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Push Through Bar

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Learn how you can relate your body to the semi-circular trajectory of the Push Through Bar with this tutorial by Benjamin Degenhardt. He explains how we have to dynamically adjust our bodies to receive the load from the spring and how the spring can be both supportive and restrictive in the same exercise. He uses Push Through, Reverse Push Through, Teaser, and Swan as examples for this concept.
What You'll Need: Cadillac

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May 06, 2018
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Beautiful, clear instruction... thank you! I also love watching the care you extend to the person you are teaching.
I have a question regarding leg positioning during the Swan. I have been taught to open and turn out the legs, in order to get maximum range of movement through the hips. Meredith works with legs parallel and adducted in this video. What are your thoughts on the one position versus the other?
Hi Debbie , thank you so much for watching, I am glad you enjoyed it! My personal preference is to work at a range where the legs actively draw towards one another as it helps to keep the lower back from arching excessively. It may limit the extension, and can be achieved with the legs open as well... and there are plenty of reasons to chose an open leg position for some bodies, so in short: there is no right or wrong! Same is true for parallel vs. turnout, though a little known fact is that originally the work was done mostly in parallel. Hope this helps!
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Love, love the way you teach!!! And of course all of these delicious moves...looking forward to trying out your reverse push through variation!
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Thank you! I love the short tutorial videos. I always pick up different queuing options and as a busy instructor I use it for a little personal timeout :)
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Thank you SO much! I LOVE these tutorials❤️
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Such a pleasure to watch you teach! Thank you for sharing thoughtful nuances for each of these exercises.
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I need this! Particularly the swan... thank you
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Thank you, your video was clear and easy to learn and to remember.
Amazing visual cues!

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