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Tye4® Set Up

5 min - Tutorial


Learn how to set up your Tye4® in this quick tutorial with Marika Molnar. She introduces this resistance assistance device, sharing how and why it was created. She demonstrates how it is used in her Bone Up workout, and she tells us the other uses for it as well.
What You'll Need: Tye4®

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Nov 01, 2016
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Fabulous tool I have been using in Florida with clients in group classes of 10 or 1 on 1 easy to travel with teacher training.
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Tye4 has given me so much movement freedom and I'm actually stronger now after using it at age 38 than I was as a collegiate athlete at 18 years old.
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I've been teaching a Barre and mat class using the Tye 4 for several years now and the response is great. Just as the springs on the reformer can be resistive and assistive so are the bungees. It's an amazing product, beyond thera bands, tubing, weights, unique.

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