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Light vs. Heavy Springs

25 min - Tutorial


Learn how you can use the springs to challenge or assist specific exercises with this tutorial by Karen Sanzo. She describes when she would choose a light or heavy spring and the reasoning behind her decision. She shows examples with a few different exercises so that you can see how these changes will impact your client.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Stability Sling

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Oct 13, 2019
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I'm Karen Sanzo and I'm happy to be here at plot is any time offering a tutorial today on light versus heavy Springs. So I'll describe to you when I would use a heavy spring and why or...


excellent reminders!  I learn something every time, Karen!  Thank you!
Thank you, Karen!  Wonderful tutorial, as always!  I especially like the creative use of the stability sling to find awareness.
Great work and cueing thank you Karen. Really love your work. I studied the side 'split' this weekend on my comprehensive course with Polestar. Love it's simplicity but effectiveness, especially how the light spring really challenges the adductors. Great 'springage' work:))
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Loved this tutorial I I will be telling my clients to 'juice-up' those muscles :)
Thank you Karen!! Soooo informative. Love your tutorials! I look forward to these!! ❤️ 
Thanks, Karen, for all these great reminders.  Your tutorials are very helpful and informative.
I don't have the sling in my studio but after viewing this tutorial I see the need to add one for a few of my clients!! Is that Sling from Balanced Body so I know where to find one? Thanks and as always I LOVE learning from Karen!!!!

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