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Your Health

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We partnered with Presentation Dynamics to bring you an audio version of Your Health by Joseph Pilates. Watch Kristi's introduction to find out a bit more about the book, and then listen to each chapter of Joseph's book.

Your Health
Originally published in 1934 by Joseph H. Pilates
Republished, updated and edited by Presentation Dynamics LLC
Text Copyright 1998 by Presentation Dynamics
Production Copyright 2017 by Timeshift Media, Inc.
Read by Dominic Keating
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Oct 24, 2017
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Kristi Cooper introduces the book.

Your health was Joseph [inaudible] first book published in 1934 Mr [inaudible] was around 50 years old at the time of publication and had already developed much of his method and equipment. This short book contains his principles and his philosophies which may come across as more of a manifesto or a rant at times as [inaudible] frustration on the public view of health and fitness where strongly critical. This republished version comes from presentation dynamics, who we partnered with on this project. If you'd like a copy of the book, we've included the link in the description section of the video below. The contents of philosophies. Idea in this book reflect early 20th century viewpoints, a lot of which are not politically correct today. However, his core principles and philosophies are still relevant today and probably will be for generations to come.

I hope you'll enjoy this audio presentation of Joseph [inaudible] your health and encourage a healthy conversation about it in the comments below.


[inaudible] any anytime presents your health originally published in 1934 by Joseph H. Polarities republished, updated and edited by presentation dynamics. Read by Dominic Keating forward. All new ideas are revolutionary and when the theory responsible for them is proved through practical application, it requires only time for them to develop and to flourish. Such revolutionary ideas simply cannot be ignored.

They cannot be kept in the background. Time and progress are synonymous terms. Nothing can stop. Either truth will prevail and that is why I know that my teachings will reach the masses and finally be adopted as universal introduction. Perfect balance of body and mind is that quality and civilized man, which not only gives him superiority over the savage and animal kingdom, but furnishes him with all the physical and mental powers that are indispensable for attaining the goal of mankind, health and happiness. The purpose of this booklet is to transmit in a simple form the causes of present day ill health and immoral conditions and the result and defects which prevent the average human being from attaining this physical perfection.

Man's inherited birthright. They all through this booklet, tries to teach the reader in simple words the way to correct our present deplorable system of physical and moral education and to enable each other through a proper understanding of his body to become fit for the daily tasks ahead of him. Joseph, who bets us [inaudible] dedication to the next generation of physicians and the Association of Medical Physical Research by Joseph who betters polarities. I take this means to thank my dear friend Nat Fleischer, a leading American authority of sports and Physical Education for his kind help and suggestions. He has given me added impetus to carry on my work for the betterment of mankind in the construction of corrective apparatus for proper body development. Also, my sincere thanks to William J. Miller

Chapter 1

chapter one, a grave situation daily from sunrise to sunset, the radio and newspapers and magazines broadcast to the world how to maintain health, how to regain health, what to eat, what to drink, and even about what to think. The conflicting information, expressive of the different opinions of these various health authorities has proved to be nothing less than confusion, worst confounded to the millions of radio listeners, readers of newspapers and magazines are so unfortunate as to hear or read the diametrically opposed viewpoints of our so called guardians of our health. Since it is rather the exception than the rule that these instructions are in agreement in their ideas and methods to one who has devoted the major portion of his life to the scientific study of the body and practical application of nature's laws of life as pertaining to the natural development of coordinated physical and mental normal health and the prevention rather than the cure of disease.

The misinformation he is so often listened to on the air or red orders closely on the criminal. Why? Because the acceptance of the theory so advanced not only results in the squandering of untold millions of dollars, but what is more serious results in actually shortening. Instead of lengthening the lives of uncounted millions who fall for this bunk, how many hundreds of thousands die prematurely between the age range of 35 and 59 years? Who should rightfully live from 20 to 40 years longer if they breed, understood and applied the natural laws of life to normal living daily, we hear the cry for more hospitals, more sanitariums, more homes for the crippled, more lunatic asylums, more reformatories and more prisons. Who is responsible for this sad, abominable condition? Oh, so-called health authorities whose remarks are accepted as law.

Our so called scientists who statements are religiously accepted. They primarily are to blame because they fail in their mission to civilization. In the practical universal world, ignorance of the little understood and much less practice natural laws of life as applied to normal living lies the cause for the condition referred to. And I blame those in control of our health systems for not correcting the evil fingers. May or may not lie, but the statistics compiled by the United States Army, Navy, and marine service in the world war point, the way to truth and warn us what health paths to choose and what bypassed ill health we should avoid. The record speaks for itself. How much longer shall this gray situation continue?

It's not this vital question worthy of the closest attention. Should we not have a most vigorous support of at least a select group of men adequately clothed with the proper official authority and imbued with the necessary inherent idealism to initiate a campaign for the purpose of devoting only a comparatively few hours to an impartial investigation of the merits of my claims hearing set forth even in the face of pessimists predictions of their failure. I have proved my case hundreds of times to my pupils and patients, but those who hate to see the old order cast aside refused to acknowledge the benefits of my system. That's why I've written this booklet so that all who are interested may read, digest and know what is wrong with the human race today and how it's physical ills can be cured or prevented through medicine. No through their own efforts. Simple exercising, simple health rules that can be observed and must be observed.

The truth ultimately will burst through the clouds of ignorance and once in the clear atmosphere will shine forever. In the Blue Sky of knowledge, truth will must conquer instead of pursuing a policy of passivism. Aggressive actions should and must be taken to bring to light my teachings of health, strength and happiness through proper corrective exercises. The living examples of former broken down human beings, ill physically and mentally, but now perfect specimens of manhood and womanhood speak volumes for my work. Investigate and see for yourself. It is confidently asserted by me that the statements following, representing my personal views can be demonstrated and proved one that barring the writer's own work there exists today. No other fundamental system, no other standard code designed to gauge, measure and indicate what really constitutes health normalcy.

My method in that respect is unique and revolutionary. It stands out all by itself. Two the not even the medical fraternity as a profession really understand the natural laws of life as applied to normal living. Hence the reason for that profession is failure to benefit civilization by proper teaching of health control three but there is today probably not even a single resident professor, scientist or doctor who is really enjoying normal health. Four the there is today probably not a single private or hospital nurse or private or professional Musser or mass Seuss pseudo or bonafide the physical cultural director who can properly and fully explain what constitutes normal health and who is a living example of that natural philosophy of health.

Five that in view of the foregoing facts, it is humanly impossible for these uninformed authorities to appreciate the condition, appearance and reactions of the human body in normal health at any age. Six that the teachers of our children are generally speaking, usually not enjoying ideal health and wholly unable to detect and therefore unable to correct the unnatural, harmful habits acquired by their pupils. Seven but not even the very trainers of our athletes as well as our outstanding athletes themselves, ah, with only few exceptions in any more favorable condition than their fellow creatures. And these often are not even aware of the superior standards of their own condition, which was reached not because of, but in spite of their lack of information relating to natural methods, innocently practiced without their knowledge, they attain their condition rather through the medium of artificial exercises, et Cetera, to which they resorted in striving to realize their ambition to reach the heights of physical perfection, thus resulting in their requiring more balance of mind and body than is found in the average person. Eight the practically all human ailments are directly traceable to wrong habits, which can only be corrected through the immediate adoption of right natural normal habits.

Nine that the present day efforts of our so called health departments are in vain so far as physical health is concerned. 10 that this condition will prevail until such as marks the recognition of a standard foundation of sound and sane physical culture based upon the natural laws of life as applied to the coordination of physical and mental activities, tending to the intelligent development of normal health, 11 that old tuberculosis and a veritable legion of other minor ILS. Not to mention bow legs, knock knees, flat feet and curvature of the spine and heart disease can be prevented and in possibility under present methods. 12 the millions of dollars today foolishly expended in the purchase and maintenance of gymnasium, equipment, et Cetera, could be more wisely expended for the purpose of training teachers living examples of normal health, not mere preachers of what normal health, if they really knew should be 13 the millions of dollars today spent on so-called health foods health talks and health articles are actually wasted for the reason that the claims made for them cannot be proved. 14 that comparatively speaking, only a very small fraction of the money now spent would if spent in the right direction, accomplish that most desirable of all lanes, namely restoring the population to normal health.

Naturally 15 but century after century. We persisted in sitting and sleeping in unscientifically constructed chairs and beds, yes, 16 but only today as science discovered that the real cause of our restlessness lies in the fact that our modern chairs, benches and beds are so designed that comfort and relaxation can be had only by constant change of position 17 that are chairs, benches, cities, sofas, couches and beds seemingly are designed for every other purpose than that of rest, relaxation or sleep. They are in reality the primary cause of our acquiring wrong and harmful postural habits too numerous for mention here, 18 but as with chairs and beds, etc. Our physical training and sports with relation to health are misunderstood, 19 that only through the attainment of perfect balance of mind and body can one appreciate what really constitutes normal health 20 but for over 25 years, the writer has conducted progressive experiments along scientific and practical lines with his own body and those of his pupils and the complete results of his extensive research along these lines are now incorporated in the writer's work under his coined name of controller [inaudible]. This represents a brief but comprehensive system of physical culture and is presented in the form of a new art and science, which if universally adopted and taught in all our educational institutions will not only tend greatly to eliminate needless human suffering, but will also tend to reduce the necessity for more hospitals, more sanitariums, more homes for the cripple, more lunatic asylums, more reformatories and more prisons.

It also will tend to make the expression health and happiness something more than mere words indicating theoretical conditions rather than the conditions. In fact, everyone possessing the moral courage owes it to himself and to humanity to investigate the merits claimed for controller g by me,

Chapter 2

chapter two health, a normal natural condition. Generally speaking, the less the average person merely talks about health, the better it is for his health. Not only is health and normal condition, but it is a duty not only to attain, but to maintain it. If human beings only knew and only obeyed the simple laws of nature, universal health would follow and the health millennium would be here. Those more or less altruistically engaged in searching for and studying methods to lessen unnecessary human sufferings are compelled daily to witness the majority of their fellow men unknowingly committing grievous sins against mother nature.

They do this as if their very lives actually depended upon the success of their very efforts altogether, unconscious. However of the fact that they are really jeopardizing and ruining their future health. Imagine the immediate good resulting to untold millions where the energies that are now so wastefully and positively harmfully expended, directed instead into the natural path of least resistance, the road to normal health. Imagine how many more useful and happy years would be immediately added to their lives. Imagine how much more they would really enjoy life to its fullest extent.

How many of us or rather how few of us realize what life really is? Unfortunately, this ecstasy of living is reserved for and limited only to those comparatively fortunate few who enjoy normal health, your birthright, while recognizing that our modern system is to a greater or lesser degree responsible for present health ILS, we shall not hear, attempt to indicate we're in the fault lies. Suffice it to say that the majority of our so called intelligent men and women are so utterly and helplessly ignorance of the really simple laws of nature that isn't that pitiful searching for normal health and happiness. One invariably finds the need, the slee and heedlessly wandering about aimlessly and hopelessly they may under through the valleys of quackery, pointing ever down with to suffering misery and death instead of climbing to the very pinnacle of the mountain crests of common sense, which lead to normal health, happiness, and life worthy, ailing traveler in life, not lured by these mirage as a false hopes. Is it not logical to assume that he would ignore them entirely and courageously about face and when his way in the opposite direction, but who is there to warn him against these Mirages and guide him to the oasis of normal health knowledge?

These deplorable conditions cannot be attributed either to our want of understanding of natural laws or that practical and beneficial application to the alleviation and cure of the ills of humanity and understanding that really correct causes rather than merely treat symptoms. Never in history, have more time and money been expended to attain normal physical perfection than in the present era. Never before have vein cravings for normal health. Been more justified than today. Great military victories, moral triumphs, scientific achievements, and industrial progress are indelibly engraved in the memory of men. Businessmen, both during and after the war were so busily engaged in piling up fortunes that they entirely neglected to devote the necessary time to safeguard their health.

Only too late did it finally dawned upon them that in the acquirement of their material fortunes, they at the same time carelessly and unthinkingly sacrificed the priceless jewel of their mental happiness crowned with its physical setting of normal health, which they had so wantonly dissipated. Moreover, they also noted that their relatives and friends who had followed the easiest way to fortune so-called, we're continually complaining about the state of their poor health. They saw them pass the remainder of their shortened and spoiled lives, either in constant physical pain or in mental suffering or both. In many cases, they saw them die in the prime of life, the mistreated body mindful of its past neglect. Eventually exact six repayment in full with interest in the form of leading businessmen, their fortunes to contemplate but denying them the benefits and enjoyments that accrue to other men of wealth. Blessed with normal health. The better lesson has been learned, but too late.

While businessmen now fully realize that everyone is the architect of his own happiness, they also learn that happiness is primarily dependent upon normal health and not per se upon the mere attainment of social position or monetary wealth. They have learned from practical experience was it not natural to expect that under these inviting circumstances, so-called health specialists, common quacks, proprietors of patent medicines and manufacturers of various forms of mechanical apparatus, lamps, rollers, massaging belts, rowing machines, nostrums, serum and other injections should through their advertisements. Lew, the weaklings, each crack assures the public that his is the only method of quickly restoring one's health and he bends his mercenary energies toward reaping the bountiful harvest awaiting him from the year of the unfortunates in the form of payments of unwarranted sums for treatments, remedies, and services. Such treatments, not only failed to accomplish the results desired, but in many cases actually do more harm than good always. However, the good benefiting only the advertisers at the expense of his innocent victims. What does this nonsense accomplish? It extracts money from the public without corresponding benefit to the public and for good measure more often than not adds to their suffering and misery.

It is very doubtful indeed, whether a really sane and intelligent person would even think of attempting to prove that any of these highly recommended cures accomplish one iota toward improving the health of anyone much less effecting a cure. Pardon this thought, but is it not idiotic? Figuratively speaking, to permit oneself to be led around by one's nose, by these holy mercenary, unscrupulous and irresponsible exploiters who through their misleading advertisements, fake references and unconscionable methods prey upon the blind credulity of the public. Think it over you. Saps hocus pocus is hocus pocus by any other name under ideal true conditions, not only the general public, but physicians as well will enjoy normal life. Looking into the future. It is thrilling to those enjoying normal health in the interest of suffering humanity. To think of a time went through legislative enactment, it will be compulsory for those advocating cures to demonstrate the efficiency of their methods as reflected in their own physical condition and health.

I stand ready for such test. My method has been proved satisfactory in every detail. My course can stand the acid test before the most critical experts.

Chapter 3

Chapter three dreadful conditions contrary to the general opinion and popular belief that the mind is absolute master of the body as expounded by Christian scientists and others and contrary to the general opinion and popular belief that the body is absolute master of the mind as expounded by modern so-called expert physical culture directors and trainers who concentrate their efforts solely on developing the muscles of the body through the medium of various machines and other apparatus. It is contended that neither theory is the correct solution of are centuries old health problems. It is contended, however, that the correct solution of our present day health ILS can best be solved only by recognizing the fact that the normal development of the body and mind as possible, not by pissing the body against the mind or vice versa, which results from concentrating only on the mind or only on the body as here in indicated, but rather by recognizing the mental functions of the mind and the physical limitations of the body.

So that complete coordination between the mind and the body may be achieved. The theory advocated by this author is safe, sane, and sound. Whereas the other theories under consideration are more or less unsafe and unsound. That is indicated by the newspapers daily recording the death of some of our most prominent men and women, comprising educators, scientists, inventors, physicians, industrialists, bankers, politicians, actors, lawyers and artists who more often than not die in the very prime of their life. Unfortunately only too frequently when they are just reaching the heights of their vocations and when death overtakes them deprives the world.

And then most valuable services. Many of these notables silently suffer untold agonies for years spurred ever onward by their own ambition to accomplish that aims and why they themselves and their families are fully cognizant of their condition. The public as a rule is an entire ignorance of it. These martyrs of false health doctrines die comparatively young. Their families are bereaved, their friends, aggrieved, and the world's suffers unnecessarily and irreparable loss in their passing.

It is not generally known that many of our most popular misnamed expert physical culture directors and trainers, athletic and other champions have suffered for years from all various elements especially have they been subject to the dreaded heart disease. In fact, many of these persons die even before they've reached their prime. Others right in that prime barring accident is not this record indicative of the fact that despite their expressed faith in their expounded theories and methods and one must give them the benefit of the doubt, that they are mistaken in their teachings instead of improving their own health and lengthening their lives by the acceptance of practice of their theories and methods. They are, as a matter of fact, actually injuring their health and shortening their own lives as substantiated by their own untimely death and the record of longevity established by other physical culture authorities whose theories and methods are diametrically opposed to theirs. The system of the latter must be correct since the acceptance of practice of their theories and methods by others as well as themselves, results in improved health and resulting long life, oftentimes exceptionally long life. This is the, in the woodpile very few of these exponents of physical culture can prove that their doctrines will cause one to live longer and happier than we'll one who never indulges in any artificial exercise of any kind. Very few of these so-called physical culturists practice up to 60 or more years what they preach in their youth and very few of them can substantiate their claims as reflected in the condition of their own bodies. Whenever they do reach those years, if they live that long at all, it would be exceedingly difficult to find them for.

There are not many of them to be found and impartial investigation would disclose that. Now is the time for the promotion of a committee composed of influential personages for the purpose of investigating the sad and deplorable state of ignorance existing with reference to one of the simplest, if not the simplest law of nature, balance of body and mind and the absence of its practical application. In our present day program of physical education and training in these times with ever increasing mental training, the human system is more and more dependent on the vitality of the body, which vitality itself is dependent on the absolute coordination of the body in mind. Perfect balance. What is balance of body and mind? It is the conscious control of all muscular movements of the body.

It is the correct utilization and application of the leverage principles afforded by the bones comprising the skeletal framework of the body, a complete knowledge of the mechanism of the body and the full understanding of the of equilibrium and gravity as applied to the movements of the body in motion at rest and in sleep. Lacking this knowledge, which is termed controller Gigi physical perfection with resultant normal life cannot be attained and comparatively early death cannot be avoided unless the present day system ignoring the art and science of Controller Gr overthrown. It can safely be predicted that they will be successful in accomplishing more harm than good. On the other hand, if the art and science of controller g were universally accepted and practiced, one could confidently predict that mental anguish and physical suffering will progressively decrease from generation to generation and life would be a real pleasure instead of the curse. It now is to so many of our fellow men. Therefore it is recommended that the knowledge of the science and art of controller GG should be acquired by all control. Ajai is based upon lessons learned from a lifelong study of the principles underlying and governing the laws of nature. Suffice to say that incorrect habits are responsible for most of our elements if not all of them. Equally true.

Is the statement that only through proper education is it possible to correct bad habits for good ones? The time necessary depending upon one's condition and age. And while the cost is comparatively nominal, one is assured of regained health, a red renewed happiness. Where can this information be obtained? Who is qualified to furnish it? He who criticizes anything without offering something constructive improved.

I'd better not criticize at all. An idealist and humanist is in duty-bound and Peled constructively to criticize our present day systems of physical education and training and prove by actual demonstration in his own body and that of his disciples and students that they are positively harmful. He must lend his support to effect an immediate change, substitute in the correct theory and practice for our current systems. Accordingly, the undersigned offers briefly to expound the general principles of his theories and methods covering balance of body and mind upon which the science and art of Controller GE has founded. He offers to demonstrate the truth of his statements to any person desires of cooperating with him from a moral, less out touristic and philanthropic view in his aim to spread the doctrines of his system and furnish further detailed information regarding his personal ideas on the subject of tension and relaxation as related to the attainment and maintenance of normal health so the world at large may be benefited accordingly.

Chapter 4

Chapter four heading downward. Are we trading it down with path? No, we are not trading the downward path. Rather we are racing helter skelter downward. We are slipping down a path that will lead to the ultimate destruction of the human race. So far has ever realizing the desirable goal of balance of body and mind is concerned. There is only one remedy. The public press, Mr Rouse interest to the end.

That such interest will compel science to stop, look and listen at least long enough to permit of an impartial investigation of my claims. Regarding the simple, sane, safe, and sound methods of obtaining and maintaining normal health for all such an investigation would prove that my teachings will benefit humanity instead of permitting it to be exploited by the unscrupulous science can at one in the same time, eliminate poverty, ill health and unhappiness if it will, but investigate all and not confine itself only to matters close at hand and make bold to venture far beyond the horizon of its present narrow circle of orthodox activity. I appealed to the intelligent to put an end to the old system and to exploit my scientific system of acquiring and maintaining health. As civilization advances, we should find the need for prisons, lunatic asylums, and hospitals growing steadily less and less. But do we find this to be the case in this era? Certainly not teach the human race to care properly for itself and you will do away with these abominable institutions.

What a sad commentary upon our civilization to know that this deplorable plague can be annihilated if properly handled and how criminal it is to think that the cure is offered but not accepted because of petty politics and jealousies. Why boast of this age of science and invention that has produced so many marvelous wonders when in the final analysis we find that man has in the race for material progress and perfection entirely overlooked, the most complex and marvelous of all creations, man himself. Well, a man to devote as much time and energy to himself as he is devoted to that which man has produced what astounding and almost unbelievable progress would be made a progress eclipsing all he has so far successfully accomplished. Miraculous as that is just think that over my friends, man should bear in mind and ponder over the Greek admonition. Not Too much, not too little neglect of himself is destructive of his physical and mental efficiency and tends toward the gradual and progressive weakening of his morale with resulting ever-increasing dishonesty and morality, loss of all true perspective of his responsibilities to himself and to his fellow man with corresponding loss of idealism and ethical culture. Those are not mere words.

They are facts is civilization responsible for man's present day, physical and mental condition. This question is not so difficult to answer. If we try to see with the eyes of the creator granting that modern science and civilization do not materially benefit the savage from the standpoint of improving his mental capacity. Still at least he is not harmed or crippled from the standpoint of his physical development. This fact can be quickly demonstrated by comparing the physical condition of an average civilized man with the physical condition of an average savage.

Logically man should develop his physical condition simultaneously with the development of his mind. Neither should be sacrificed at the expense of the other. Otherwise, balance of body and mind is not attainable and this very lack of harmony between man's physical and mental health is primarily responsible for man's unfortunate physical and mental condition. Today, if man persists in neglecting himself or if man continues depending upon effecting cures with present Orthodox methods, his case will be increasingly hopeless as time goes on. Radically different research is necessary in order to discover and apply the laws of nature, assuring man of his birthright to mental and physical balance, not mind or body, but mind and body witnessed the splendid physique and brute strength of the average savage is well proportioned body is the very quintessence of physical beauty. However, Broan as attain the mastery plants at the more or less deformed physique with corresponding lack of strength of the average civilized man. His mouth proportion body is usually displeasing to the critical eye. However, in his case, the brain has attained the mastery. What the savage lacks in mental development, the civilized man lacks in physical development.

If there are physical and mental deficiencies were interchanged without corresponding loss of any of the physical and mental assets each now possess, then the ideal physical condition and mental state would be possible of attainment. Balance of body and mind would be achieved. What a perfect specimen of human beings, such an interchange with create, relatively speaking, the savage is physically on a par with the beasts. While civilized man is below par physically but exceedingly above par mentally, briefly. Then all we need do in traveling. The road of life is to trace life itself from birth to youth and middle age to discover that which is responsible for disturbing and upsetting physical and mental equilibrium, balance of body and mind. Then it will be comparatively easy to recognize and understand the causes and to correct them according to the infallible laws of nature. In short, study your body know it's good and bad points.

Eliminate the bad and improve the good and what will be the result. A perfect man physically and mentally before attempting to modify or reform any established practice or method, we must first know what is wrong before we can even suggest what might be right. Frankly, the indicated truth is that the average child is born of parents whose physical and mental balance was either deranged or perhaps never even attained off times. These parents are physically defective without themselves being aware of the fact. Sometimes externally, sometimes internally and sometimes both these physical and organic defects are not without effect upon their children. For they usually inherited. A high percentage of children are born under unnatural conditions.

Many others suffering excruciating pains in the throws of childbirth and not infrequently sacrificing their lives as well. Under such unfavorable birth, children are literally born to suffer and much of the resultant unnecessary suffering is properly charged to the physical condition. If the parents in new rating, a few of the more flagrant faults in man which brings on disease. Children Malformation in arms or feet, weak bodies and other things are feeding children, artificial substitutes for mother's milk, feeding children when they are not hungry. Overdressing children when they are not cold, forcing children to go to sleep when they are not sleepy.

Stretching and bending children's arms and legs when they are not inclined to stretch or bend them. Compelling children to stand up when they are not strong enough to support their own weight. Forcing children to walk when they are not strong enough to control their physical movements. Compelling children to sit in chairs for rest. Impossible. So far as our present day chairs are concerned when they are not inclined to do so. Preferring rather to squat on the floor. Turkish faction, forcing children to remain physically inactive when they are inclined to be physically active, forbidding older children from climbing or jumping fences when their natural inclination is to do so, forced to remain quiet when they crave activity, being compelled to study that which holds no interest for them and they make the pretense of studying simply to please their blind parents.

Sometimes they are even taught to lie when their natural inclination is to tell the truth. Quite commonly they are deliberately misinformed and taught things they do not understand. Children are vaccinated with poison to keep their health. They are forced to swallow laxatives instead of resorting to natural exercise to prevent constipation. Children are in these days of prairie prudery either uninformed or deliberately misinformed regarding sex and permitted to gain such knowledge and information haphazardly in the street and elsewhere so that ultimate rumination in body and mind, masturbation in both sexes, the curse of mankind is the result of such handling of children. After completing their school day studies, they are compelled to study professions or accept such occupational employment as their parents decide in their infallible wisdom is best for them.

And except in rare cases of rebellion against parental authority, the victims resign themselves to that Destin fate to the detriment of themselves and society. Children are impregnated with the thought that success is measured by the acquisition of money and therefore their aim should be to become as rich as quickly as possible. Well, children are in the same manner forced to go through the routine established for their physical culture. Education, which system of training is more or less mechanically followed without understanding and under the false impression that this routine is benefiting their health. Millions upon millions live from the cradle to the grave without really knowing themselves and without really knowing what it is all about. If they are familiar with the Greek adage, no they self, it is not practically applied to themselves. These children in adolescent and adult life lacking normal initiative, appetite's passions and the stress of competition, figuratively speaking, slowly sink to a low level, never experiencing the thrills of life, never experiencing the glory of successful accomplishment and never enjoying the fruits of overflowing, vitality and health that should be there as if taught the problems of life and the proper control of the body. Later on, when their vitality is at low ebb, they begin to shrivel it. Their extremities, their blood pressure is either sub normal or abnormal. Their heads get to warm.

Their feet and hands get too cold. That mentality waxes and wanes and they are so to speak, more or less animated clothes, racks. This is a mighty serious problem. Think it over. It is deserving of every person's consideration and then again they are influenced to join athletic teams, dastardly submitting to a more or less brutalizing training regime, usually concentrating all their efforts on the physical development of the body and the acquirement of physical strength without any regard whatsoever to the acquisition and development of mental control. They are drilled to do stunts for which their bodies are unfit.

While their bodies are either sub normally or abnormally developed, their mental control is absolutely neglected. Is this the kind of instruction you want your children to have? Wouldn't the human race be better off if such system were abolished? Do not. All these violations of the simple laws of nature lead us to tread the downward path. I offer the human race in the place of the present Orthodox methods, something revolutionary and character and results, balance of body and mind through the study and practice of the science of Controller G.

My system develops the body and mind simultaneously and normally in the home, beginning from infancy and gradually and progressively through school and college days to maturity. But will those behind the Orthodox system of ruination accept my new revolutionary system of training? Not until public opinion forces them to do so for they well realize that once my system is accepted generally, which must be the case soon, it will mean the end of the quacks. The crux, who wouldn't dare to undergo the very training they offer you as a buildup process to health.

Chapter 5

Chapter five common sense remedies for common human ills. Whether or not we are conscious of it.

It is nevertheless a fact that in the course of our daily activities, if we live a normal life, we receive the benefits of natural exercises. Those performed in every movement. We make these very necessary functional activities experienced by one living a normal life preclude all necessity for undertaking artificial exercise of any kind. It is really a rank falsity to believe that one cannot be both strong and healthy without having first to indulge in more or less violent training stunts. But unfortunately this erroneous concept is so firmly entrenched in the minds of the general public that it would probably require the omnipotent power of a deputy to dispel this universally accepted nonsense from their minds.

However, in order that one may receive the maximum benefit and resulting normal health from one's daily activities, one should understand at least some of the more rudimentary underlying governing the mechanism of the human body in motion, rest and sleep. For example, the leverage possibilities of the bones composing it's skeletal framework, the range and limitation of proper muscle tension and relaxation, the laws of equilibrium and gravity. And last but not least, how to inhale and exhale, I. E. How to breathe properly. Normally and knowledge of these are essential if we are to benefit from any exercises. Since the public seemingly is either uninformed or misinformed with reference to these principles, they cannot have necessity benefit by them, which fact is only too self evident when one who is themselves thoroughly versed in the knowledge of physical education measures humanity in terms of normal health. If this knowledge were universally disseminated and the system advocated for its propagation universally adopted both laymen and professionals as well as by the properly constituted health authorities in particular what a splendid human race we would see again, the simple truth is repeated.

That one they both attain and maintain perfect normal health without resorting to the expedient of artificially exercising the body. This statement seems to be fully substantiated when one observes the perfection of physical form, strength, grace, agility, endurance, health and longevity in the animal kingdom with man, it is just to the contrary. Has the natural exercise instinctively indulged and by such life anything to do with the uniform attainment and maintenance of their ideal physical condition as reflected in their natural beauty and normal health as the indulgence of artificial exercise advocated by man for man, anything to do with the uniform failure of his attainment to even reach much less maintain a similar degree of ideal physical condition as is reflected in his natural beauty and normal health. Would animal life benefit by exchanging instinct for man's ability to think or would man benefit by exchanging ability to think for the animal's instinct? Judging from an impartial study of their respective physical conditions, one must admit that we're animals and men respectively to interchange their instinct and ability to think that the animals would have bargained their birthright away for a mess of pottage while man would have gained immeasurably by the exchange, at least to the extent of physical perfection.

Did you ever hear of an animal gymnasium conducted by animals for animals for the purpose of gratifying, their desire or need for artificial exercising? Is it not true that animals in their natural state and in their natural habitat exercise naturally as a matter course, do animals understand natural laws and govern themselves accordingly? The answer is yes because instinct on airing Lee guides all living creatures, including man himself. Have you ever closely and thoughtfully observed the movements of a newly born babe? If you have studied animal life at all, you would have been impressed by the fact that so far as physical actions and movements are concerned, animals are men and men are animals. You see that in the movements of a newborn baby.

Both animals and men move their bodies in every an old possible directions. Freedom of bodily action is paramount. This constant desire for change and movement in babies is only a manifestation of one of the many fundamental laws of nature. The law of action, which animals and human beings obey alike. If unhampered natural instinct prompts mothers of the Animal Kingdom to permit nature to take its course as long as the lives of their offspring are not in danger. However, if one of the members of their sometimes rather large families seems to be inclined to laziness and disinclined to play, it's mother will not hesitate to force it to move about so that its muscles may be properly developed and strengthened through increased circulation of the blood. She will go even to the extent of grasping the culprit by its neck in her mouth and shaking and dropping it repeatedly on the ground until the lazy one responds to the hint.

Have you ever watched a cat and her kittens or a dog and it's litter? How differently does the human mother act instead of permitting infants and growing children the opportunity freely to obey their natural instinct as evidenced by their desire for action, constantly turning around, grasping for and holding onto objects within their reach, stretching and bending their little bodies, arms and legs creeping on the floor and playing in the sand or in the grass until their little muscles tire naturally and then fall into our healthy sleep as intended by another law of nature. The formed mothers literally stuffed their offspring stomachs with food to overflowing capacity and then pack their tender bodies in bandages after first holy unintentionally and solely through ignorance and misinformation on the subject cruelly locking the joints of their hips and knees in order to pacify their resulting crying protests against this rather inhuman treatment. The mother next proceeds to rock the child to sleep. Is it a natural sleep they thus get? No.

The little innocence are either nauseated or half unconscious or both when they finally fall asleep from mere exhaustion are differently acts the done animal mother from the human mother. The animal mother feeds her young ones as indicated by her instinct when she permits them to fall asleep, allowing them to assume their natural positions usually against her own warm body, which not only afford the little ones the necessary bodily resistance required for their complete comfort, but also gives them the benefit of the healthful magnetism of the mother's own body and essential and vitally important factor in the welfare and wellbeing of her offspring. No college education is needed to understand what these remarks are meant to convey, namely to observe what the seeing I see and to use common sense in the bringing up of our children. If only a very small fraction of the time and money now spent on research work was spent in the study of the many violations of the laws of nature for educational purposes, how much more would life be enjoyed and appreciated? Then it's possible to enjoy and appreciate life at the present time.

One understanding the subject matter of this discussion, maybe pardon for taking the liberty of discussing matters which are usually discussed only by scientists and doctors with degrees. Every free born man and dad with common sense blessed with idealism and prompted by humanitarian motives instinctively feels it to be his duty to cast his bread, his own knowledge upon the waters so that his brethren, who may still believe in the observance of the ethical laws governing human intercourse may benefit there by everyone is invited. No one is barred to follow those in search of right and wrong and form his own opinion accordingly. In this instance, one begins his journey for knowledge, tracing it from boyhood to middle and old age with the idea of testing the truth of these statements. The child we left innocently sleeping in its cradle is now wide awake and lying on its little back. But believe it or not, without the Barbara span judges and whether it's hunger already satisfactorily appeased, it is enjoying the liberty of complete freedom in legs, arms, and body improvements. Isn't it strange that now for some reason or other we feel the same child unhampered by the bandages previously applied to securely lock its hips and knees when it was first put to sleep.

Most people seem to think that bandaging the lock, hips and knees of sleeping and resting children is absolutely necessary in order that the legs may grow straight. What folly one, never heard of animals resorting to this or similar. Artificial means for stretching the legs of their growing young and neither do we find savages resorting to such devices. Furthermore, since barring accident, we find the average savage and the average animal in nature in normal physical condition, blessed with well proportion bodies and bow legs, not knees and double curvature of the spine conspicuous by their absence. We must reach the logical conclusion that the deformities children ordinarily suffer have been brought on by the terrible treatment they received as the baby. If the listener has the ambition and patients to follow this discussion to its eventual conclusion, he might ultimately be convinced that adherence to this time warn tradition of bandaging the child's body is really one of the first of the many bad habits which ignorant parents force upon their helpless children. A condition for which the health authorities are responsible.

The average normal unhampered child and attempting to gratify it's perfectly natural desire for muscular movement will naturally assume the so-called spread eagle position. Constantly stretching and bending its arms and legs, lifting its head up and down and turning from left to right and vice versa. If left undisturbed, it manifests supreme contentment and keen joy. But after a more or less prolonged period of this state, it will begin to manifest evidence of uneasiness and unhappiness which condition. If unrelieved will bring on a crying spell, then if the cries are unheated, the child will become exhausted unless the parents intercede and change it to another position which the child is not strong enough to assume by itself. Practically nine out of every 10 mothers will confidently tell you that the reason the child cried was because it wanted to be carried in the arms and this explanation seemingly is partly true at least because the child immediately ceases crying when it's tiny legs arresting against this mother's body. However that is, but another popular fallacy that needs to be exploded.

Why does the child really cry? The correct answer to this question is quickly and definitely ascertainable. All that is necessary is for the experimenter to lie on his back in the same position as that assumed by the child and make the same movements for a period ranging from only 20 to 40 minutes where upon he will know what happens and then he will know why the child is restless and cries as it is. No one really seems to know what happens otherwise. This cruelty would have been abandoned long ago. However, if the child were lying in a normal bed, one designed in conformance with the fundamental principles underlying and governing the anatomical balance of its bony structure, it could lie for hours at a time in any given position without experiencing any undue strain.

Lacking the advantage inherent in such a scientifically designed and constructed bed, its position must have necessity from time to time be changed first from one position then to another so that if the child is found crying while resting on his back, the crying will immediately cease if it just turned to rest on its stomach and vice versa. This change of position is now absolutely necessary for the child's comfort and if these changes have been made more or less frequent intervals, they will materially assist the child in the performance of its natural exercise, so essential and vitally important to its proper development. This procedure makes for the child's contentment and happiness and permits it to grow up strong and healthy. Another form of mistreatment of young children is that a forcing them to sit quietly in a chair in a right angle, upright position. What it really means to sit quietly in our modern dining room, kitchen, and other chairs for even only a comparatively short period of time is something that those conducting our research laboratories have evidently failed to personally ascertain for. If they had, they certainly would have relegated the present type of chairs to limbo centuries ago and advocated the construction of the chairs which I've invented and recommend.

I challenge any person to sit quietly free from all movements for one hour in any modern chair. You'll soon learn what it means to the child. The muscles have become so cramped and numbed that they are no longer sensitive to feeling. No one could really rest in such a position because the position itself is the most unnatural one for the naturally correct position, assuring the maximum amount of rest and comfort it is suggested that one look around and watch the position that children naturally assume when they are left alone. Does one naturally assume uncomfortable positions? Assuredly not. Then why not permit the child to squat on the floor? Turkish fashion, American, Indian, Japanese and savage fashion. Which position is that? One in the same time, natural, comfortable and healthful.

Children at this young age prefer and enjoy sitting on the floor, moving around, bear fashion on all fours or creeping on their hands and knees, all of which developed the larger muscles of their backs, legs, stomach and shoulders. Proud and unintentionally cruel parents seriously interfere with and disrupt this natural course of bodily development by forcing the children to start walking or standing upright before their muscles have been sufficiently developed properly to support their weight and before they have the mental capacity to control their equilibrium in movement. Normal children require no parental instruction or help in this direction. For the simple reason that if they are left to themselves, they will naturally keep on learning and trying until they are able not only to stand in an upright position without falling, but also until they have acquired the ability to walk by themselves, to force children to follow any other procedure than this natural one. No matter how well intentioned is detrimental to the best interests of their health. Curvature of the spine, bow legs, not knees, faulty posture and later on flat feet are directly traceable to these mistaken ideas.

They have their origin in the deplorable ignorance of their fund, but ignorant parents are much more common sense or natural instinct have done animals. How entirely different is their method of bringing up their young ones? How much fun can we have simply by watching the animal mother, especially the cat family giving a lesson in physical culture to her offspring. What a lesson she can teach us.

Chapter 6

Chapter six controller [inaudible].

The ancient Greeks probably knew better than anyone else. The true meaning of balance of body and mind as tangibly expressed in terms of supreme physical health, supreme mental happiness as to premature movements along the highway of human progress. They even believed that the soul itself is inextricably bound up with the physical functions and mental manifestations of the human body. They fully understood that the narrow one's physique approach to the state of physical perfection, the narrow one's mind approach to the state of mental perfection. They knew that the simultaneous and co equal development of one's ability voluntarily to control one's body and mind was a paramount law of nature and that the unequal, abnormal or sub normal development of either the body or the mind on the neglect of either or both would result in the complete failure to realize the very first law of civilization, preservation of life, the attainment and maintenance of one's bodily and mental perfection, failing realization of this desirable aim the body would become as it were, an enemy of the mind and vice versa, whereas the mind should become, as it were, a friend of the body and vice versa.

Unlike so many of our fellow men of today, the Greeks religiously practiced what they preached as witnessed the marvelous state of their achieve physical perfection as reflected in their wonderful statues. [inaudible] view of the unique physical and mental development. Is it not logical that they should have established themselves as outstanding intellectuals and have been numbered among the spokes if they did not really constitute the very hub of the wheel of civilization? Unfortunately for us, all their striking lesson seems to have been absolutely lost to modern civilization. What a pity with all our progress in many other directions, we still so far as the harmonious and scientific development of our bodies and minds is concerned, I've actually retrograded from there. High standards of co-equal development of body and mind.

Comparatively speaking, we are today really living in the jungles of ill health and unhappiness. Whereas the ancient days, man was living on the very mountain tops of actual health and happiness. The athletic prowess of the Greeks was continually being publicly demonstrated in this splendid and commodious athletic arenas so that the masses could note the perfect bodies and seek to emulate the athletes. They're beautifully developed and well proportioned bodies proved an inspiration to sculptors who immediately recognize the living art before their very eyes and perpetuated it in the unsurpassed marvel classical Grecian statues now exhibited in our various world renowned museums. That is one of the richest of legacies left to us by ancient Grecian civilization.

Truly are they an object lesson to us moderns that we should not overlook, particularly should our Julie constituted health authorities give here to this lesson in health culture through recognition and practice of the fundamental principles, governing balance of body and mind in the attainment and maintenance of physical and mental perfection. As the Greeks did, the mode of living prevalent amongst the ancient Greeks was of course entirely different from that of today. These people, when nature lovers, they prefer to commune with the very elements of nature itself, the woods, the streams, the rivers, the winds and the sea. All these were natural music poems and dramas to these Greeks who were so fond of outdoor life. Their bodies were not unnecessarily burdened with clothing. As we understand it today, they prefer to more or less expose their bodies to the invigorating air and revitalizing rays of the sun, all of which of course made it possible for them to achieve their goal of physical and mental perfection to a greater degree than is possible today. Well, athletes today to pursue the system advocated and practiced by these ancient Greeks.

It is confidently predicted that with our present knowledge of controller g they would not only reach the same high standard of physical and mental perfection achieved by the Grecians in their day, but as a matter of fact, incredible as it may seem would actually surpass it, particularly when we view human nature on mass and compare it with the unmet standards established in ancient Greece. The Greeks did not as fully understand the laws governing balance of body and mind as it is understood by us today. Where are we to discontinue much of our present mode of living and discard our presence systems of physical training and instead adopt such training. As I hear advocate based upon the science of Controller [inaudible], they would result in rejuvenation of mind and body and living itself would again become an art as it was in the days of the ancient Grecians habits of nature rather than artificial training and exercises would maintain one in perfect physical and mental condition immediately following. I will explain in brief the general principles underlying balance of body and mind. eScience to which I have devoted many years. Study

Chapter 7

Chapter Seven balance of body and mind.

A sound mind housed in an unsound body. 50% balance is just about as desirable a physical condition as is the structural weakness of a house boasting a fine copper roof but built upon a foundation of shifting sand, a sound body housing, an unsound mind. 50% balance is just about as desirable a physical condition as is the structural weakness of a house boasting a solid rock foundation but possessing a roof of flimsy paper. A sound mind housed in a sound body. 100% balance is desirable just as a fine copper roofed house built on a Solid Rock Foundation, an unsound mind. How is than an unsound body?

No balance is undesirable just as these a flimsy papered roof house built on a shifting sand foundation. What to the foregoing statements with their accompanying figures indicate obviously they clearly indicate that neither the mind nor the body is supreme, that one cannot be subordinated to the other. Both must be coordinated in order not only to accomplish the maximum results with the minimum expenditure of mental and physical energy, but also to live as long as possible in normal health and enjoy the benefits of a useful happy life.

Chapter 8

Chapter eight first, educate the child in childhood habits are easily formed, good and bad. Why not then concentrate on the formation of only good habits and thus avoid the necessity later on in life of attempting to correct bad habits and substituting them for good habits.

Oftentimes impossible even when the physical exertion is accompanied by equally strenuous mental efforts. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that the child be taught the major principles of balance of body and mind. In other words, the proper development of body and mind through the new science of controller g is what must be taught the child. Generally speaking, physical culture methods employed in our schools today may appeal to the uninformed layman, but to one who has a knowledge of the subject as I have, they would be amusing were it not for the fact that they are deplorable in their efforts in classroom and gymnasium. Unlike invariably either overcrowded or inadequately ventilated or both, we see children exercising a few minutes daily as a matter of routine. Few children understand the significance of these insignificant movements of their arms, legs and body, and only a very few exercise with vigor. The great majority mechanically exercise without mental concentration and utter waste of time and effort. Such exercising leads to false conceptions and conclusions in adult life, highly detrimental to the ultimate welfare of the grownup child before any real benefit can be derived from physical exercises.

One must first learn how to breathe properly. This all important function requires individual instruction, not only by precept but by example. It is wholly insufficient to tell the individual to inhale and to exhale. To learn to breathe properly is really more difficult in accomplishment than the average uninformed person realizes. Moreover, there are comparatively few teachers who understand the art of correct breathing and who are capable of instructing others in the art carriage of the body. It's freely preached, but what the correct carriage of the body is is not understood.

One constantly, here's the expressions, heads up and shoulders back in the effort to throw the shoulders back. The individual hollows is back too much. Bo like and forces his shoulder blades against his spine and most harmful of all protrudes his stomach that the instructions themselves are on natural and without benefit is of secondary importance to the fact that they are dangerous to one's health, which is of primary importance. What really is desired is not the backward throw of the shoulders as previously indicated, but rather the simultaneous drawing into the stomach and the throwing out of the chest. The average child uninformed when standing hands in pocket, abdomen protruding, shoulders stooped forward, legs too far back, joints locked and feet at the wrong angle is not being benefited by this condition.

As all of these postures of course are not conducive to forming good habits, but are responsible for both legs, not knees and later on flat feet where the child in the first instance taught the difference between right and wrong. He would naturally avoid what is wrong and follow what is right, particularly in the matter of breathing is this early instruction of vital importance and their normal natural condition. Children do not need the stimulus of artificial exercise. Unfortunately, however, children born to live under the influence of the artificialities require a special course in mind training in order that they may consciously control their bodily movements until the good habits formed become subconscious routine acts. The first lesson is that of correct breathing.

Children must be taught how to take long, deep breaths sufficient to expand the upper chest to capacity. They must be properly instructed how to draw the abdomen in and out at the same time, holding their breath for a short time. Then they should also learn how properly to fully deflate the lungs in exhaling to properly deflate the lungs is an art in itself and this final step, incorrect breathing is least understood as a rule. It is seldom if ever properly taught, unless the individual is privately coached by one who understands what it really is all about. Correct breathing exercises under the dominance of mental control would undoubtedly accomplish more toward the prevention of tuberculosis, as well as accomplished more toward attaining and maintaining maximum health standards than all other remedies combined.

The lungs cannot be completely deflated at first without considerable effort with perseverance, however, the desired results can be accomplished and with increasing power gradually and progressively develop the lungs to their maximum capacity that will actually cause the chest to balloon and at the same time bring practically every other muscle of the entire system into play. That's the child's posture will then be normal, natural with proper breathing and correct posture. The child has no need for artificial exercise. Walking, running, jumping, tumbling, climbing, wrestling, et cetera. Are Natural exercises calculated by mother nature to develop her children. Normally, the lore of natural exercise precludes the hobby idea altogether in the matter of exercise unless one is really and seriously desirous of not seeking symmetrical development of one's body. For instance, the left side of the body must not be developed.

While the right side of the body is wholly neglected. The Lore of natural exercise is recognized as companion or reciprocal movements in the normal development of the body. For example, if a series of natural movements core for a definite number of forward bends, then this series should be repeated by a number of backward Benz and so on. Ad Lib item. Hardening of the body is another most important consideration in the matter of it's proper and normal natural development. Correct clothing plays a leading role in this regard.

Children if left to follow their own natural inclinations without restraint, will not hesitate to discard unnecessary garments. In fact, the fewer the close, the better they like it. The more active one is in outdoor physical recreation activities. The less need there is for unnecessary clothing. Children's seldom if ever contract Coles under such circumstances, but the moment these activities cease nature prompts them to seek the necessary clothing protection to avoid chills. Children should be permitted to exercise in the OpenAir irrespective of normal weather conditions, barring storms and severely cold spells because the OpenAir is nature's tonic that strengthens their bodies naturally and hardens them accordingly.

If the child comes home from play, complaining a feeling of Chil or cold, it should be given a good hot and cold shower and after a little rest sent out again to rejoin its playmates so that its body may gradually and progressively become accustomed to its natural regime. Many other sins committed by uninformed persons in following false theories and methods for accomplishing this highly desirable result. The more natural and simple the method, the better experience has taught us that it is the part of wisdom to practice very early in life. Exposing the young child's nude body to the air and sun as much as possible. No restrictions should be placed upon natural exercises so long as their indulgence does not indicate danger to health in life.

Much of the child's welfare depends upon cleanliness of the skin. Water should be freely used. Hot shower barbs followed by gradually cooler and cooler temperature until the water is cold as the most beneficial and exhilarating effect, especially when the body is briskly massaged at the beginning with a soft brush to be later on discarded for a harder one. Soap should be used only occasionally as when the body is covered with perspiration and all other instances, the brush massaging answers the purpose. This system of skin treatment not only is responsible for its soft texture and pink glow, but by removing all the soap residue lodged in the pores of the skin, opens these pores, thus permitting them to function naturally and eliminating the cause of colds.

Children should also be taught when washing or taking a tub or shower, bath to cup some water in the hollow of one hand and while holding one nostril closed with the other hand, snuff this water up in the other free nostrils, expel it by pressing both nostrils slightly and repeat for the other nostril. In this connection, if the water is permitted to enter the throat and ejected through the mouth, the throat and mouth are cleansed and kept in a healthy condition and gradually immunized against disease. These simple suggestions if properly followed, would prevent the majority, if not all of our nose, mouth and ear elements.

Chapter 9

Chapter nine proven facts. Practically everyone knows that nature has endowed human beings and certain animals with a backbone, but few recognize that state of perfection, which nature intends the human spine to reach through the medium of it's scientific, progressive and natural development from birth to maturity so that the Ridge Pole of the human house may properly grow into normal form straight, still less understand the mechanism of the spine and the proper methods of training this foundation bone of the body so that its movements will be under the absolute control at all times.

Most persons are not aware of the fact that by reason of this utter lack of understanding, the human spine has been sadly neglected for many, many generations. Accordingly, it has been permitted to develop itself as it were to fit the individual cases with the result that the average human spine today invariably is more or less deformed. The prevalence of this condition unfortunately has been too generally accepted by the public as normal. Some of our leading anatomists likewise seemingly holds similar beliefs. This state of affairs is truly deplorable since it not only gives credence to a grievous error, which if not immediately corrected. We'll continue effectually to bar the victims of this gross misunderstanding from traveling the road to ultimate recovery and prevent them from reaching their goal.

Normal health at no time in the history of medicine was it more important than it is right now. That organized science undertaken impartial investigation of the facts here in presented and supplement them by an intensive study of this all important subject in view of the revolutionary inventions and the never ceasing research in laboratory and a field medical science should be emboldened to discard it's old fashioned ideas as well as it's orthodox methods of instruction and concentrate upon ways and means of preventing rather than curing disease. That is why I am preaching the sermon embodied in this booklet consideration and examination of proof. Facts pertinent to this subject should quickly convince unbiased medical and other authorities that the human body has for centuries been tortured unnecessarily by reason of our failure to recognize and understand the underlying principles governing the natural mechanism of the human spine, as well as recognizing and understanding the factor of equilibrium with reference to his application to the human body in motion at rest and at sleep. That is the study I have made and upon that study I have invented chairs, mattresses, and beds for the proper development of the spine.

It is the duty of the humanist to direct attention to this important matter based upon observation and experience rather than to enter into merely controversial arguments with anatomists regarding divergent views on this subject without undue reiteration reference to standard medical literature is readily accessible to the subject of these remarks. The anatomy of the human spine, the following is presented one knowledge based upon fact regarding the mechanism of the human spine is woefully insufficient. There's deplorable. Lack of knowledge is primarily responsible for the present day acceptance of abnormal and sub normal conditions as normal which in turn is responsible for practically every ailment afflicting mankind today to spine curves as depicted by anatomists represent on the average the actual conditions usually found in the human body, but instead of being accepted as normal should be rightfully considered either abnormal or sub normal as the case may be practically 95% out of every 100 persons examined are afflicted with an abnormal spine curvature. C photograph number one undoubtedly it is this very preponderance of evidence, the 95% of malformation of spines which leads anatomists and others to the false conclusion that since so many have this curvature that represents the ideal and therefore the normal condition of the human spine. Furthermore, it is contended that this curving of the spine is necessary not only to lend added strength to the spine itself, but also that it may be better absorbed vibrations to which it is constantly subjected, has not science grievously urged in this instance and view of the fact that it's unqualified. Acceptance of this conclusion is in violation of the simplest law of body mechanics.

Three the spine of every normal child is straight. The back is perfectly flat. Fortunately for its own benefit, the growing child inherits sonic natural movements such as that of bending the knees and assuming the natural curl position in sleep. Thus, the child animal, pardon the expression subconsciously seeks the most comfortable natural position affording its bones, just the right degree of resistance to achieve this desirable result. It is almost criminal to insist upon the child lying flat with legs that stretched and joints locked in a bed equipped with are more or less elastic. Modern bed springs, as most parents do, forcing the child to assume these are natural positions incidentally reacts upon several groups of muscles, especially the major muscles which is reflected in their tents to semi tense condition according to the extent of the child's deviation from the normal natural positions. Naturally, this unnatural posture is both uncomfortable and more or less painful, as evidenced by crying until the vicious habit of wrong position is more or less permanently formed. Later on, the child perpetuates this harmful custom when parenthood blesses it with children and so on. How much physical damage and suffering, uh, due to this unpardonable mistake, photograph number two admirably illustrates the bad effects caused by this practice of unduly taxing the muscles by the resultants steady straining pool unnecessarily inflicted upon them and which constant pull tends to draw the spine out of a straight line. It's normal position. As the child grows older and reaches the walking stage, its spine assumes a more or less pronounced curve.

Particularly is this true with parents through neglect or ignorance, permit the child to slouch and deny it. The benefit of natural exercise such as creeping and tumbling on the ground. These parental prohibitions detrimentally affect their offsprings, normal development and jeopardizes their attaining normal health, not satisfied with this inhibition. The head of the family and his better half make matters even worse. By insisting that the child stand on its legs before the muscles in the upper portion of his legs and muscles of his back are sufficiently developed to support its weight.

These muscles are developed naturally and normally by permitting the child to run on all fours bare fashion or at least by allowing it to creep on its hands and knees and after many trials with accompanying falls to stand up, leaning against the wall chairs, beds, et cetera. Every normal child if left alone or quite naturally and without parental help, try and try and try to move about from point to point as here in previously indicated knowingly to force the child to stand on its weak and undeveloped legs is positively crew. The penalties are resultant curvature of the spine, our bow legs, not knees and later on in life so-called flat feet. The suggestion advanced the curve in the spine affords additional strength to the vertebrae column is scarcely born out by even a cursory study of simple mechanical principles. Photographs three and four furnished convincing proof that a lateral arch is undeniably stronger than a horizontal plane. While photographs five and six amply demonstrate the fact that a curved line upright is not so strong as a straight line. Therefore, is it not logical to conclude from the foregoing illustrations and observations that there is no justification for accepting the curved spine as indicative of normal? Rather, is it not conclusive evidence that just the contrary is the truth.

Accordingly, by the same token, should not remedial steps be taken forthwith to correct the disadvantages arising from the continued acceptance of this false philosophy regarding the human spine. The photographs submitted tell the story even better than the writer's words can do since they are life examples and appeal to the eye as well as to the mind. For instance, photographs six illustrates perfectly and furnishes adequate justification for the writers. Conclusion that the normal spine should be straight to successfully function according to the laws of nature in general and the law of gravity. In particular, photograph five aside from being unaesthetic illustrates only two tragically the ILS inherent in the backward curve decreasing force bordering close to no force whatsoever.

Mere feebleness disgrace the curve itself being especially dangerous to the vital organs and the body in general, the slouch position illustrated in the forgoing paragraph. The pelvis is pressed forward, upsets the equilibrium of the body resulting in disarranged mount of the various organs affected including the bones and muscles of the body as well as the nerves and blood vessels, not overlooking the glands. More or less permanently harmful injuries sustained are not recorded here. Five abdominal obesity and the dangerous effects of corpulence SSCI have their origin in the miscarriage of the spine. Proper carriage of the spine is the only natural preventive against abdominal obesity, shortness of breath, asthma, high and low blood pressure and various forms of heart disease.

It is safe to say that none of the ailments here in numerated can be cured until the curvatures of the spine have been corrected. How can this cure be effected? Unfortunately, the majority of those seeking the true answer are still hopelessly groping in the dark after having read more or less false and true literature and listen to moral, less false or true advice pertaining to this subject. All by reason of the fact that they could neither afford the time necessary nor the expense incidental to such methods advocated which might have proved beneficial to them only or comparatively few have learned the truth and benefited by it. It is urged that the properly constituted authorities in our research laboratories and health departments in partially investigate the statements here in set forth to the end that they may solve human ailments by methods of prevention and correction rather than by methods of cure. That is what my method of physical education does. I can convince you.

Time and progress are synonymous terms. Nothing can stop them. The truth will prevail. My work will be established and when it is, I will be the happiest man in God's universe. My goal will have been reached

Chapter 10

chapter 10 new style beds and chairs. It is scarcely believable in this day and age of revolutionary discoveries and inventions that the constituted or authorities of our public health departments are so deplorably ignorant on the subject of scientifically constructed beds, couches and chairs of all types, primarily designed to promote normal health.

That the correctness of the writer's theories in this regard is unqualified, oddly supported by other reputable professional and lay investigators. It is only necessary to refer to the massive pertinent information which is accumulated during the course of his many years of activity devoted to the keen study and close research of general health problems. The conclusions reached by these various authorities as set forth in this booklet are fully confirmed by my personal theoretical and practical investigations along these and similar lines. This prevailing universal lack of understanding of natural laws of health, particularly by professional health authorities is astounding. In fact, it is unique in comparison with the remarkable progressive seven league boots strides of medical science, mechanization of industry, telephany radio, television, and so on. Infinitum ad Lib item.

The vital statistics of our leading insurance companies indicate unmistakably that the death rate arising from heart disease is constantly increasing, should not this alarming factor emphasize the urgent necessity for an immediate and intensive study of the underlying causes responsible for this most unfavorable and really unnecessary condition. While it is only to true that heart disease is not infrequently acquired in childhood. It is only to true that it not often discovered until later on in life. Usually the person's afflicted find it out when between 40 to 55 years of age. Unfortunately often at the time too late to offer its victims a cure.

Today our public health and research programs do not sufficiently stressed the importance due to a profound study of the laws of mechanics as applied to the human body. Particularly is this true with reference to a proper consideration and deep study of the necessity for recognition of the importance of the attainment of normal equilibrium in the body, in motion at rest or in sleep from a strict humanitarian rather from a purely commercial viewpoint, our close and unbiased study of the reasons responsible for the invariable restless tossings experienced by the average sleeper can lead to, but one definite conclusion with reference to our modern beds. I that while admittedly they are appealing to the eye from an aesthetic standpoint and apparently seemingly comfortable they are. However, as a matter of fact, quite unnatural and impractical for the very purposes that they are supposed to have been originally designed. They do not afford maximum rest and complete relaxation. All they do is to afford a place upon which to toss the body.

Those beds may look pretty, but they absolutely fail in their aid to rest and health. I have invented a bed that affords both rest and comfort, but the makers of our beautiful beds will not give my inventions the recognition they deserve for they fully realize that when this is done, the field of bed manufacturing will be revolutionized. It is of course axiomatic that restful sleep is impossible without the fullest and complete relaxation of all our muscles. Strange as it may seem to those who are not technically unformed beds equipped with even the very finest of why bed springs actually defeat this very object. Why?

Because the bony structure forming the foundation of our body does not embed so equipped, received the necessary natural resistance to afford the requisite simultaneous relaxation of both the skeletal and muscular systems of the human body under these adverse circumstances. The body has so to speak literally to snatch rest with its corresponding motion of relaxation on the fly as it were. I have taken motion pictures of a person in sleep covering a period of eight hours and my film the same of that of the outstanding manufacturer of beds today records as many as 45 different changes of position during sleep. In fact, mine showed 48 and his 45 in my bed. You won't change half a dozen times while recognizing the fact that we tie either by too little or by much activity. There is a happy medium, not too much and not too little is not an average of five and five eighths movements in hour during sleep, rather excessive for persons supposedly enjoying normal health.

Can the body under such conditions really receive the benefit naturally inherent in proper rest, which is implied by minimum rather than maximum changes in position during normal sleep? Is it not perfectly reasonable and logical to deduce from this inference that our present day beds are unfortunately neither designed nor constructed to afford the maximum of proper rest for the body? This deduction is demonstrably true. Here are the facts from time and memorable. It has been the stupid parents wholly ignorant of the laws of nature who have unknowingly inflicted needless cruelty upon their offspring.

They have labored under the false impression that their growing children must stretch their little legs out straight while sleeping in their beds instead of permitting them to retain the natural and normal position in sleep. That normal position is one in which they entered the world. It is a position similar to that taken by the cat family and other animals when they call themselves up in a coil just before going to sleep. In this respect, it would seem that the instinct of the mothers of the Animal Kingdom is to that extent at least far superior to the unthinking practice of the mothers of mankind. Unfortunately, this is only one instance of the many sins against the laws of nature committed by the majority of mothers calculated to jeopardize the present health and future welfare of their progeny. Certainly, if animals thrive on such coiling practice, mankind can do likewise. Try it and see for yourself. You won't suffer from constipation, weak kidneys and other elements if you sleep as the cat sleeps.

Why haven't taught educators the moral courage to advocate the immediate destruction of all the old and musty orthodox tomes, which continued to perpetuate the teaching of false health doctrines? Why don't they actively advocate the immediate substitution therefore of modern physical culture books based upon sane sound and safe methods such as I have preached in this book? Do you want the answer because such adoption would ruin them? Why does practically everyone naturally assume what might be for want of a better term called the kitten coil position when preparing to go to sleep? Why do health authorities assert that to assume this natural position is not only unnatural but also not conducive to good health?

What sound logical arguments can be advanced to support the obvious falsity of the latter? Forgoing conclusion. Is it correctly based upon any well known and equally well recognized principles governing the laws of nature? Why is it that children and adults alike? Whenever opportunity presents itself invariably tend when seated to lean backward in a tilt position and balance themselves on the real legs of a chair. Why do mothers and fathers object to the foregoing practice? Aside from the fact that doing so scratches the chair and Mars, the wall, et Cetera, why do most of us become more or less restless and lean backward and forward?

Cross our legs from left to right and vice versa after we have been sitting in a chair for only a comparatively short period of time. Why is it that it is more comfortable to squat on the floor, Turkish or American Indian fashion than it is to sit comfortably for a longer or shorter time in an ordinary chair? Why are present day chairs and beds not what they should be? Mediums for rest, relaxation and normal sleep. The correct answers to the foregoing series of closely related questions are all of paramount importance and should be closely studied. You have them all in this booklet.

I will be most happy to demonstrate my system and my inventions to all interested. My aim is to offer a real service to humanity. From an altruistic and philanthropic point of view. I am not of the mercenary crack type. I welcome the opportunity to furnish further detailed information regarding my personal views on the subject of tension and relaxation as related to the attainment and maintenance of normal health. To all who listen to this, I have the only course in the world that teaches physical education on a corrective basis and brings the results I claim for it. I have invented, as I already stated, several variety of chairs.

One for the kindergarten children to build proper posture and keep the spine as God intended it to be. Another for the benefit of those afflicted with not knees, bow legs and flat feet. Also a corrective chair, still another for the development of proper posture for the man who must sit at a desk and has little time for exercising and a forth as an aid for those who have been afflicted with the scourge of infantile paralysis and require leg and arm movements. I've invented, as I've already stated, several types of beds and mattresses, which those who have viewed them in my studio is at nine 39 eighth avenue have marveled that those beds and mattresses are so revolutionary that when I showed a model to a leading bed and mattress manufacturer with the aim of having him produced them in quantities, his chief engineer remarked, Professor Polarities, your invention is marvelous, but it cannot be adopted by us because if we did it would mean turning our entire plant topsy turvy. We would have to destroy all of our present day models and create new advertising and that would practically means starting out on a new business and immediately following that, this firm began to advertise extensively the very thing I had submitted, namely that a person in sleep moves from 40 to 50 times and that by the use of this specially constructed mattress, such restlessness is reduced at least 30% but do they certainly not. They still sell and use the old style mattress and bed. It was just a ruse to offset any advertising I might do.

What folly eye appeal in this booklet to those interested in the future welfare of our race. I appealed to them to aid and putting my practical physical education method before the public where it will do most benefit and to have them see and test my health producing inventions to the end that mankind can enjoy God's blessing, health and happiness.


This is Dominic Keating. We hope you have enjoyed this unabridged production of your health originally published in 1934 by Joseph H. Polarities republished, updated and edited by presentation dynamics. This program was produced by Dionne audio services text, Copyright 1998 by presentation dynamics production.

Copyright 2017 by time shift media, all rights reserved. Thank you for listening.

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Wow! This is great!! Thank You i'm starting to listen :)
Ted Johnson
I found this really interesting. While it's heartening that Pilates has become successful, so many of things he talks about have unfortunately not improved much over the past 80+ years since this was written (for example, obesity and posture issues). Also, was overcome with curiosity about his bed designs talked about in the last chapter. Here's a Pilates Bed someone built, and A Youtube Video of Jospeh himself showing how the bed works.
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I am SO impressed with this Kristi. I will have ALL my teacher friends joining Pilates Anytime
Maggie L
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hahaha the Bed. Made me laugh!
Thanks for this audiobooks!
Is there a way to get it to play continuously without restarting each chapter?
Ted Johnson
Hi Laurie,

The chapters will auto-play in most web browsers, however Safari specifically blocks this functionality by default. Here's how to get it to work in Safari.
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I’m so excited to see audio books added to PA! Thank you Ted for posting a link to Joe demo’ing the bed. That bed looks amazing! Those are all the same positions I like to sleep in!
Can we put a subtitle please? thank's
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Paola ~ We hope to add closed captions to this video soon. In the meantime, you can visit Presentation Dynamics if you are interested in purchasing a copy of the book. I hope this helps!
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