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Fascia Science Principles

2 hr - Workshop


Join Dr. Robert Schleip in his workshop, Fascia Science Based Principles For Movement Educators where he will connect movement and bodywork principles with science. You will first look at a basic understanding of fascia research, then you will go deeper by looking at how to work with hypermobile bodies. Dr. Schleip also explains that you should train the fascia in addition to the muscles so you can improve the way your body moves. These principles can all be applied when you are taking the Mat class in the last chapter.


- Learn about overuse sports injuries and how they are related to connective tissue rather than muscle

- Look at the Beighton test for hypermobility

- Learn ways to work with hypermobility that will help prevent pain in the joints

- Learn about rebuilding the fascial architecture

What You'll Need: No props needed

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Jun 20, 2014
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Hi I still haven't work out the method how to view any of your videos...
Kuan ~ I'm sorry you were having trouble with this video. I have sent you an email with information that will help you.
Ann S
I have purchased this workshop. Why can't I get into this workshop again???
Ann S
OOPS sorry ...I see that this is a different workshop than the March mistake
What a wonderful workshop. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. Dr. Schleip's clear style and enthusiasm makes for a very intriguing lecture and I hope to see more of the same soon. Thank you PA. I am, as always, so thankful for you sharing this.
Are there any CEU's available for watching these workshops?
Jessica ~ this particular workshop does not offer CECs. You can find our CEC workshops here.
Yeong Cheol C
wonderful method. thank you.
Does this count as CECs?? If so how many?
Jessica ~ This particular workshop does not have CECs. Here is a list of all of our workshops with CECs. Each of them have 3 credits. I hope this helps!
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