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Pilates Play Challenge

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Welcome to the Pilates Play Challenge! Over the next 10 days, Sarah Bertucelli will take you through full-body workouts which all have a different focus. You will start with the feet and work your way up the body. Get ready to have fun on the Reformer with this is a full exploration of work, rest, and play!
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Jul 02, 2018
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[inaudible] is essential. So let's play with plotting. Hi there. I'm Sarah Burdett. Shelly, welcome to plot these play a zesty 10 day to Lottie's reformer challenge. Are you ready? Eac...

Pilates Play: A 10-Day Challenge of Fun: with Sarah Bertucelli


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Definitely excited for this challenge!
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Thank you for providing the "warning" that all the classes were Reformer based. My excitement at seeing you provide this 10 day challenge was short lived *waaaah* but that is better than logging on each day during a challenge with the hopes that TODAY will offer a mat version.
Hi Joni, I would love to film a mat work challenge! Will keep it in mind.
Darn... I joined the challenge but didn’t realize it was with equipment I dont have! I hope it can be just with the mat someday!
Julie ~ We have other challenges that just use the Mat. You can find them here. We hope you enjoy them!

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