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Body Activation Series

20 min - Tutorial


Activate the back chain of your body with this quick series by Tom McCook. The glutes, mid-back, and lats can be weak and hard to access because we sit too much. These simple movements will help you find these muscles so you can keep your body balanced and your posture strong.
What You'll Need: Wall, Magic Circle

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Dec 23, 2016
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Hi, I'm Tom McCook. I'm here at Pilates Anytime with Erin, and today we're gonna teach you a short tutorial on body activation, specifically the back chain of the body. From too much sitting in our cu...

The Teacher's Corner - Playlist 1: How I Teach


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very useful. Thank you!
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Oooooohhhh, yes!!!! Thank you so much, very helpful!!!!!
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Hi Tom! Very good program - I'l add it to my "Pauseübungen" at school :)! Merry X-Mas??
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Excellent, thank you for sharing. Full of information and extremely useful .
Thank you for your sound advice. It's good to be able to feel the action of each muscle. The stretches felt so good!
Thank you! So much good information! Simple, but sooooo good!
Loved this. Feels so good, even with my curent pain and limited movement. Don't want to overdo so I'll wait till tomorrow to do it again.
Thanks Tom, that was 20 mins packed full of useful info, some great moves for body awareness, to help clients understand where muscles are and feel what they are meant to do
Love this tutorial. I have a couple of questions: on the exercises against the wall, if the person cannot keep the head against it because of the posture, would be helpful to put a pillow/something to reduce that gap? And in the shoulder stretch if I keep my arm straight I mostly feel the nerves (maybe also because I have cervical stenosis), in the moment I bend a little the elbow, I don't feel anymore the nerves stretch, my question is: better keep a slightly bend in the elbow? Thank you.
This a great body awareness video not only for clients but also for myself. Even though I do about 3 hours a week Pilates you don't realise how immobile your desk job makes you. So thank you
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