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Learn how to set up your Tye4® in this quick tutorial with Marika Molnar. She introduces this resistance assistance device, sharing how and why it was created. She demonstrates how it is used in her Bone Up workout, and she tells us the other uses for it as well.
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Nov 01, 2016
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Very happy to introduce this particular apparatus is called the tie for. It was invented by Joan bribe art at the Physical Mind Institute. And it's a wonderful, uh, resistance assistance device. It has arm and leg bungees that are usually com tied together and you unstrap them. And as you can see, it's almost like a backpack and you put them on and then you would just the arm and the leg bungee. So I'm going to ask Amy to come and assist me in this demonstration so that it's clear to our audience how you put this on. Thank you, Amy.

And over. Good. Good. And now what we, because all of these straps are adjustable, Amy can pull this strap and adjust it so that it goes up higher. And that's it. There you go. Good. And now the other side right here. Good. And this way it attaches together in the front.

I'll make this a little looser for you. Okay. Okay. And then we can hook it into these little, um, hooks so that it's not flopping. And now usually, um, if it's yours and you're keeping it, you cut it so that it's exactly to your measurements. Um, and now Amy, if you'll just hold the arm, the arms, arm bungees have double loops. That's kind of how you know, that's the arm. Okay. There's two loops and the leg bungees just have one.

And what I like to use these for my bone up classes and I have my, um, students change the length depending on what we're doing. But once you're set, it's pretty easy to um, put on. So here you see, you have this little clip, you pinch it and you pull it and that shortens the Bungee and you have these double little gadgets and that just pulls up so that the end is in flailing. And now you'll see if you pull the leg bungees, you can pull them side to side. It moves through. Would you mind turning so that they could see in the back, it goes through these double loops. Good turn around. You can put your foot supports on and you just, there. There are many, many ways that we wrap these bungees and there's thousands of exercises.

So the, the ones that I'm showing you are very minimal to the variety of exercises that we have. Um, so, so look out for more things. And same thing with the arm bungees. Again, here is a way to shorten or lengthen them. And this I think works for you because in particular the class we're doing, we either hold them in front and stretch them out or we double-crossed them behind. So when you turn around and you crisscross them, you see how the bungee comes around your lower rib cage and then when you pull on them, you not only have little more resistance, but you have the support and it gives you more stability for your rib cage. Good. And so basically I like to put them on the hand versus the thumb like you did only because I do a lot of work with my thumbs and I'm always afraid my thumb ligaments are going to get stretched out if I hook them onto my thumb.

So that would be one thing that I would have. You always change. Okay. So this is one of the major ways we use it for the bone up class, but we use, uh, the tie for in many other types of classes. As a matter of fact, one of its most popular uses is with the dance community taking it on tour because it folds up easily and they can do all kinds of activities with it. That gives them a similar type of resistance and assistance as does the reformer. The springs give you a certain kind of resistance.

And if you don't use springs, you don't have resistance. But sometimes that's harder in certain exercises. And the same thing for these bungees. And we do a lot of work with, um, Po, uh, professional dancers recovering from different injuries and many, many others. Um, you can pretty much use it anywhere. I mean, I have seen an entire [inaudible] mat class done with the Thai four in it. I've seen people use it on the Cadillac, on the reformer. Um, I would say feel free to try it out and do different things and definitely go on the website because the physical mind website has hundreds of videos from people showing the different ways that they've used it.

They've used it in yoga classes, they've used it in bootcamp classes. So it all depends on, on what you want to do, and you have a wonderful tool to work with.

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Fabulous tool I have been using in Florida with clients in group classes of 10 or 1 on 1 easy to travel with teacher training.
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Tye4 has given me so much movement freedom and I'm actually stronger now after using it at age 38 than I was as a collegiate athlete at 18 years old.
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I've been teaching a Barre and mat class using the Tye 4 for several years now and the response is great. Just as the springs on the reformer can be resistive and assistive so are the bungees. It's an amazing product, beyond thera bands, tubing, weights, unique.

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