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Return to Life

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Learn how you can use Joseph Pilates' words to inspire you and guide you with this quick tutorial by Rachel Taylor Segel. She shares how she teaches contrology from Joesph's words and what she thinks about his book, Return to Life. She explains how you can use this to grow deeper in your understanding of his vision which will help to improve your practice.
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Sep 30, 2017
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Hi, I'm Rachel Taylor Siegel from the [inaudible] center in Boulder, Colorado. And I've been invited to come and talk about, I guess, returned to life and how I teach control ology fro...

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What an inspiring tutorial!
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Perfect way to start my day. Thanks PA for bringing Rachel to the world and thank you Rachel for your inspiration. xo
Thank you everyone! Aren't we so lucky to have Pilates?!!! Rachel
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Wonderful and genuine passion for pilates! yes we are lucky to experience Pilates. thank you
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Grateful for the gift of Pilates, thanks so much for your words of inspiration!
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I'll never forget Rachel Taylor Segel when I was in one of your workshops and you told me how often you read "Return to Life" each year! I love hearing you talk about it. xx~LL
"Every time we transform, the world transforms." Thank you Rachel Taylor Segel !

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