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If you are new to Pilates, then Alan Herdman's Beginner Progression is the perfect start to your practice. He encourages you to take it slowly so you can focus on what you need for your body. Pilates is a lifetime commitment, and this program will ensure that you understand the work.
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Sep 09, 2015
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Hello, I'm Alan Herdman and what we are doing today is we're doing a series of classes to introduce the new client. Two to plot is when you're beginning plot is you need to just take it very slowly. Don't think about rules, think about what you feel, what you need for your body, what do you want to do and don't worry that it doesn't work straight away. Just keep going at it. Just keep practicing. One of my favorite things is to take new people and to slowly introduce them into how [inaudible] works and how it'll help their bodies and how it's Ma. It's a lifetime commitment and what I've done with these four classes is try to put four classes together that slowly shows people how to work, which will gradually get more difficult, but you don't have to think, you have to follow the progression.

Quite often you stay a class one for quite a long time, and the good thing about class one is that it can be done at home and it can be part of their homework and gradually you pop go through to the more difficult ones, but always if necessary, going back to the first or second class, just to remind them how they have to think about their bodies. I hope you enjoy this. I found it's very successful with my clients in London and they come back and back.


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what a chance for me to work with you and listen all your experiences, my dear master :)
Thank you! I can't wait for the other classes...only wish it was in print! Great work!
Gregory D
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thanks Teacher
keep up the Pilates spirit!!!
Alan you are my Guru......thank you so much for such wonderful classes. Wish there were more.

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