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Shoulder Girdle Placement

15 min - Tutorial


Learn about the placement of your shoulder girdle in this tutorial with Clare Dunphy. After you have found your rib cage placement, your body needs to adjust your shoulders so that they are not behind your pelvis. She starts with mobilizing upper body and the moves onto strengthening it.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Baby Arc

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Jun 12, 2016
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Hi, I'm Claire Dunphy Hamani and welcome back to this tutorial, which is all about shoulder girdle placement and the head and neck placement. So in the last tutorial about the rib cage...

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Appreciate your clear insight into the rib cage, shoulder girdle placement. Such an important aspect of the work. Thank you for demonstating the Cadillac variations; springs and baby arc.
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Thanks, Clare and Amy, for another insightful tutorial.
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Thank you! Great tutorial to help me find my new normal and soften my strong lordotic lower back and open ribcage.
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Great part of your series....love this! thank you
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What if it wasn't comfortable to lay over the barrel?
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Hello Elizabeth, If it wasn't comfortable to lay over the barrel, try a smaller barrel and/or pillow the head. If that is too much, then perform the exercises laying flat with a pillow if needed. The position isn't supposed to be "comfortable" necessarily, it just should not be painful. I hope this helps!

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