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Employee vs. Contractor

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The AB5 Law is now in California. What does this mean for Pilates studio owners and teachers? In this discussion, John Marston talks to Katie Santos, who is a business consultant for Pilates studios, about what this law is, how it impacts us, and how to classify employees vs. contractors. She addresses the pros and cons of the law for the studio and teachers as well as other changes that may come in the future.
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Nov 25, 2019
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We're here today to talk about a new piece of employment legislation that is impacting Palladia studio owners and Paula, these teachers here in California. This law is a California law...


PhysicalMind has been planning for the employee  change for ten years. Smart studio owners are implementing  special classes with retail  attached. The 80Bites w Parasetter® is a. Tunnel into Ft.Knox. Club Pilates will. Impact  all markets and selling service alone  is not going to be viable.
I have my own private practice. Thank god for that.
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Very valuable information in this conversation, thank you John and Katie!
Outstanding conversation! Thank you for bringing this information to our community.
Very helpful Thank you

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