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Congratulations on taking the first step and committing to fun and variety! Before you start the Summer Fling Challenge, Amy has outlined a few tips that will set you up properly so you can have a successful challenge. She shares what props you will need and what kind of space and time you will need. She also encourages you to come with an open mind so you can stay present and enjoy each class. Good luck!
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Jun 21, 2017
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Thanks for joining me with this challenge. I want to outline a few of my tips for you that I think will lend you to having an amazing successful challenge and set you up properly. So number one, you can see this whole table. I have here a set of lots of different props. I'm going to just give you a little brief outline on, on each prop. Number one, your mat have a really supportive mat. I do rolling exercises, so you will want to have a fairly cushioned mat if you're okay with a yoga mat.

Feel free. Some people actually love just doing their mat work on the floor or on a towel. I think having more cushion mat is a little bit more fun to work on though. All right, number two, you're going to see here as a weighted bar I use in one of the classes. If you don't have a weighted bar, that's fine.

If you have just a stick a broomstick at home, um, just a dowel of any kind. If you're in your Pilati studio, you could certainly use a dowel from the one to chair split pedal. Uh, anything. Even just a, a towel would work too, but there's something really nice about the weighted bar. So if you can find one, get yourself one of those. I do use hand weights in a couple of the classes. So these are two pounds. I would not suggest going any heavier than three pounds.

We do a little bit on a block. This is for balancing. So if you don't have a yoga block, which this is what this is, you could certainly stand on a book or a stack of books. It's not as safe as standing on a yoga block. So if you can round one of these up, I would encourage you to do so. Or maybe watch the class first and make a decision at home.

Whether or not you have something that's sturdy enough to stand on there. Not that many exercises on it, but it is, it's very purposeful in the class that I have a towel for sweat. You'll gonna need this towel for a couple of the classes for sweat purposes. I do get you moving through these challenges, but also one of the classes you'll be rolling it up and using it as a prop between your knees for alignment purposes wouldn't be a challenge without a [inaudible] ball. So we've got a nice soft squishy ball, great for challenge, great for ab work. As you know, most of you've seen that before, theraband or elastic tubing you could use, but there are band is a little bit better. And that's what I use in my challenge.

And it doesn't have to be really long. This one is probably about two and a half or three feet. But do make sure that you have a healthy band. We've talked about that before. Some their events get dried out and they can snap when you use them. So I would encourage you to get a really healthy new band and get ready for the fun that you're going to have with that. And of course a resistance circle. Uh, you can find one of these anywhere. Your studio, of course, we're probably have these or online.

We're happy to help make suggestions if you have questions about your magic circle. So take a look at all of the props that you'll be using in this challenge. Make sure you have them at the ready. They won't be used in every class. Each class has its own description of which properly be using, but make sure you have them ready so that you don't have to get up from your workout and go get them. My second tip for you for success in this challenge is your location.

Have a designated space just for you to do this challenge. And that could be at home, it could be in your studio, but I would recommend that you have no other distractions around, not your animals, not your children, not your spouse. Just have it between you and I because the classes are brisk, mostly they're 25 to 30 minutes. It's a great opportunity for you to sink into your Mat, challenge your mat practice. So designate your space, define that space and show up in that space to have this class. My third tip for you is to set aside time for the challenge. So again, they're all about 25 to 30 minutes long.

I'm going to suggest that you try to get through two to three classes a week. That's a lot. They're intense, some of these classes. So you may want to start out with two a week and then see if you can pick up a third the following week. But let's make a challenge. Let's see if you can get through all 10 classes in one month. I think you can do that. And my last tip for you, for the success of this challenge is your mindset. Come with an open mind.

So I've created these classes with lots of variety in mind. You probably will do exercises that you haven't done before and that's been an intentional decision on my part. I want you to join in, be in the moment, be ready to work hard. Listen, watch. Try not to turn your head too much. When you're watching though, just listen. Have more of an open mind and be ready to have a lot of fun because if you're not having fun, you probably won't want to come back and repeat anything, right? Anything in life, good luck. Let me know how you're doing along the way.

And lastly, thank you so much for joining me in this class challenge. Let's get started.

The Summer Fling Challenge: with Amy Havens


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Great tips, Amy!! Thank you for taking the time to present this to us. I actually ordered a yoga block, new therabands, & a weighted dowel because I was lacking these in my home studio, anyway. I'm looking very forward to this brisk challenge & to the opportunity for you and me to get moving together. I'm ready to "be in the moment, listen, work hard, and have fun!" Let's do this!!
Thank you Summer, yes, let's do this! Glad you're coming along for the challenge!!
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Thank you for this Amy! I'm excited to start tomorrow (7/1) and have this be my Pilates challenge for July! I really enjoy your classes on PA.
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July 1st = Day one for me! I'm so excited to participate!
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Starting today! Thank you!
So happy you're all here with me!!!
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Thank you Amy- its going to be a fun month-its good to have a focus for my home practise.
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Amy,Amy Havens this challenge came at the most perfect time. I am so ready for this!
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Very excited for the challenge and enjoyed the breathing class. About the props, how much should the bar weigh?
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Welcome Caroline B , Catherine and Nimisha !! I can't wait to hear from you along the way!! The bar I use is 1 lb. :)
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