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Turn of the Hip

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Continuing on the theme of Turning of the Back, Diane Severino demonstrates how you can use the turn of the hip to motivate the movement. She demonstrates without the straps and then with, so you can get the movement into your body before adding resistance.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box)

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May 14, 2017
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Now we're continuing on this tutorials that are threatened between the churn of the back, but now it's going to be the churn of the hip that's gonna motivate the movement. So again, I'm going to start not with the hands in the straps, which will happen and I have the hand here, the brace and this foot is going to be braced in front of you. That's called the walk. Your hands on the hip, you pulling up trying to keep your cheekbone down. This side is pulled away. It's a square here. You're trying, you're not contracted. This is a flat back and if you put your hand on your hip bone, this hip is going to lift, not only lift, it's going to turn over. Now to get back, it's again the hip that brings you back to square.

It's the hip pushing forward and over and the hip. I'm pointing my finger now so you can see as the hip and it of course is going to stretch your quads too. The more length you have here in the hip flexor and your in your thigh, the more over. See My, my finger just pointed down. That's my Emmy, my hip bone, and now I pull away as I'm coming down. Now we're going to, and you could see that as I lifted the hip, I also pointed the foot and I brought it back to the flex.

We get a little action here and this is actually taken from my work in the modern dance world, the Graham Company, new green techniques specifically where that action happens. Now if you have a big nice second, you can bring your leg and spread it wider. Perfectly fine with me both straps. All right, so now we know we're coming from here, sitting up tall, not too straight, not to Ben. Just right now the hip [inaudible] change is the body.

The hip pulls down as I pull away and up to the ceiling and I'm actually twisting a little bit more towards the back cause I have this range. This bothers you knees, bring your legs close together or don't do this exercise and the hip. It's proud. I remember on the last tutorial I said, you're draping something over there. It's very regal. You pulling around the head follows the spy hip down, pull away, hip up, hip up. And I'm not. Remember the one I did with that flower between my bosom.

The long arms don't change. You Hook. All right, you keep that in the center palm. All the pop point. Twist around. Pull that hip pull as you reach around. Nice Square here. Yeah, and the turn of the back. Oh, you want them people, right?

You know this around, but a lot of people don't. And it's, it's, it's so fantastic for the body. It's working so many parts and we tried one more and see that pull. Lovely. How am I going to get to the other side? Well maybe I'll do that. Alright, so either you set up here and a moderate. This is sometimes called a fourth position.

Right foot is braced in the front on the walk. Spread him. If he can clear your heel, this foot, it doesn't just let it go natural. All right? It can be pointed, both straps, both hands, central line with the sternum, with the Arms Square, plump and point that front foot is the hip lifts. You return the hip and then you can twist around more, but it's not motivated by anything other than the hip. Every chair. And, and keep that arm distance. Don't let your elbows drop down to this day. I do that.

You know what I mean? Pull up, pull up, cheat down, chick off, cheat down and grow up the crown of the head return and must use a nice breath in lats down and keep that center. Try not to tilt off you align rye crown of the head still over the tailbone. No tilting and down. More low belly. There you go. I said that more for me than you. Oh look, I got even that much more twist.

I must be warmed up and twist. Oh yeah. Buddies working good today. Twist. And last one to return to glory. Return. Yeah. What did I do with that slick? I think our broad arou around.

I got one more for Ya.

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Neat! I know this movement on the floor but had never thought about using the reformer. Love Diane!
Love this!!
Christie K
Diane you are a pleasure to watch and learn from. You've got that zest!
I love these tutorials Diane! Your commentary and instruction is both insightful and entertaining. Thank you!
You are perfect Diane!!😍 Lucille- Brazil
Thank you Diane, love all of your work!
Thank you for sharing DIana

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