. Take that foot back into the center of your carriage and step off to the side. Four springs on there. Put Your Black Mat away. Okay, so how was that? We are going to work on your individual needs now. Okay. So Sabrina, what I noticed during your session was that you need a little bit more stability on one side. One of your thighs does not like to turn out.

So we're gonna work on a little bit of a pelvic stability along with some external rotation there. And then we'll do some thoracic opening. So I'm going to take this as just the rollback bar spring and I want to attach it here. So hold one hand here. You're going to take your outside foot and just put it through here and it's going to go right up to right below your knee. Okay. And take a step out. So there's tension on the, on the spring. Great. So see underneath yours, your hips so your hips are not that wide.

Take a little bit of this stuff out with your left foot. And now to step your right foot in a little bit more, a little bit more, a little bit more this way are okay. All right. So keeping your hands on your hips hinge at your hips first. Yep. So bring your butt back and then bend your knees. And what we're looking for is that you don't push the spring away with your right knee. Okay? Now Curl your tail under.

Lift your chest and look straight ahead. Bring your hands to prayer. Okay, so holding that, pull your left knee out to the side. Hold the, keep your big toe ball mount on the floor. Good. So your outer thigh pulls away. Think of pulling from your glutes to externally rotate. Hold two, three. So remember the Golden Triangle. I want you to think of pulling that right.

Your left sits bone to the right, sitz bone more the whole two, three and release. Good. And hold two, three and release one more time. Hold two, three and release and come all the way up. Do you feel that? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So the left foot stays where it is. Step your right foot back into a split squat.

And I want you to really stretch cause your right hip flexor is pretty tight as well. So try to get this leg to be as straight as possible. Good. Lifting up as tall as you can. Curl your tail under. And again, you're gonna pull the left knee out and keep the hips squared off. There you go. Pull the left knee out. Think of pulling your left Sitz bone toward the right sitz bone, Moore and release. Pull it out. Release.

Trying to keep the big toe ball mount on the floor so you're only using the outer thigh and not disturbing that alignment. One more. God, how's that feel? Good. Good. Hold it now. Step forward. Turn and face that way. So now it's the inside knee. Same thing. I'm going to squat back. So hands to your hips. Hinge your hips back, squat down. Curl your tail under and bring your hands to prayer. Now pull the knee in towards the other knee.

Squeeze your inner thighs together and back out. So the right inner thigh can't move. Has to stay still. All right, so it's just the left this day. Still left. Pulls in. So inner thigh pulls into inner thigh. You still use them? The Golden Triangle. They're going to pull your ribs to your back. Three more. Pull the inner thighs together. Wow. And two more. Right?

And you stay still. One more. Hold that. Take your right foot back into a split squat. Good. Hold that. And again, pull it in. So again, think of thinking you're pulling your inner thighs together, your sitz bones glue together. Lift your chest up, stretch back through the right heel. That's it. Pull it in. You feel that activation of the inner thigh, a good am step all the way up. And let's switch feet. So take them that one off and you're just going to switch your feet and we'll start facing that way.

Just goes right in there. Just below your knee. Take a step out. Feet, hip distance. A little bit more of a step out. Yeah, there you go. And hands to your hips hinge. Remember you can't push the spring away. Hinge your hips back. Nope. You're pushing the spring away, Huh? Yeah. So this knee doesn't like to be stayed on underneath the hips.

So this is your icky side. You're not smart side. So hinge at your hips again. Hinge. Now Bend your knees. Good. Get them back. You feel that curl your tail under. That's better. Lift your chest up and bring your hands to prayer. And pressure. Right knee away. Hold two, three. So this has to square off.

Pull your sits bones together. So see how that just screwed up your whole alignment in your body. Take your body back this way. There you go. Yeah. Paul polling. Hold two, three. Go down a little bit more.

Good. Pulling. Hold two, three. I'm saying hold on, hold two, three. All right. Take a step back with your left foot. Split Squat. Try to really stretch the left leg straight. Same thing. Pull your right sitz bone to your left. Sitz bone and return right. Sitz bones hill. Left sitz bone bones harder on this side, isn't it?

That and return. [inaudible] good activating right out here. Keep this just your right knee and return. That's better. There you go. Now you got it right here. Good. Nice. One more. That's the side you need to work on. Step in and turn around and face this way. So now it's the inside leg.

It's not gonna like this one either. No hands here. Hands your hips back. Bend your knees and good. Bring your hands here. Pull the knee in towards the center line. So inner thighs pull together. Your right inner thigh specifically pulls to your left inner thigh. Try to keep the left inner thigh still button so we're gonna try to keep this still. Wow. That's better.

Oh, that's hard for you, Huh? Three more. Woo. Keep that left in her thighs. Still Brian and her thigh pollster left. Two and one split-squat left foot comes back. Good. Lifting up, pulling everything in and then listening a little more.

There you go. Pull it into the center. So it'll be a little bit easier here cause the other leg doesn't want to do everything. [inaudible] Nice. One more time. Hauling in hold two, three and step all the way in. Take that off. Good job. And we'll come over and work on and just let that go. Sitting right here. Feet up against the Poles. Let's do mermaid first.

So turn and face that way. And we're going to come into a course. I took the spring away, didn't I? Um, we're gonna come into a, um, z position with your feet. Okay. So this knee faces that way. This knee faces in. So bringing this like out here, like that.

[inaudible] move out to the side a little bit more. Take your left hand here. Now your right arm comes out. So your job is to keep everything squared off and to sit into this hip until I tell you a lifted. Okay, so pull this down by squeezing your tiny power circle underneath here. Good. Now I'll go down and through and bring this arm over. Keep this hip down in opposition room.

Stay in now from your right hip. Pull back down to come up. Good resisting with your right hip. Pull down and come up and over. Resist with the right hip. Keep this squared off. Now pull with the right hip to come down.

Very good. And over this time you're going all the way through. So down. Let the hip come off. Bring it all the way out. Now take your right hand to the bar. Separate your left hand out. Stretch. Now really reach around. Get that stretch. Good again, you're going to pull with the right hip. Keep your arms straight, turn your head center and come up there. So don't untwist or coming straight up. Lifting, lifting, lifting. Good. Draw your ads in. Press straight, back out again. That should feel good. It should be a nice stretch.

Left-Hand comes into the center of the Bar, right arm. Love your ear. Sink your right hip to come back up. Good. Turn around and go the other way. Oh right there. Arm comes out and left hip stays.

So this is the one that likes to curl and under and press out. Pull this power. Circle down. Yes, come all the way over. Keep pulling this down and opposition. Stretch your arm out. Get that district there. Now sink your hip to come back up. Lift up, up, up. Do it again.

Squeeze the power circle right here and over. Stretch your left arm. Pull down through here to come up there. All right, do it again. Squeeze your power circle. Go all the way down. Let the hip come off now. Stretch long. Reach into it. Stretch. Curl your tail under. Take your left hand to the bar. Separate your right reach even further out.

Lengthen both sides of your waist long. [inaudible]. Keep your arms straight. Lift your head up and stretch the sides harder to do. Lift up even more if he can. That's it. Go all the way out. Right hand into the center of the bar. Left arm above your ear. Well, with your left hip to come up, but this time I want you to bring that arm.

This is going to stretch way up and just lean into it and grab here. Good. I'll stretch this. Good. That's your feel good, Huh? Yeah. And then let that go. All right, turn and face last thing. Turn and face your rail. Feed up against the vertical poles. I going to do a traditional ending. Okay, so slide your hips forward. Bending your knees, my onto your back. Good.

Let your head go. Now look down your nose. Keep your head in alignment shoulder set into your back ribs funnel. Stretch straight out into a long plank position. Head stays even with your spine. Lengthen. Hold it here. Now I'm going to put my hand underneath your bra strap. Let your ribs go.

Let your shoulders go. Let your neck go. Let your head go and I'm going to support you. Are Beautiful. Wrap your shoulders to your back. Now head comes back, net comes back, shoulders and fled. Bend your knees. Good. Do it one more time up now and get that over. Then your knees deep, deep, deep, deep, deep.

And come right back up. Head comes in and come down and lie down and I can take this. Bring your knees into your chest. Rock side to side. Step off to the side. Bring your arms up and over your head. Good heels together.

Turn and face this way. Glue your heels together. [inaudible] now, palms face forward. Arms Straight. Put your fingers together. [inaudible] precision. Head down through your arms. Arms. Follow your ears as you ruled down. Keep your hips and underneath you. Good and hold it there. Bend your knees a little bit out to the side. Curl your tail under arms.

Stay next to your ears. As you slowly roll up, stretching that lower back. Arms come above you. Lift up high on your toes. Balance. Keep your ribs in your back, arms come down and there you go.

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Cannot wait to do this and sooo happy:)))))
That ending tower set looks like it feels so great! Have to do that myself later today...
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What is a golden triangle?
Hi Shoshana...and anyone else wondering what I referring to when I cued "The Golden Triangle":
There will be a tutorial posted soon where I teach Sabrina how to access her Golden Triangle and just what it is. However, to put it in a nutshell: it is the connection between the inner thighs, sitz bones, and the lower belly. Also known as The Three Anchors of the Pelvis: Inner thighs activate and draw in together, sitz bones activate (not a butt clench:) and pull in together, left inner thigh and left sitz bone pulls together, right inner thigh and right sitz bone pulls together, that is the basement that then draws up and into the lower belly to connect with the scoop (which I taught last year as The Diamond in the Belly).

Thanks for watching! Look for the tutorial and my new mat class soon!
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I enjoyed your video, especially the verbal and hands-on cueing. Nice job, Connie!
Paola Maruca
I enjoyed it very much, especially the fact Connie is working with a regular student in this class and not a teacher (although we, as teachers, are and always be students as well ))))).
Sabrina, wow, great job!!!!!!
Thanks Connie for the explanation this was a awesome class, cueing, touching was all great!
The Golden Triangle tutorial shall be revealed on May 24th.
Thanks Connie!
Can't wait to see the tutorial, Kristi! And Paola, thanks! Connie's teaching is phenomenal.
Connie, you were my instructor for my Peak certification! I really enjoyed this video and love your precision and imagery.
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