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Turning of the Back

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Learn how to initiate movement from your torso in this quick tutorial with Diane Severino. She breaks down an exercise you already know, but gives it a "Diane Spin" so that you can work on rotating in your waist rather than using your arms. This is a great concept to learn as you will be able to use it in many other movements.
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Apr 30, 2017
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Hi, I'm Diane Severino and I'm going to doing a series of about four tutorials on two specific areas, the turning of the back and the churning of the hip to specific things. In one exercise I'll be showing you, we're going to be combining the two and they're all familiar exercises, but they're ones that I think you'll enjoy. Me giving it the Diane Spin. Without further ado, we're going to be working on one blue spring can be done on a red, but let's try and just clean up the technique. Now on this churning of the back of pulling with straps, I'm going to do it without the straps to begin with. Yeah, the torso, the torso is the one the park that motivates this movement. It's the torso.

The hips remain stationary and this is to give you more range of motion plus the strength when we add our hands in the strap. So it's a torsos that's going to be moving. So if we put our hands like you're a little teapot pulling up as tall as you can remember, the more you can pull up out of the waste, the more space or room you'll have in your torso, so we're twisting you, seeing how far you can go, and then you lift to come center and twist away and center and twist. Nothing's happening except my stomach being pulled in from below my waist. Yeah. All right. That's the action of the movement.

Somehow when the hands get put in the straps, the arms want to take over. This is just an isometric arm movement. The arms do not start the movement. This change of the back, the spiral is what inspires it. Right? I've been experimenting. I've used back strap, front strap.

Now this year I'm using both hands in the strap at the same time. All right. Remember we just did it without using the straps. Now you're sitting not too close. Not too far. Both hands. I have one palm over the other to stop me from gripping. Okay.

Not me. Everybody. I see that I haven't taught grip, so it's palm over palm. Let's do that without the straps and the torso changes that look elegant. It's very subtle. It's very regal. It's very pulled up and I can feel my whole spine and my lats just held on the bat like that series and a segment tutorial I did with where your arms are held. That'll come in handy with this. Okay, so get it. Not too close, not too far, just right, so both hands, both straps, palms to the floor.

Now I'm trying initially for the setup to get as far twisted. Now this will depend on your range of motion to that back roller. I pull up and my waistline. Now I'm trying to get to the right foot rest corner and then I return it back. How am I doing it?

Because my torso is changing its direction and back and I'm thinking of the ribs changing and the ribs returning. You grow. I look nice. You know what? I got to prep because I saw this. I could see to you. I saw this. What? Why? What's wrong with that? I got prep and let me show you again.

You just moved your arms. See the sternum is in the center of your body. Hold on. Here's my prep. This is the center of your body. This is my sternum.

My arms are not going to come in front of my sternum or my flower. So here's the setup. C. Yeah. Now as I turn, I can turn only as far as my torso allows and then I return it. Nice. Big Inhale and return. See what I mean? Doesn't that look different than this?

No. Again, back roller. No. I have quite a good range there because I've been doing this right for so many years. There it is. Twist. I'll turn around so you get that other side gracefully pod in my back. And you know what? When you turn around, we remember which leg you had forward. I had my right leg leading I, I'm a righty. So usually do. When I turned around, I'm going to put the other foot in front, not too far.

Pulling up both straps, palm over, Palm, palm down. Get that glorious lift. I'm looking at that back roller. You know what point your toes. It's free and the torso. Watch that. See them wrinkles in my leotard. That's what you want to see other that rib cages twisting and now the opposite rib cage is coming forward and you expand the lungs and let the air out look at down the shoulders.

Our arms are into bent and they're not too straight. You're pulling and that tension and the straps just giving you a little more work. And I can almost feel like I have a Nice Cape or a nice, uh, what do you call it? Yeah, Cape. It's almost like a bullfighter. The torsos leading it. The arms follow this, something held over that arm.

It's very regal lift to turn the head just follows the spine. Here's my head moving it. That's going to motivate it from your head. No, the head just follows where the torso is. Remember the neck is part of the spine. Feel those lats pull down as you twist around, pointed toes, pointed those and pull. Oh yeah.

That'll whittle your waistline right there and left. Turn and pull. Higher and breast and center. Can you feel that? Feel that, feel that spiraling. Oh Wow. And around that really takes muscle to do only a waist exercise, not an arm. Oh, hey, Jaco twist.

That'll change so many different movements. We are going to explore this a little further. I'm going to lose my prop. Oh No. To Christy Cooper.

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Alexandra L
1 person likes this.
I Love you Diane thank you
2 people like this.
So love Diane Severino videos! You make my day brighter, and my Pilates practice better. Thank you.
"Expanding the lung to initiate the rotation" as made a noteworthy improvement, of the turning action coming from within the core, in all of my students. More effortless, less mechanical torque.
I love the way she teaches, and she makes me SMILE
Tanya E
Diane, you make my heart smile! I love your practical cueing interlaced with irresistible humor. I always come away from one of your videos with at least one good juicy cue and something equally funny to pass along to my classes/clients, thank you!!!
Me encanta su metodología para enseñar, sus apoyos externos dan una clara visión de lo que esta enseñando. Excelente!!!!
2 people like this.
I want to grow up to be Diane. Wonderful!
The "Diane-Show" - what a great series! You are brilliant, fun and so good in cuing! It definitely sticks in my mind! Thank you!
Valya Karcher
Diane, you are a wonderful gift! Thank you for all you do!
I love the "Diane spin"! Thank you!
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