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Learn about the Parasetter® in this quick tutorial by Marika Molnar. She explains why she created it and what the original function was, and she shares a few of the ways it is typically used. She also shows how to set up the different pieces that come with it so you can use it at home.
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Nov 07, 2016
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This is the Paris center. This product was invented as a way to allow dancers to lie on rollers without hurting their spine is processes as well as to teach them how they could breathe better into their back ribs and learn how to use the three dimensionality that the, that the whole trunk affords through the rib cage. And I actually invented this, um, over a period of years and it's gone through many transitions, but this is the present product and I'm very happy with it. It comes with two uh, supports. One is a head support, uh, used under the occiput, sometimes under the neck for some dancers and other people who have very straight spines. They like to have this support under the cervical spine, but mainly it's placed under the occiput so that it gives the neck a nice a long feeling.

And it im in particular for, uh, clients if they have clients who may have a little bit too much of a forward head, it helps them to lie back on it without straining their cervical muscles. And then it also comes with this lovely rib wrap that's placed around the lower third of the rib cage in, in uh, an attempt to get the person to feel that three dimensionality of the breathing cycle. So I'm just going to ask Amy to come over here and demonstrate to us how to put it on and lie down on it. So she's going to lie down and really trying fit her spine is processed in that center channel and adjust the head support for her comfort and then just hold both ends of the rib rep and the end that has the velcro is the second end to close. And as she exhales, the ribs come in and she just lays it down and then she feels the comfort of this three dimensional envelopment. So as she inhales into the back ribs, of course the front ribs move as well because the ribcage moves in this lovely, um, three dimensional conscious breathing star that we work with on the Paris center. How does that feeling? Great.

And Amy had mentioned this earlier, but I forgot to bring it up. Originally when we first started using the Paris center, it was a basic tool for recovery. In other words, the dancers would come off the stage and lie down on it and just do the deep breathing in order to get parasympathetic nervous system to come and start to rest the whole body. Because after a day, a long day of activity and performances, the sympathetic nervous system is very revved and it takes the dancers a long time to calm down and then be able to go to sleep early enough and wake up, you know, within 10, 12 hours the next day. So the parasympathetic nervous system really gets a little bit of help by doing the deep breathing, by lying on these two convicts, rollers with the center channel floating the spine so that the segmental muscles on either side are really allowed to relax. And I think you noticed it yourself when you first went on it, how relaxing it is to just breathe on the Paris center. So it can be used as a recovery tool. And then it can also be used as, as you'll see, and you've seen as a really good way to work the stabilizers of the spine.

And the exercises that, um, we're showing, uh, are, are just a small variety of what you can do with it. And hopefully you'll give it a try and we'll do more another time.

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I wish I had a Parasetter back when I was a young dancer. I use it now with my competitive Gymnasts and my young dancers at the end of our Pilates sessions to relax and re center.
I was on one for the first time tonight. I love it!! Thank you.
Our clients love Parasetter Class and I do too for ME TIME! Easy to travel with!
Maggie L
It's not so east to travel with when one is flying somewhere. . . any suggestions or ideas?

Besides trying to create something with rolled towels
Hi Maggie, I usually slice the parasetter about 7/8 of the way through the middle so I can fold it in half and it is still attached once I take it out of my suitcase-
Maggie L
Oh - Marika Molnar interesting. Where do you slice it? I'm not clear on your description. Could you take a photo? My email is maggie@maggiespa.com. They are too expensive for me to mess it up! Thanks so much for your quick reply, it's much appreciated.
Hello, Marika,
thank you for your videos. I´ve bought the parasetter this week. It was impossible to buy it in EU (Slovakia), my friend will send it from Wyoming, but I am looking forward to practice it.
Marika, I am not good in English and I am not pilates teacher as well.
Please, what it is : Paris center?
Thank you. Viera
Really like the look of this Marika and would love to try one -  but they are not easy to buy in the UK - all the websites say out of stock. 
I love the Parasetter, I offer classes at my studio. The clients enjoy using it.

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