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Getting Hips Overhead

25 min - Tutorial


You will put together the puzzle pieces that are required for Overhead in this tutorial with Clare Dunphy. She helps Karen discover what her body needs to execute this exercise safely and successfully. By working on exercises like Short Spine Stretch and Airplane, Karen will learn how to initiate the movement from the correct place.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Reformer

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May 01, 2016
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Hi, I'm Claire Dunphy Hemani and today's tutorial is to hopefully help you and help Karen here meet Karen, lift the hips correctly, so as to not hurt the back. And Karen shared with me...


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Thanks Clare. Loved the way you dissected your student's movement pattern and the selection of exercises to help strengthen the areas needed. I had forgotten about the airplane board since we don't have one. May purchase one now.
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Very informative! Is the airplane board a classical piece of equipment? Where can one find one? I had not heard of one before, nor seen it in action. Thank you Clare, and Pulates Anytime, for another great tutorial, as well as demonstrating the use of a piece of equipment some might not be aware of.
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Thank you very much, Clare, absolutely wonderful tutorial, I see this problem very often. Loving your classes.
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I learn something new everyday. Thank you Clare for this lovely tutorial. I really enjoyed it.
The airplane board is a classical piece of equipment and can be purchased through Gratz. Here's the link: http://www.pilates-gratz.com/collections /accessories/products/airplane-board

Good Luck! Clare
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Great tutorial! Big thanks! :)
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Fantastic tutorial I def learned a few things. Thank you so much! :)))
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I love behind-the-scenes moments like these where we get to see problem solving between student and teacher. When everything goes right, we don't get the benefit of deepening our knowledge about this beautiful movement system or our bodies. Kudos, Clare, for such amazing teaching and thank you for allowing Karen the opportunity to share what she learned.
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Awesome tutorial. Thank you!
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Romana teachers are often surprising jb
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