Tutorial #3002

Turning of the Back

10 min - Tutorial


Learn how to initiate movement from your torso in this quick tutorial with Diane Severino. She breaks down an exercise you already know, but gives it a "Diane Spin" so that you can work on rotating in your waist rather than using your arms. This is a great concept to learn as you will be able to use it in many other movements.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box)

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Apr 30, 2017
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Hi, I'm Diane Severino and I'm going to doing a series of about four tutorials on two specific areas, the turning of the back and the churning of the hip to specific things. In one exercise I'll be sh...

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I Love you Diane thank you
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So love Diane Severino videos! You make my day brighter, and my Pilates practice better. Thank you.
"Expanding the lung to initiate the rotation" as made a noteworthy improvement, of the turning action coming from within the core, in all of my students. More effortless, less mechanical torque.
I love the way she teaches, and she makes me SMILE
Diane, you make my heart smile! I love your practical cueing interlaced with irresistible humor. I always come away from one of your videos with at least one good juicy cue and something equally funny to pass along to my classes/clients, thank you!!!
Me encanta su metodología para enseñar, sus apoyos externos dan una clara visión de lo que esta enseñando. Excelente!!!!
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I want to grow up to be Diane. Wonderful!
The "Diane-Show" - what a great series! You are brilliant, fun and so good in cuing! It definitely sticks in my mind! Thank you!
Diane, you are a wonderful gift! Thank you for all you do!
I love the "Diane spin"! Thank you!
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