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Introducing the Tye4®

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Learn about the Tye4® and the newly designed Tye4X® in this quick introduction with Joan Breibart. She explains why it is useful for people who practice Pilates as well as people who would like to start Pilates. She also shares how you can play with it and personalize it so that you can really feel the benefits.

After watching this introduction, watch Joan's tutorial which shows some of the ways you can use this unique device.
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Feb 15, 2019
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I'm Joan, Bri Bard and I'm here at [inaudible] any time and I am introducing to you ty four and it's newer design tie for x because people doing polarities and others who will want to do Palazzo days at this point in time. Some people need assistance to really experience the depth of this work. Other people probably want a challenge. They've been doing it a long time and maybe this is another avenue to go deeper. So we're, wherever you are, you can personalize this, you can explore it, and you can start to feel these complex movements and really benefit from them.

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I love using Tye4® The Support / Resistance of the Bungies is unlike anything else. You must tey and feel it. With Tye4® Clients can be successful to execute many exercises because of the resistance. The feel on your body helps them connect to fire the necessary muscles with the assistance. Those that want the additional challenge can use the resistance force to create a deeper layering making the movement more of a challenge.
Leave it to Joan Breibart to take the essence of Pilates and deliver it in a more modern way. The Tye4 breathes new meaning to the exercises, making them more accessible and more challenging at the same time. Excited to see this on Pilates Anytime!
What a great intro video! I love my tye4 AND Joan B is my favorite!

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