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Take ownership of your Mat work with this progressive series of classes by Benjamin Degenhardt. In this progression, Benjamin decodes the traditional Mat work so you can better understand the relationship between different exercises. These sequences will help take your home practice to the next level as you begin to master these concepts from beginning to end.
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Aug 25, 2015
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Hi, my name is Benjamin Degenhardt. Um, I'm here to share a series of progressive workouts that hopefully help to decode, um, the traditional work, the traditional networks specifically, um, for a new practitioner or somebody who maybe is just new to the traditional exercise. The way that Joe's applied is intended them. I wanted to create a series that helps practitioners understand the carry over between different exercises as well as have a sequence from beginning to end to lead them through the work that might be different than going just by the book and in order of the original exercises, but rather create several workouts that break down the concepts that are part of the map work and help them to understand how to take ownership of their workout as well as establish a practice that people can do at home. So I hope that for review the viewer, this will be really a, a companion to your own practice at home. A big part of this series is also to take the same practitioners through a progression of skills so that we see the same people practice the exercises several times, um, in, in order to understand that there's always different manifestations of a movement challenge on different bodies. To me personally, it's never really about the finished product or the way that an exercise should look. Um, it's quite honestly probably never going to look perfect anyway. Uh, we're always on a spectrum of starting to learn a skill and then accomplishing it at last and over the course of these progressive classes, hopefully we will see that the body starts to learn and adapt to these new skills very fast. My main motivation in my work is really to bring them at work to the home practitioner. That's what it was intended for.

Joseph [inaudible] created his manual of 34 exercises so that people can practice this work at home because he understood that just coming to your studio sessions three times a week even would not be enough to offset our sedentary lifestyles. So having a home practice and practicing the map exercises at home would really compliment that and give people a tool to maintain their physical health, their fitness, um, as well as just give their bodies the amount of movement that they deserve and need, um, that our everyday life doesn't give us any more. So the way I would love for you to use these classes is to really go in the progressive order and, um, try to master the skills of one before proceeding to the next. Um, so that you can really feel the difference in, um, layering skill on top of something that's already accomplished. One of the things that I hope will happen today is that, um, we will see that there's an effortlessness to progressing to the last levels where there's less mental effort on trying to figure out the movement, but rather than just trusting your own body, because you've created a body memory, a muscle memory of how to perform certain tasks, which then ultimately should translate into your everyday life as well, so that your body continuously makes good decisions when you move.


Susan B
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Thank you for doing this series !!! As an older adult who takes 2 or 3 mat classes per week at my local studio, I would like to add to that by doing mat work at home. So this series will be very helpful !!
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I live in a semi rural area where there aren't a lot of studios. I practice primarily on my own 4-5 times per week in my home studio. I'm looking forward to watching this series as a way to stay motivated and inspired, which I do need every now and then, so thank you!
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Really lovely description of each movement. How to lift the head correctly was extremely useful.
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Provide the movement we "deserve"....what a lovely philosophy!

I have taken in a lot it!!

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