Class #3205

Mat Exploration

45 min - Class


Take ownership of your body with this Mat workout by Rachel Taylor Segel. She encourages you to keep moving without worrying whether you are right, so you can start to trust what your body can do. She also uses the images of creating branches as you breathe so you can explore the possibilities of moving air to different parts of your body.
What You'll Need: Mat, Pilates Pole

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Hi welcome, I'm Rachel Taylor Siegel and we're gonna do an intermediate mat class. I thought we would start already down with knees bent and feet flat, maybe hip-width apart-ish, and b...

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Great class. Gifted teacher. Creative queuing. I love it!
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Rachel, the tree branching image is so wonderful, and allows the breathe to flow movement. I love your true sincerity and passion for movement.
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Wow, wow, wow...thank you for sharing your amazing skill set with us all. Makes me want to fly to Colorado to get some more from you AND your Sister! With gratitude from Vermont
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Loved this class so uplifting!
Thank you everyone! Pilates is all it takes(-: Aren't we luckyđź’• Rachel
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wonderful class
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What an inspiration! Thank you!
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That felt great. I will keep coming back to this one for sure! Thank you!
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feel amazing after this class, the focus on the breath was just lovely. thank you!
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What a wonderful teacher, absolutely loved this class. Humour and encouragement are your tools Rachel
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