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Flexion Connection

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Build a better relationship to your abdominals with this tutorial by Karen Sanzo. She shows a few ideal connections that will allow you to feel a deeper flexion connection. She looks at different exercises, working from your neck all the way down your body.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Oct 13, 2017
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Hi, I'm Karen Sanzo. And this is me, and my Amy, on the mat even though this is a reformer. Because we're gonna be doing a couple exercises that address flexion. This is a tutorial, an...


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I loved this tutorial, i loved your latest reformer class (and all the previous ones)... I'm addicted to your energy, Karen!! And to your teaching style. Thanks a lot :)
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Thank you Karen and Amy that was really great! I like the cueing of lengthening the occiput rather than chin to chest, it really did feel as though there was more length in the back of the neck.
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i love the way u teach karen, and the precision of cueing. When I look at teachers like u I happily realize I have a lot more to learn, and incredibly this thrills me a lot instead of scaring me. I would reallly love to get that prepared and skilled. (ps forgive my poor english )
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This was extremely valuable to me as an instructor and a student of Pilates. The cues, both verbal and tactile are something I plan on incorporating in my own practice and teaching. Thank you!
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Hi Karen, so first I want to say that I loved all of this tutorial. I agree we all need to go back to fundamentals to clean up the movements. Having worked with osteopaths I am now far more aware of people's cervical spines. I also use the cue of the occiput, but if a persons neck is already in too much extension, this cue, can create negative issues, namely headaches, jamming at the OA etc. My point is that we need to teach Instructors to look at people's structure first, and then decide what is the best cue. One cue is not good for all bodies.
I loved the reaching into the crown of the head, and the tactile touch of those back ribs. Thanks so much.
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Awesome tutorial Karen, you are incredibly good and clear in teaching and giving verbal and tactil cues! Thank you sooooo much, that was brilliant!
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woo! I'm connected! :D Great tutorial as always Karen.
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Great tutorial on seeing and feeling all of the connections of flexion. All of the tactile cueing very helpful. Thanks for including the push and pull connection to knee stretch. Felt so much more connected to this exercise. Love your videos Karen Sanzo!
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Great tutorial and cues, thanks!
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