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Summer Fling Challenge

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Welcome to the Summer Fling Challenge! In this challenge, you can expect a lot of variety and fun. Amy Havens invites you to think outside the box and to open your heart and mind so you can see where your Pilates practice can go. Get ready to have a great time!
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Jun 21, 2017
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[inaudible]. Hi everyone. I'm Amy and I want to thank you very much for joining me for my 10 class Valadez Mat work challenge. Welcome. What you can expect out of this challenge is a lot of variety, a lot of fun, and things to be just a little bit different in each class, and I've done that intentionally. So each class has its own separate, unique theme or concept or idea. All right, and that I had done that to encourage us to think outside the box just a little bit. Some classes have props, some classes don't have props, so move a little bit quicker to push you some move a little bit slower to push you and challenge you. I think you'll all feel wonderful at the end. I will feel wonderful at the end. Along the way.

Please make sure to leave comments for me. Questions. I'm very excited to talk to you throughout this challenge. Lastly, have an open mind, an open heart, and get ready to have so much fun and work hard. Thank you for joining me and I'm ready to get started.

The Summer Fling Challenge: with Amy Havens


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I'm ready! Let's do this 😀☀️
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Very excited for this Amy! Thanks for doing it! I love using different props and coming at Pilates in new ways, it keeps it all fresh and exciting each time.
Hi Laura and Lori -- great to have you with me! Le's do this!! Enjoy and have fun!! Happy Summer!Laura Lori
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Wow! This is gonna be fun!
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Glad you're joining in Denee !!!
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So excited to start this Amy- I'm going to start right now - thank you for creating this!
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Great Amy Havens ! I love it ! Could you please tell me where I can find your beautiful colored prop you used to illustrate the breathing ? Thanks ! Ludi
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Thank you Helen and Lugdivine---- I got this 'ball' at a toy store here in Santa Barbra. I think you can find them online also. search for 'tensegrity ball' and see what you come up with!
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Woot woot! I'm ready!
Analia -- wonderful, thank you for joining the challenge! Let's have some fun!
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