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The following classic footage of Joseph Pilates working on camera with Eve Gentry is of course special in its own right, not only as a record in the vault of Pilates history, but as a window to the relationship of two revered teachers. We are doubly thrilled, however, to share this with you at this time. That is because what has until now always been a silent film, we republish here with an authentic accompanying audio commentary of Eve Gentry herself.

The recording was made separately long after the original film was shot. Eve can be heard viewing the film reel as it rolls 30 years later at a workshop she gave at St. Francis Medical Hospital. Through the brilliant ingenuity of Pilates Anytime chief editor, Jeff Mizushima, the original footage combined with the later audio brings together these two precious archival items, and two revered teachers, in a manner never before available to the Pilates community. We offer our special thanks to Michele Larsson, who has graciously shared access to these materials which she received personally from Eve. Also, we tip our hats to Jeff for his inspired editorial work allowing us this unique glimpse into the legacy of Joseph Pilates.
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Sep 26, 2016
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There's the high barrel. Yeah. Wonderful. Oh, this was such fun. Without him in the way I would've gone up to a hand stand and stood there. And this I have, I have one of these at home. They're joints. Yes, they're joints. These, I rarely use them because very few people can tolerate that much pull.

But it's wonderful for centralizing the cervicals. Yes. I have a new one and it's very, it's too tight, you know. I have an old one

and I have a new one and the new one is too tight. So it takes time to get them a little bit more pliable. But you see that as another example of Joe's straight thinking, the simplicity of that Magic Circle and you could do dozens of things with it that are very helpful and really useful. Yeah. This is difficult to come up. It really takes a lot of abdominals and the coordination. This, I had this one in my studio and now, and this is like the one Joe gave me to work on at home after my mastectomy. This is.

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Priceless! Thank you!
Paola Maruca
What a gift, thank you Michele Larsson and PA family!
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Another incredible piece of history......and to hear her voice.....Thank You!!!
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Love love love! Thank you!
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Thanks to all that made this come to life.
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Behind the scenes info: When we were working on getting the Pilates Legacy ready for the launch (October 2013), the whole team was involved (about 12 people at the time). We had over 40 videos "in the can" filmed the month before, were researching, asking for rights and permission, reviewing transcripts and audio records, interviewing, editing, etc... Jeff and I sat in a dark room (so he could edit and I could quickly review) for a month (3-4 days a week). One day near the end of that month (when I was near true exhaustion), he took off his headphones and said "What do you think about this?" I was speechless (unless you count the expression of tears) and so grateful. This was Jeff's idea and skill and a wonderful surprise to me. Thank you Jeff.
Wow.....just to explain that "Pilates" is not just breath, but hard work for "hard people" ;)
I would love to hear from anyone who was at that workshop in 1988. I know some of our members/teachers were.
Just amazing!
This video brought tears to my eyes. I was at the workshop at St. Francis and met Eve Gentry for the first time. It was also my first class with Eve and her amazing work. Thank you Kristi for keeping the flame alive!
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