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Cadillac Jack Knife Series

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Have fun on the Cadillac with this Jack Knife series by Adrianne Crawford. She teaches a combination of powerful exercises that will test your strength and control. This is a great exercise to add to the end of your workout if you are looking for something extra!
What You'll Need: Cadillac

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Jul 13, 2017
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Hi, I'm Adrian and the Cecilia who's going to be demonstrating these very powerful exercises we're going to do, I'm going to have her do a jackknife. She's going to be using these in just a moment, but for Cheryl, she'll start by sitting down and doing her. Jack and I haven't, let's not, just let me explain what you're doing. She'll end up sitting down during a jackknife. She's going to come back up, grab the strap and do a, um, flip over into, you could call it a, so I guess somewhere they call it a titanic, but we call it a forward stretch. And then she didn't come back into a teaser, ended up standing on the ground on the floor doing a stretch and reaching for her toes. So it'll help to actually see what I'm talking about. So let's go ahead and begin. I'm gonna have you move backwards just a little because you want to be able to, when you're doing these, you want to be able to end up back on your seat and have enough room to move backwards towards. Yes, not too. That's perfect actually right where you're at.

Cause in her teaser, she's going to need some space to balance. So that's a good starting position. All right, so beginning into a jack knife legs. We'll go over, she'll do a kick up and then she's going to control it down. It takes a lot of upper body strength. She can come up into her teaser, then she's going to grab her fuzzies. And now this is the challenging part. She's going to lower legs, give her a little bit of a push. Flip over, curl your chin towards your chest, land on the toes. Come up into your forward stretch. Lower the hips, come back, flip back over. Chin to the chest. Lower Tier Hep-c, finishing into a teaser.

So she, lets go, she reaches, she's going to lower her legs to the floor, grab the Barden stand, stretch forward, lift your navel good. And then come to standing. Drop your head, retrieve your ankles and stretch. And that concludes the exercises. Nice job.


Oh that looks fun! I want to try!
Hahah that woman must do aerial fitness too!
Wow! Beautiful. Can't wait to try!!
can this be this routine be possible on the combo tower?
sorry , did't finish my coffee
This was great! I have something to work on.
Looks great but need some technique to get over. My legs and pelvis just fall back down ..
1 person likes this.
This was so much fun! I squealed a bit during my first flip.

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