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Workshop #2522

Fascia and Davis' Law

2 hr 15 min - Workshop


Join Dr. Robert Schleip in his workshop that looks at the different types of bodies and how they differ in their training needs. He discusses each layer of lumbar fascia and how each one responds to different kinds of loading. He also offers tests to discover which body type your client has which will help you design exercises for them.


- Learn the differences between the anatomical and functional definitions of fascia

- Learn how fascia therapy can be used to help with pain in some people

- Learn how to assess body types and then what exercises are most beneficial

What You'll Need: No props needed

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May 13, 2016
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Hello, I'm Robert Fly. I'm, I'm proud and happy to present to you this new lecture on Fascia and Davis Law. It will have three parts. The first is the summary of the latest insi...

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Thanks Mr. Schleip :) You're great!
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Are there any handouts that went with this workshop? It seems that at the very end when Robert was adding up the points, he also added that you have to take gender and age into consideration but we did not get to see how you do that? So is there anything to download the slides he used for the workshop?
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Lynn ~ We don't have a handout for this workshop, but we can see if Robert has anything he would like us to attach.
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Does this workshop give Credits for PMA?.
Does this workshop give credits for PMA?
Sara ~ Unfortunately this workshop does not include CECs with the PMA. You can find a list of all of our workshops with CECs here. I hope this helps!
Very clear and refreshing! Thank you!

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