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Side Lying Series

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Learn how the pelvis relates to the Side Lying Series in this tutorial with Tom McCook. He helps you understand the function of the pelvis and how it moves in relationship to the legs during functional and dynamic movements. This knowledge will help us self-cue better as well as strengthen our side bodies more efficiently.
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Nov 13, 2016
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Hi, I'm Tom McCook and I'm back here at [inaudible] anytime with Christy Cooper and I'm super psyched to be here again. And um, this particular class is a lesson on the pelvis and how it relates to th...


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Hi Tom that was great thanks....can you do another similar tutorial about relationship between scapula rotation and humerus movement please?
That was really fantastic. I got so much out of that tutorial, thanks for all of the insights!
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Hi Tom. Really enjoyed this video. Your teaching style is clear and understandable. The visuals really helped. In deep gratitude.
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I love your tutorials ! Excellent ! Thank you !
Amazing tutorial thank you
WHAT. WAS. THAT. This showed me weaknesses I never knew I had and totally is going to change my hips! Thank you Tom, you're a genius!
Really great visual tutorial thanks. Very useful cues around the obliques and also loved the stretches at the end:)
Thank you Tom! Great visuals! Is there a reason in Pilates we keep the over 90 angle at the knee? I would like to see more functional movement like this it’s so helpful! I’ve watched all your videos. Thanks again!
At around 8:30 minutes in, when they pick up the wheels and Tom McCook  says "the illia is the whole pelvic half" doesn't that also include the ischium and the pubic bone on the side you're working with? Any comments are appreciated.
Hi Maggie, Yes each pelvic half includes the ilia, ischia (sitbone) and the pubis on each side. For the image of the wheels, I was referring to the pelvic half as the ilia without labeling all of the points for brevity. Thanks for checking in and all the best!!

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