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Back Extension Tips

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You will gain a better understanding of how you can maintain strength in your powerhouse during back extension with this tutorial by Monica Wilson. She shares tips to help keep your spine long during extension so you don't feel compression in your lower back. She also uses a few different Pilates exercises to show how you can advance and build strength in the back side of your body.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Dec 12, 2018
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Hi and welcome to my tutorial on spine extension or back extension. I am assuming that you are already a well-versed Pilati student or [inaudible] teacher because being on your stomach is one of the h...

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Great tutorial as usual. Who knew a simple neck roll could be this hard
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Great explanation! Thanks for sharing.
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Love it! Excellent tutorial.
really nicely explained!
Thank you for the breakdown and explanation
Excellent explanation: this is like discovering your body all over again with your instructions... I really enjoy and satisfied with all of your classes...thank you Monica

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