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Bow and Arrow

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Continuing on the theme of Turning of the Back, Diane Severino teaches how you can use this concept in a different upper body exercise. She teaches the "Bow and Arrow," showing how your torso changes the direction of your body. In addition to demonstrating the movement with and without springs, she also explains common mistakes that change your alignment that you can watch out for.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box)

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May 07, 2017
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Great. Okay. So continuing on the theme of the spiral or the turning of the back is another lovely exercise. Oh, all my exercises are lovely. But uh, uh, it involves the straps and I call it bow and arrow. Carefully and gracefully. Put your legs here. If you wakes can fit, you can cross them, you know? Alright. It's a hand in each draft. If you can't fit you just, but these are nice and wine. Nice machine. There you go. All right, so just to recap what we did before, without using the equipment, you hands will be parallel to one another.

Now I never really cue shoulder height. That doesn't let me get into these lads. I like the image of my middle finger in line with my armpit, which is right beneath my shoulder. That's my chest. That's my shoulder. I like it there. Alright, so with a nice clean hand. Now is she sitting? You're pulling up. You can squeeze the book.

[inaudible] pretend I have my hands in the straps. Nice. Straight wrist. It's remember it's the torso that's going to change the direction of the body, bringing it back. It's the torso that returns it. It's the change of the spine and a spiral right there. That's a workout. You add the spring more tension. It's a blue spring if you use a red, but I don't know blue works for me. Cha See that?

See that look, I'm trying to go even further. Now, this one I have with the elbow in line like we would blow in Arrow, but again, it's in line with my arm pit. Not a pie down or I'm going to take it with the straps. All right, let's get an a good starting position. Ankle bones, toe joints, insides of the knees together, and the torso and I would return it. You must pull up, up, up. So you have room to do that tour. So spiral lift to reach her, it lift to twist. Now you want to watch too as somehow when, when I see a lot of students doing as they bring this back, this arm wants to cross over, keep these arms equal distance from each other so this doesn't drift off of your armpit, okay? From the top and inhale and exhale and twist c right?

Doesn't that arm want to drift a little bit? That straight arm? Yes. And twist. Now when I uh, started this movement, and sometimes I'll do it too, I got it from, it was an infomercial, Chuck Norris and he was doing a thing with Christie Brinkley and he was just trying it on the machine and yes, and his elbow is low. Okay, so you could actually do it this way. Here you see my palm up and again, where is my head?

My head follows this mine. Here's me pulling behind me, but I'm still motivating it from my torso and the Chuck Norris isn't bad. Let's do it with the palm. Spacey each other the way initially did it [inaudible] well, twist, Minnesota Thai, this is all upper body twist. Now we're going to go into the hips in the next tutorial. If your ankle bone separate, your hips are going to change. Okay? You don't want that to happen because it's just from here up again, keep your ankle bones touching and we too, that's it's yeah, that don't let your legs erase each other.

They stay in lot out and twist. Keep that arm in front of the yard. Pick fun and lift and hello. Very nice. You did well.

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Another graceful and lovely tutorial! Thanks Diane.
Valya Karcher
Diane, thank you! I enjoy your tutorials more than words can express!
Chuck Norris....watch out.
When can I work with you?? You are awesome!!
Wow! Makes a big difference, I feel the movement at the right place.

Patty Hafen
Great stuff Diane. Thank you.
Leah K
OMG I LOVE HER! Role Model! 

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