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Pilates Play Challenge

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Welcome to the Pilates Play Challenge! Over the next 10 days, Sarah Bertucelli will take you through full-body workouts which all have a different focus. You will start with the feet and work your way up the body. Get ready to have fun on the Reformer with this is a full exploration of work, rest, and play!
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Jul 02, 2018
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[inaudible] is essential. So let's play with plotting. Hi there. I'm Sarah Burdett. Shelly, welcome to plot these play a zesty 10 day to Lottie's reformer challenge. Are you ready? Each class is about 30 minutes and a full body workout with a different focus. The first class plays with the feet a little bit, and then we move up the body from there. The final class, a full exploration between work, rest and play. We're here to have fun, play with Polonius and work our bodies.

So please show up each day with an open mind, ready to explore maybe some familiar exercises in a different way, but also some altogether new ideas. That's great.

Pilates Play: A 10-Day Challenge of Fun: with Sarah Bertucelli


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Definitely excited for this challenge!
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Thank you for providing the "warning" that all the classes were Reformer based. My excitement at seeing you provide this 10 day challenge was short lived *waaaah* but that is better than logging on each day during a challenge with the hopes that TODAY will offer a mat version.
Hi Joni, I would love to film a mat work challenge! Will keep it in mind.
Darn... I joined the challenge but didn’t realize it was with equipment I dont have! I hope it can be just with the mat someday!
Julie ~ We have other challenges that just use the Mat. You can find them here. We hope you enjoy them!
I don't have a reformer - wish it could be mat based.  I will look for another challenge.
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I loved this series. It will be something I revisit time and again!
Thank you Kathy S. So pleased to hear you enjoyed the series.  See you again soon!
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Great to have something for reformer

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