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You'll see some of the ways that you can use the Tye4® and the Tye4X® in this tutorial by Joan Breibart. She gives a demonstration of the many different wraps that can either assist or challenge each exercise in the Pilates repertoire. She explains how it can make each movement feel different as well as how you can use what you feel with the Tye4® on the Mat.
What You'll Need: Mat, Tye4®

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Feb 15, 2019
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I'm Joan Breibart, and I'm here to show you some Pilates mat work but with a twist. With a Tye4 twist. I'm wearing the original. I'm Gia, I'm wearing the new design of the Tye4X. And you're gonna show...

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The Tye4X is WONDERFUL! I told all of my clients and classes that it's coming and they ask me every week when they can get their hands on this! They will enjoy watching this demo. Thanks!
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Enjoyed this and Gia, as always, demonstrates so beautifully! I would love to see a full mat class and, if possible, at least a demonstration on how/when to use this on the reformer.
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Lori: on www.physicalmindinstitute.com there is a full Pilates Matwork class-- 25 exercises-- with and without Tye4®.
Thank you Joan for sharing and Gia for your impeccable demonstration . It is simply the most worthwhile investment I have made 5 years with endless possibilities. I have been incorporating Tye4® in multiple ways with students and clients. In Standing balance work, Pilates mat work, Active aging class on a chair, & on the Pilates reformer.
I started to experiment once I started, I couldn't stop with the versatility. Takes up little or no space in the studio. I travel with it. Its great for clients to use @ home between sessions. Tye4® has so many ways to use as a unique support is powerful.
Tye4® is a perfect companion for rehabilitative work within the Pilates framework. You can increase the challenge with the added resistance of the bungies! The feed back and Testimonials from clients and students has been incredible. I would love to see more full classes with Tye4® on Pilates Anytime.
So exciting to see the Tye4X on pilates anytime! This new Tye4X will give us more back support than ever and I love how back cross is constantly reminding me to breath into my back and side and also soften my front rib cage:)
When I teach Tye4 class, I do loosen my bungees slightly so it is easier for me to demonstrate many times in each class but I make sure my students bungees are right tightness for them so that they get enough support and resistance!
When is the tye4x going to be available .
Tye4X is a very versatile and creative apparatus that can be used anywhere! Dancers love it because it is so portable and it enhances their movement capability while giving them resistance and stability training! Thanks Joan for inventing a device that you will never get bored with!!
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For all those who asked: TYE4X should be available in late March. But it is NOT for men or large-sized females.
The tye4 is an amazing tool, beyond anything you have ever used before. I've taught Tye4 classes for years and clients love the support and challenge of the resistance. It helps students understand corrections you have made many times over because of the touch of the Tye4. Students close their ribs, open their backs and find their balance standing. Joan I always love your openness to creativity, the Tye4 lends itself to exploration of movement standing, on the Mat and on the equipment. I think it might just get rid of cellulite, one can dream.
I use the tye4 with my active ageing clients and also with my more advanced barre students. It has so much range and I am definitely looking forward to purchasing the updated version!
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