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Deconstructing the Twist

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Why do many Pilates teachers avoid teaching the Twist on the Reformer? In this tutorial, Joan Breibart explores this exercise and why there may be a disconnect with it. She compares it on the Mat, Wunda Chair, and Reformer so that you can see how it changes between each piece of apparatus and shows how we can still learn from it even without teaching it to clients.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Reformer, Mat

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Feb 08, 2019
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I'm Joan Breitbart, I'm g Calhoun. And we're going to talk about twist on the reformer. So Jia do you teach this exercise? A lot is exercise. So I think I've asked hundreds of Palazzos...


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This is a great tutorial. It helps me to understand the exercise a little differently and I will be able to make adjustments as needed with clients.
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I look forward to teaching this progression to my intermediate/advanced students this upcoming week. Love the break down.
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This was an effective exploration between applying the same exercise to each piece of equipment progressively and how different adaptations must be taken into consideration based on each individuals ability. It's a great teaching tool that brings to light how minor adjustments can affect the execution & outcome of an exercise for both teacher and student. Thank you, Joan for the 'error analysis' approach and how you bring humor into what you do. I enjoyed it immensely.
Great information and approach for teachers to help their clients, and provide a better understanding! Thanks for sharing Joan!
-Emily Zachary-Smith
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Wonderful exploration of a movement that is challenging to teach. The progressions are fantastic. Thank you, Joan.
This makes me appreciate the chair even more! Thanks for making something that is difficult to achieve a possibility! Marika
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Thank you Joan for this opportunity for us to “think”! Now we see why there is so much pressure on the wrist and why Twist works everywhere but not on a Reformer!
Im disappointed I wanted to see your remote control at work!
Your explanation of all the components of the what & the why, everything that is happening is necessary to work on the essentials and the basics to execute this exercise. The weaving of this is the base of the exercise, here is the transition, the layer of understanding, & use of the mat and chair helps add perspective for the movement experience.

Ha! When do we do the other side? Twist and shout baby! Love Di----
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Great video! I love the breakdown. You make it so clear to see the progression from each piece. I can’t wait to try this with my students! Thank you!
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