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Find a new perspective of Teaser in this informative tutorial with Dana Santi. She shows how you can find your "Magic Teaser Position" by starting seated as Joseph Pilates did in Return to Life. This will help you feel the movement in your body because it won't always look exactly like the picture.
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Dec 06, 2015
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Hi, my name is Dana Santi. And today we're going to go through a tutorial on the teaser. A, what I'd like to do is kind of change, um, everybody's outlook on how the teaser should be presented, but how we think about it when we're doing our work. A lot of times we get to that part in the mat and we go, oh, the teaser. And we don't want to go, oh, the teaser, because we've already set ourselves up for not the best teaser we could be doing. So today I'm gonna Start Amy from sitting instead of lying down.

And this I, I've had a lot of success with it, with all types of clients. Um, I refer back to Joe's, returned to Lifebook, and he did start at sitting and it just kind of, there's a way that we can make sense of it and everybody gets the work that they personally need out of it. So we start sitting, her arms are nice and strong. Okay. Her legs are long. And what I want you to do is take the foot position, stays where it is, but I want you to try to, we're going to focus on reaching through your heels. So we're going to get her to reach through the back of the legs. I'm going to roll her back to about where her hipbones are going to go up towards the ceiling. So it's pretty, it's a lot lower than you think.

All right, this is reaching back this way. Okay. Even the inner thighs are reaching up, but now we've got to get the backs of the legs to reach out. So take the heels and now just try to reach them towards that window in front of you and just lengthen them out and try it again and bring it back down. And one more time. And she reaches, so by reaching through the back of the leg, her legs are just lifting and it doesn't have to be that the quad that lifts the leg, it's actually there. They're begging you to be lifted. So we can't go into the teaser going, I got to lift my legs. Okay, roll back again. Hipbones up towards the ceiling. Strong arms. Okay. She keeps pulling this back.

Now squeeze a little bit here, right? Yep. Just to give your inner thighs a little love. And now lengthen through the heels. Hold it, reach a more. Pull those abs back more. Reach the legs more. Reach a more reach and more. And then come back home.

Not Easy. It's not easy at all. And now we're going to roll back again. Keep reaching the legs. Keep reaching them. Now from here, we know we're going to have to lift them at some point. So I'm going to take one leg at a time and I'm going to have her reach this leg up higher than you think. Higher than you think.

Now reach through this heel. As that leg is up there, reach more. Reach more. Now push into my fingers right here, there, and then bring it back down. Now the other leg lifted up. Okay. So now as she's here, she's going to reach, push into my finger here on your heel. Push into it. Yes. And the hip changes and then come back home. Great. You're with me sister. Alright. And now let's try it again.

Okay. Roll back. Hipbones up now. Stay there. Okay, I'm letting go now. Keep pulling back. Lift this leg now. Stay there. Okay, now push into my finger here. Come on. Yeah, there you go. Bring it back. And now this leg up, I'm going to turn you in a little bit and now push through the fee. Yes, there. Now we're out at, Yep. Push more. Come on that tips a little stingy. Yep.

And then come back. Okay, so we got her lifting her legs. We've got her understanding that the length has to come a lot of times from the back. Now we have to do with the arms. So she's going to roll back. You can leave your legs down, but I want you to keep reaching. Okay? From here, reach the arms back towards your ears, almost behind them. And then bring them back here and two and bring it back. Go ahead three and bring it back. Come on, you got it for, and bring it back. Keep going. Five and then come back up.

Okay. See again, I know there's a lot of work. There's a lot of work to this teaser. Good question. Yes. Does it have something to do with the long spine that I have it? It's not necessarily the long spine as much as it is trying to disconnect the leg from the hip and the glute. Okay. Does that make sense? Yeah. Okay. Yeah, I know. Nope. Sorry.

[inaudible] and a rollback stay there. Kay. Reached through the backs of the legs. Just keep reaching. That shouldn't be an issue. Now focus here. Go with your arms one and down. Don't change anything. Two good girl. And three and four.

Do One more and five and then come back home? Yes. Okay, so now we're going to go and find Amy's magic teaser spot. Okay. Where should she work? The teaser from the teaser. Always gonna be that picture that we see. Okay. In 'em, if you go look in in Joe's book, you know a lot of the pictures out there, they're this v and he's almost in a u shape. Okay?

And you can see the reach that comes from under his hips. He liked to call it a rump. That word doesn't flow out of my mouth ever. Okay, so now we're gonna roll her back. Let's say about here and I'm going to do this and I kind of know she's gonna fail a little bit and I'm being mean, but I want you guys to see.

So now she's going to reach those legs high up to the ceiling. Okay. And what I don't want, and that wasn't even that bad. Is anything in this low back to move. Okay. She reaches the legs high. Now she's here, reached, pushed to push into my fingers here. Okay, that rounded you up a little bit down there. Now go ahead. Reach her upper body. Don't be afraid to reach up towards your toes.

Just keep those abs pulled in and keep this u shape right here and then come back down. Okay? Try it again and roll back. Roll back. Okay, now let's try there. See what happens. I don't care and rollback. Okay, so little bit. You could feel that right? She went, she just tends to little bit straight. Okay, so going gonna we're going to go back a little further now. We got her down, we got her safe. Okay. Nobody's going to hurt themselves and she's gonna reach through the backs of the legs to lift her legs up high. Don't even worry about your upper body yet. Hi there. Okay, so now read your fingers up towards your toes.

Keep going, keep going. Keep going. Hold it there. Okay, so that's a better spot for Amy to do her teaser from, okay, now she can lower that down a bit. Now push into my fingers and push your legs down. Reach them down, reach them down, reach them down, reach them down. Then she sucks everything in and she rolls back up. Okay, now last and final. Okay, we're gonna roll back and as you roll back, lift your legs into your teaser and if you end up rolling back far, I don't care. Rollback. Lift the legs at the same time there. Okay, now lower down a little and come back up and lower down a little and come back up. [inaudible] and lower down. Yeah, come back up. Up, up.

Okay, now suck those abs in. Suck them in. Push through my fingers here. Push him. Push him and now come with yourself. Come with yourself there, there, there, there, there, and then release. And that my friends is the teaser. I, I hope you have, uh, a little bit of a new perspective on it and, and maybe practice it a little bit. Um, try it in your classes, see if it makes a difference from being seated. But what did you think harder? Um, I was having to focus so much more on moving into the teaser rather than making the owl the external shape of teaser. Correct.

And your hands were helping guide that, but it was, uh, it was more about feeling it than making it. Yes. So, and that's a good thing. And everybody has to explore their own work while doing the while doing the teaser because everybody's back is not the same. Everybody's hips are not the same. Um, and you're just doing your best to get the best shape that you can. Thank you. You're welcome.

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7 people like this.
"More about feeling it than making it". Absolutely. A very hard working tutorial.
2 people like this.
This tutorial was very helpful for me. Thank you!!
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I loved how she took the pressure off by not focusing on the "look" of the teaser but more on the feeling. Pointing out not everyones teaser will look the same is also helpful in freeing the mind.
3 people like this.
Interesting....so the spine is more in flexion than in extension. Joe's pic always confused me - his back is def flexed and shoulders appear protracted a bit. Helpful to be reminded that the Teaser should come from the back of the body, as well as the front. thank you to Dana, Amy and of course PA! rockon
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Excellent. Love working the teaser from seated position. And, it's really working for my students. Now, how about some help with my "favorite" exercise, the NECK PULL!!! Thanks Dana
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Thanks Dana for this great and helpful tutorial! I tried it with my students and they were surprised!! It works perfect.
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This experience with Dana was incredible, very physically challenging for me (a spine that doesn't flex as easily as I'd like it to) and clear. Joe is in flexion----he's not hinging at his hips to 'make the shape'...he's yielded his spine into the bow shape that can see in photos. It's definitely coming from inside the body, not an exterior shape. Wait until her new Mat classes come up....oh boy...talk about abs! :) Thank you Dana...see you soon!
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I'm so happy you all enjoyed and that your clients are having success! If you watch Amy's feet in the video (and this will come up in that mat class, Amy spoke of) take a peek at them. They are stretched pretty far forward. If we lighten up on that stretch and bring the toes a little bit more towards the ceiling, that will help initiate more movement from the back body. That foot placement could be a whole lesson of its own. ??Keep up the good work!
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Thank you!!!! This Tutorial was great!! Helpful!!!
Jamie H
2 people like this.
Great tutorial! Feeling it can be the hardest thing to master.
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